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    Tuesday, April 29, 2008

    Tuesday Talkback

    The moaners are out in force and I'm talking back.

    "Turn your fog lights off! Turn your fog lights off! Turn your fog lights off! Idiots." - Bedford

    What the hell do you care?

    "This is in regards to our public 'Futilities' departments that dig up streets to make repairs. When they finish, they pour concrete, but it is about 2 to 3 inches below the level of the pavement. This eats tires and suspension parts. Someone please wake up." - Cleveland

    Consider it a favor -- uneven pavement means you'll slow down, which means less mobile traffic camera tickets.

    "I wish vegetarians would study the human body and realize we are carnivores." - Rocky River

    Study it yourself, moron. We are omnivores.

    "We live on a corner lot and people just take advantage of us, always turning in our driveway, even when we're trying to get out. I wish I had a dollar from everyone who did that." - North Olmsted

    A pair of bib overalls and a shotgun, and your pesky neighbor problem can soon be solved.

    "Frank Jackson stated, at the be ginning of his term, he would leave if he wasn't doing a good job. Why hasn't he left?" - Lorain

    You live in Lorain, which makes Cleveland look like San Francisco -- I don't give a damn for Frank Jackson, but who the hell are you?

    "Why do all supermarkets and restaurants - Marc's stores, Steak 'n Shakes, just to name two - have the music so loud? Everyone is going to have hearing problems sometime in their lives. Turn it down!" - Mentor-on-the-Lake

    They turn up the music whenever you're around to drown out your nasally yap.

    "When will Mary Worth stop minding everybody else's business?" - Parma

    Never! No one at Charterstone can escape her meddling.

    "Lets see: Worked all my life, always pay my bills and taxes on time, paid my way through college, have no credit card debt, took no handouts, didn't produce a kid that I could ill afford and would be a burden on the state and taxpayers to raise, paid my house off, etc. My question: Where is my handout?" - Lorain

    Start collecting social security and Medicare, and you too can be part of the entitlement problem.

    "In the section 'What the Boss Makes,' there are seldom any women in the 'Key Executive' positions. Maybe some of the region's economic woes are due, in part, to Northeast Ohio corporations stuck in the 'old boy' mentality." - Lakewood

    Please, in this economy, we'd be just as fucked with the women in charge.

    " 'Not economically feasible.' That is the answer I received after questioning why apartment buildings were not required to participate in recycling. Consequently, tons of recyclables end up in landfills. Why isn't something done about this? - Parma Heights

    Because it really isn't economically feasible. Because if recycling were cheaper or more economical than throwing it all in the landfill, it would be done. Recycling costs more money than throwing stuff away, despite all the promises and hopes otherwise. Such platitudes are as unrealistic as those from 60 years ago that promised that with nuclear plants our electricity would be free, or if only we'd drill in ANWR, gas would be only a buck a gallon again. It is bullshit, and you need to get over yourself.

    "In 2006, the Democrats said they were going to save us from all the Republican corruption. And they did. Ever since then, it's been nothing but Democrat corruption." - Strongsville

    You give the Democrats far too much credit.

    "RTA has cut back or discontinued suburban routes frequently, claiming low ridership. Yet it continues to run the Waterfront line. Traffic backs up every morning through the Flats as the train goes by in either direction with no riders. Talk about waste!" - no city

    Call back in five years, and insert "Silver Line / Euclid Corridor Project" in place of "Waterfront Line."

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    Comments on "Tuesday Talkback"


    Anonymous Evil John said ... (11:51 PM, April 28, 2008) : 

    I wanna talk-back, too.

    Pavement: Wow, I bet no one ever noticed that before!

    Vegetarians: Maybe he just wants stupid we're-designed-to-only-eat-plants vegetarians to become stupid meatarians.

    Corner: There should be an internet friendly "smilie" for The World's Smallest Violin.

    Supermarkets: Why did M-o-t-Lake only list two if he's going to list any? Someone who is so stupid/out of touch, whatever and doesn't understand "supermarket" and "restaurant" isn't likely to understand after just 1 example of each, is he?

    I mean, can we really take that risk?

    Handout: It's called the "Wingers Prayer", "God, why did I have to be so lucky and virtuous?! I wish I were a crippled cheat!" Or was it just a heartless jerk?

    God, I'm highly intelligent, moral, and keen to learn. What's with all the stupid bastards I've got to put up with?

    Economy: Yes, but if more women were in charge the homophobes wouldn't be as upset over the economy getting fucked.

    (I noticed, btw, that while I wasn't looking "LGT" and become "LGBTQ". Lets find a general term before things get out of hand. Personally, my limit is 7 letters. I'm going to be intolerant of any preferences after letter #7.)

    Economically Feasible: It's the fault of the hardworking taxpayer up above. He needs to pay _higher_ taxes!

    Democrats: Well put.
    I've got a big list, but it can all be condensed to that.

    RTA: Good point. All the trains running and backing up traffic would demonstrate that if you want to get anywhere you get there on the train. The Waterfront Line as the sole exemplar just isn't working.


    Blogger Audient said ... (5:51 AM, April 29, 2008) : 

    I suppose _anything_ can be "economically feasible" if only we pay higher taxes. love it!


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:16 AM, April 29, 2008) : 

    I think I'll always drive with my fog lights on, it's soooooo cool!
    And what do vegetarians have against plants? I thought all life was sacred.


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