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    Tuesday, May 06, 2008

    Tuesday Talkback

    The moaners are at it again, and I'm still talking back.

    "Instead of 'men working,' shouldn't the politically correct sign say 'people working?' "- Collinwood Village

    If you really want to be precise about it, it should say "five people standing around a hole in the pavement watching one person working inside the hole."

    "When a sign is deceiving on an exit ramp, and proven over time that it is, something should be done about it right away." - Maple Heights

    Why couldn't this moaner just say what they really meant? What sign? Deceiving, how? A deceiving sign on an exit ramp ....? So, maybe the sign says "exit" but instead you just get looped back onto the highway? "Proven over time that it is?" What kind of mushy thinking is this? How is "proven over time" different than "proven"? And if the sign is deceiving, why mention the "proven" thing at all? And finally, is something should be done, do something about it. Call the DOT. Call city council. Call your member of congress. No, I'll call Monday Moaning. You who gets tricked by signs.

    "Men, if you have a huge gut and man boobs, please keep your shirts on! You look disgusting and should be cited for indecent exposure!" - Mentor

    Since this moaner is from Mentor, I question whether the actual moan included the word "if." If it did, then I applaud the tact of the moaner who was really directing her moan at pretty much every adult male residing in her community.

    "Why can't the Cleveland Indians' announcers shut their yaps for even one second? Usually, they're not even calling the plays or talking to the viewers; they're talking to each other. They need to save their small talk for when they go out for drinks or dinner. Guys, you're boring - give us a break and shut up." - Euclid

    Baseball is a whole lot of standing around and waiting for something to happen. And until something happens, there is dead air to fill. It is the announcers' jobs to fill that dead air. Now, if you don't want to listen to the banter, the solution is easy: turn down the sound on your TV. If you are listening to the game on the radio, just turn it off, because again, the announcers aren't going to allow dead air. And if that bothers you, don't listen to the game. Read about it later, or catch the highlights in the news. The action of most games can be thoroughly summarized in under a minute. Granted, you lose that sense of anticipation and drama that you might feel as you wait for something to happen when you watch it in real time. Going to a baseball game is a little like going to the doctor. You get there, and you wait around forever, then something starts to happen, but then you just wait around some more. And then there's the drugs, and the prima donna personalities, and the illegible signatures. And by the time you finally get out of there, you wonder where the afternoon went. And you wonder how you spent so much money for what you got. And you wonder if anything can be done to pick up the pace. Yet, regardless, you'll be back.

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