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    Tuesday, February 23, 2010

    Tuesday Talkback

    Just a quick talkback at those dreadful Monday Moaners:

    "A giant moan should go to Time-Warner Cable, which managed to lose the entire three-hour live feed from the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show on Tuesday."
    -- Hinckley

    Roll up a newspaper and swat Time-Warner on the nose.  Or go to a PUCO meeting (see below).

    "I renewed my driver's license. I paid $18 for the exam, $2.75 for the visual, $1.50 for lamination and a $3.50 deputy fee for a grand total of $25.75. Why aren't these other costs included in the cost of the license? They sure know how to stick it to the people."
    -- Seven Hills

    I bet if the price of the license was simply $25.75, you (or someone like you) would moan about how there is no explanation as to where all this money is going, and boy it would be nice to have some sort of breakdown of the fee.

    "Drive through any street in any city around Cuyahoga County and you will see nothing but holes -- potholes, cracks and ruts. I guess the only ones who have any money around here are the taxpayers."
    -- Seven Hills

    It is called WINTER.  The snow / salt / freeze / rain process.  You new to town?

    "I heard on the news that the cost for an EMS to pick someone up for a life-or-death emergency will be $400. Between water and sewer, and all other utilities, how do they expect elderly people who are barely getting along to afford all that?"
    -- Cleveland

    This is the sort of service that you either need and use, or don't need and don't use.  No one decides, hey, it would be fun to take an ambulance ride today.  So the question is: should the service be priced at what it costs, or should it be priced at less than what it costs in the name of affordability.  I am going to assume that $400 is what it costs to provide this service.  Maybe it isn't -- but assuming it is, then who is supposed to pay for it, if not the person needing the service?

    "I read about all these people on Thankful Thursday who buy meals for people at restaurants. Why don't they donate their money to a local food bank for people who can't afford to eat out at restaurants to have a good meal? It's always irritating to see people who are already at a restaurant having a meal bought for them by somebody else who is eating at the restaurant."
    -- No city

    Why don't YOU donate your money to a local food bank?  Love it how some people always seem to have better ways to spend other people's money.

    "I am being deprived of the joy of watching those wonderful, dedicated and talented Olympians because of the constant commentaries by the media motor mouths. The spotlight belongs on the athletes."
    -- Olmsted Falls

    My TV is super fancy -- it has this feature on it that TURNS DOWN THE SOUND.  Maybe you should get one like that?

    "I think the current members of the PUCO should resign and run with their tails between their legs. They are truly not fit to serve."
    -- Berea

    For some reason, this seems like a request that should be taken literally.  I don't know why.  Except that for some reason, it seems appropriate that the current members of PUCO would have tails.  I can't say why.

    "Regal Theatres have eliminated newspaper movie listings. So many of us prefer to use the newspaper for this information. Couldn't Regal just use the massive profits from their refreshment stands to subsidize this bit of service to the consumers."
    -- Olmsted Falls

    Again -- with moaners spending other people's money.  The refreshment stand IS where movie houses make their money.  They are counting on you to buy a $5 soft drink.  

    "The flower show at the I-X Center was a rip-off and they owe me money. I went to the show on Tuesday at 5 p.m. and paid full price for four tickets plus $8 parking. We walked into the show and found out that one-third of the vendors and exhibitors left at 3 p.m. in anticipation of a snowstorm. By 8 p.m. half of the booths were closed. The show was supposed to be open until 9 p.m."
    -- No city

    So with a snowstorm coming, you decided to go to the IX Center, and you are surprised that other people weren't as foolish as you, and because of that, you want your money back?  I think you got exactly what you deserved.

    "Commercial drivers are required to get fingerprinted in order to renew their hazardous material endorsements. Why are there fingerprinting facilities in Columbus and Cincinnati, but not Cleveland? Clevelanders must travel to Cuyahoga Falls or Geneva-on-the-Lake."
    -- Brooklyn

    Woohoo!  Geneva-on-the-Lake!  Usually when someone says something about going to Geneva-on-the-Lake and getting fingerprinted, there are a few steps they've skipped -- the winery, the bar, the fight in the street with the biker, the arrest, AND THEN the fingerprinting.  Oh, and Eddie's Grill.

    "After years of inconvenience, mess and millions of tax dollars spent, the recently resurfaced West 117th Street is crumbling away. Did we not get some kind of warranty?"
    -- No city

    Look in your wallet for the receipt.

    "Because half of the local theater chains are no longer advertising show times in The Plain Dealer, we are stuck going through a maze simply trying to find out what is playing where and when it is playing. Phone messages are front-loaded with advertisements and it takes about five minutes to hear the information we need. This might produce the tipping point on deciding on whether or not to take the trouble to attend a new movie."
    -- Cleveland Heights

    Wow - the show times complaints -- is this an orchestrated effort or what?

    "I went to the sportsman show on Sunday. What a disappointment. It had the atmosphere of a cheap carnival. If I needed a Shamwow or a new belt I could have gone to Wal-Mart for free. There were almost no major distributors showing their products."
    -- Lyndhurst

    More IX complaining.  You know what I'd like to see at the IX Center in the future?  A runway.  

    "To all of you who come to the I-X Center and then complain to the ticket sellers about the price of parking and admission: If you were going to the theater or a concert, wouldn't you check out prices beforehand? Why wait until you get to your destination and then complain."
    -- Cleveland

    I'm sorry, but I disagree.  Paying to park at the IX is asinine.  There is no reason to park at the IX except to go to the IX, and it isn't like the thing is in the middle of downtown.  And some events, like the Auto Show, have (or at least had) free parking -- so if you charge to park just some of the time, it seems even more arbitrary.  Further, is there really any other way to get to the IX but by car?  You wouldn't walk to it.  I don't recall seeing buses there - though I just may not have noticed them.

    Now, if you build that runway, I could see paying to park there, just like the rest of the airport.

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    Comments on "Tuesday Talkback"


    Anonymous thebeautyblogs said ... (9:52 AM, February 23, 2010) : 

    This "Talkback" is the best one yet, I even read a couple moans to the people at the office.

    One suggestion for the Ambulance problem: Many facilities offer memberships that you can purchase yearly. If you are bed-ridden and often require the use of this sort of transportation to get to the Hospital, it would be a good thing to have. Not to mention, money saving.


    Blogger Kate Anne said ... (5:32 PM, March 04, 2010) : 

    The guy bitchin' about the holes, I was expecting a retort about another hole, beginning with A.

    But these moans were indeed particularly good. THANKS!!


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