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    Tuesday, January 19, 2010

    Tuesday Talkback

    A later edition, but still talking back to those Monday Moaners.

    "I want to moan about the most powerful radio station we have in the Cleveland area where a talk show host just decided yesterday that we should not contribute to the Haiti disaster. He thinks we should contribute to local funds. At a time like this when we are seeing all the tragic things in Haiti, it is a time when we should all do what we can to help those people, and be thankful for what we have."
    -- Avon

    Triv needs to hang it up. I wrote an extensive comment about that on WTAM's message board, and it has received little response. But there doesn't seem to be much traffic over there -- mostly just Gary the Numbers Guy flaming everyone who disagrees with him and his numerology. More on the sad state of local radio below.

    "I am so tired of neighbors who are so selfish that they can't extend some help for elderly people removing their snow."
    -- Middleburg Heights

    Shoveling your elderly neighbor's snow is a fine thing to do. Your elderly neighbor getting an uppity feeling of entitlement over getting his or her snow shoveled by you is not so fine. Grandpa Grouch here scared off his grandkids, and now wants his neighbors to shovel his snow -- but if you do, you better stay off his lawn.

    "I wish a few TV meteorologists would learn how to dress professionally. The men do a terrific job, with shirt, tie and jackets. There are a few women who like to wear miniskirts, and how can we concentrate on the forecast when that's what they are wearing?"
    -- Avon

    There is a storm brewing. In this guy's pants. And did you feel that? It was a low, coming from this blog.

    "I wish charities would stop sending me the return address labels and other items. When I donate to a charity, I don't expect something in return to me. This is a waste on their part. The other day I got four solicitations in my mail. I can't contribute to everyone who sends me things."
    -- Seven Hills

    Yet if these charities send out nothing to market themselves, they get forgotten. They do it because it works.

    "Why can't the cemeteries in the Greater Cleveland area and in Northeast Ohio have a computer like the Ohio Western Reserve National Cemetery in Rittman has? You just put in the person's name and it tells you the lot number and the section. It's so easy and so convenient."
    -- Seven Hills

    Why stop there? How about webcams, so we can safely watch the zombies?

    "Pat Robertson is an idiot for saying that the Haitian earthquake disaster was caused by a deal between the devil with the Haitian people."
    -- North Olmsted

    Pat Robertson is an idiot for many other reasons besides that, and he is followed by idiots who throw money at him every time he spouts off.

    "I'm just wondering what exactly are Republicans in Congress doing? Other than wringing their hands and lamenting their 2008 losses instead of rolling up their sleeves and working toward solving the U.S. financial and real estate problems, the majority of which were caused by the actions or the lack of action by the previous Republican administration."
    -- Strongsville

    I guess we'll see today whether stonewalling is a better strategy than governing. And by governing, I mean infighting amongst yourselves about how to go about taking up a cause that, in principle, most people generally agree with working on, but fucking it up to such the nth degree that no one can be happy with the end result. It may turn out that the ultimate death panel will convene after today's special election, flanked by a newly elected Senator Brown, to euthanize this generation's efforts at health care reform. And don't be too quick to gloat, Republicans -- remember how Clinton made it work for him.

    "It's outrageous enough that the Northeast Sewer District charges us double for the same water when our usage goes over 1.000 MCF's -- $24.78 per .1MCF. Now, they want to charge us for the free stuff that falls from the sky. When will the gouging stop? Whose pockets are these millions of dollars going into?"
    -- Cleveland

    It seems like the Water and Sewer district will charge whatever they need to charge to meet their budgetary goals, regardless of usage. Conservation is rewarded with higher charges, usage is reward with higher charges. Invest in a rain barrel and a crate of Febreze.

    "I would like to send a message to every tall person who blocks my view at a concert and movie theater and uses their cell cameras to constantly take pictures instead of enjoying the live performance. Get a life: Turn off your camera, and look behind you to see if there is something you can do not to block the view of us little people."
    -- Olmsted Township

    All you tall people, slouch! All you short people, stretch! As part of the vertically advantaged, what can I say, but ...grow? *sigh* that is one of the problems with General Admission, unless you are tall.

    "To the two young ladies sitting behind my wife and me at the Cleveland Orchestra concert on Saturday night: Please show respect for your fellow concertgoers and remain silent while the orchestra is performing. If you absolutely must continue to talk during a concert, even in a whisper, show some courtesy to those around you and remain in the lobby until you're ready to sit quietly and listen. Or, better yet, just stay home and talk."
    -- Lyndhurst

    I hope this person actually DID something about it rather than sit there through the whole show and be miserable. The wife and I had words on Christmas Day with a young lady and her mother at the movie theater as the young lady kept playing with her cell phone, despite the specific announcements in the theater that all phones were to be off. The mother's response was "It's Christmas!" and "you can move if you have a problem with her phone." My response was to get the usher. "It's Christmas!" Really. She said that. It's Christmas, so my undisciplined devil spawn can be rude and break the theater's rules. The usher made it clear that if I had to get him again, they were out. Merry Christmas.

    "The weather has been bad the last several days -- cloudy, snowy with low visibility. I never cease to be amazed at how many folks are driving without headlights. Headlights need to be on, not only to see, but to be seen."
    -- Brunswick

    If you can't see them, how did you see that they couldn't be seen...? OK, ok, this person has a point. Thanks, Safety Dog.

    "In response to a gripe regarding the two men shredding Christmas trees along Pearl Road in Strongsville on Dec. 23. I happen to be one of those gentlemen that was working there that day, regrettably doing a job that I was hired to do, even though I didn't agree with what was taking place. I, too, wished the owner would have drastically reduced his prices or better yet donated the remaining trees to a charity. I'm sure a lot of hard-working families wished that they could have enjoyed one of those trees that were so selfishly destroyed. That guy better watch out next Christmas, for that karma bus will be traveling through Strongsville."
    -- Strongsville

    You just can't get good help these days. You hire some chump to clean up, they moan about it in the paper. Love it.

    "Whatever happened to integrity in local support? A number of local Cleveland bands earned the right to go to a competition in Nashville, Tenn. These bands had to hold fund-raising drives through the clubs where they play, which means the patrons who support them on a regular basis (cover charges, buying the bands' CDs, album releases, etc.) again have to come to the rescue. What happened to local commercial radio? The local commercial radio stations have done nothing to support these bands -- no contributions to help defray the travel costs, no airplay of their music, no mention of where to go see the bands -- with the exception of Cleveland college radio. Cleveland likes to still call itself the rock 'n' roll capital of the world. Based on the mentality of local commercial radio, it's a wonder they have any rating at all. You all should get your act together and support locally"
    -- Euclid

    And that's what makes college radio great.

    "What some people don't realize is that Simon Cowell is uniquely qualified to judge on 'American Idol.' While his comments may be harsh, they are right on. The net result was Cowell made talented contestants work harder. The psychology of the challenge to do better works. Let's hope 'Idol' finds someone of Cowell's ilk. Otherwise (with the exception of Randy Jackson), it could be boring."
    -- Cleveland

    Is this world really so short of catty, bitchy, Englishmen? I'm quite confident there is a robust supply.

    "I am completely amazed when I read the paper and see negative stories, editorials and comments regarding the pay, benefits and pensions of teachers, police and firefighters. These hard-working people are criticized for being a drain on the taxpayers and having inflated perks and pay for what they do. Yet, no one ever comments about the sports figures who work maybe four months a year, receive enormous salaries for playing a game and play those games in taxpayer-subsidized palaces. These so-called role models can take drugs, steal, assault people, etc., and they are placed on a pedestal by society. Something is seriously wrong in America when this is what we place value upon."
    -- Aurora

    I generally agree with the overall point, but I have to burst this one bubble. There are plenty of teachers, cops, and firefighters who take drugs, steal, and assault people. You don't have to play a child's game with a ball to be a reprobate.

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    Blogger ggroll said ... (12:15 PM, January 28, 2010) : 

    As the FBI snoops through the homes and offices of Cuyahoga County Democrats looking for corruption, they should look west to Olmsted Trustee Karen R. Straka and a friend of Mason and other Democrats may want to shed move lite on party insiders . This woman has been office 18 years, running it her way. Where are all
    The Missing township files and records this woman has at her house?
    Where is the Missing $3,000,000 money, that the state cannot find?
    Where are the Keys to township offices? Did she die Nov. 3 ? This woman has sent
    A lot money to Cuyahoga people. (You know who)
    Our nation promises “equal justice for all.” But, the promise of equal justice is often just that-a promise.
    “Equality before the law in a true democracy is a matter of right.”


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