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    Tuesday, January 12, 2010

    Tuesday Talkback

    Time to talk back to more moaners.

    "A bah humbug to the two gentlemen on the side of Ohio 42 in Strongsville who were shredding Christmas trees on Dec. 23 at 2 p.m. to close up their business. Could they be so money hungry or hard-hearted that they would rather shred Christmas trees than to give them to needy families or a shelter to distribute? I hope they have a change of heart this year." -- Cleveland

    It sure is easy to tell someone else how to conduct their business -- so, allow me.  If you really thought that giving away all of those unsold Christmas trees to a shelter or to charity was such as good idea, why didn't you buy the trees yourself? You could have bid on the whole lot. You could have loaded them on a truck. You could have searched, on the afternoon of the 23rd, for a charity that would accept a truckload of unsold Christmas trees for distribution. Too much work for you? Don't want to spend your money on your great idea? Well, then bah humbug to you!

    "Why do we celebrate New Year's? It's just a calendar change." -- Cleveland

    Why do we celebrate anything? A birthday? Just a year older. An anniversary just marks another year of bliss or misery. No one says you have to celebrate at all. 

    "It's very sad about our state of academics. Last week's 'Academic Challenge' featuring the slightest students. They didn't know the authors of certain books by Washington Irving and Ernest Hemingway. Very sad." -- Lorain

    Perhaps students don't need to know about their books for the proficiency test.

    "If the residents of Nebraska are so outraged and embarrassed because their senators got them that exemption on the Medicaid health care bill, why don't they just refuse it and go on and pay it like everyone else has to do? They can vote to rescind, it can't they?" -- Cleveland

    I highly doubt that Nebraska's exemption will make it to the final bill.

    "To the person who wanted to put a logo on the Browns helmets: They had one in the late '40s on their programs. It was called a Brownie." -- No city

    The Browns have a logo: the plain orange helmet with brown and white stripe, and gray facemask.  I think it'd be kind of amusing, just once, to send the team out in helmets with an image of an orange helmet on the sides of their orange helmets.

    "It's amazing that we can send billions upon billions of dollars all over the world. Now they are talking about sending Yemen billions to fight the terrorists. Billions and billions of dollars for the war. And the people on Social Security can't even get a small raise. What a country." -- No city

    Yes, I suppose it is true, that money spent abroad is money not spent at home. That money spent on one thing is not spent on something else. That money spent on wars and to fight terrorists isn't spent on the welfare of seniors. And that all of it comes out of our pockets and the pockets of our children and their children. And it goes into the pockets of interests whose business is made by waging war, who have better lobbyists than you.  What else is new?

    "As a taxpayer of Northeast Ohio, I demand -- demand -- that my tax money stop going to pay double-dipping politicians. That is unconscionable. I want it stopped." -- Bay Village

    Then as a voter, stop voting for politicians who stick around long enough to double dip, and barring that, vote them out when they do.

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