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    Tuesday, April 08, 2008

    Tuesday Talkback

    Another Monday Moaning, another Talkback Talkback.

    "Attention local business owners: Stop using your young children and grandchildren in your commercials. They are only darling to you. To us, they are annoying and insulting. Their voices are garbled and grating. Tell me about your quality, your service and accountability." -- Chardon

    While I do agree that other people's children are not generally darling, especially not at the grocery store, the restaurant or the movie theater, I don't think you'll find local ads less annoying with children removed. Even without the kids, don't expect anything sincere. Even if they claim to speak to quality, service, accountability -- they won't be sincere about it. That just isn't what advertising is about. I think you will still be dissatisfied with the phoniness -- you just won't have it compounded by the presence of those young children.

    "Where do they get the people who do the closed captioning on TV? Especially on the news. The proof readers' ought to turn off the sound and try to follow along to see what us hearing-impaired go through. They also need to learn how to spell." -- Mayfield Heights

    The challenge of closed captioning live television is that it is live television. This is especially problematic during sports play-by-play announcing, not to mention the stream of words covering up the field of play. But local news -- isn't most of the text on the teleprompter anyway? I would think this would help, but maybe not.

    "Moan to the shallow man who gave the manager at Longhorn Steakhouse in Strongsville a big mouth because he had to wait for a table. Some of us have kids and don't need them exposed to this behavior. He made a scene and a total jerk of himself. Go to anger management, and send the manager a written apology if you're man enough. You are invited to my place of business with this behavior. I'll fix you up." -- North Royalton

    "[G]ave the manager... a big mouth?" That sounds something like giving someone a fat lip, as opposed to arguing with someone, which is what sounds like happened here. But I am not impressed by this delayed show of bravery. Come to my place and "I'll fix you up?" Well, what did you do to fix him up at the steakhouse? Especially if he was such a threat to your darling kids. And where is big mouth supposed to meet you now? While there are numerous businesses in North Royalton, how is one supposed to decide which one is yours?

    "All those drivers who pull out in front of you and then proceed not to go the speed limit and, also when there is no one behind you, they can't wait another 10 seconds until you pass. They can go as slow as they want behind me, just don't do it in front of me." -- Parma

    Try not going 50 in a 25, and you'll find this problem fixes itself. You're welcome.

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    Blogger Kat said ... (8:56 PM, April 08, 2008) : 

    Uh Mike, you could have written that last moan. Youre welcome.


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