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    Thursday, April 17, 2008

    Phoenix Coffee Cups

    I usually stop at Phoenix Coffee on my way to work for a my daily cup of inspiration.  The Free Times ran this article about Phoenix and their goal to phase out disposable cups.
    If I wanted to carry around my own cup for coffee instead of a disposable cup, I'd make my own coffee at home and put it in a cup.  I don't like carrying around a cup.  I don't like forgetting it at work.  I don't like it knocking around in my car when I'm not using it.  I don't like washing it.  And yes, washing a cup using hot water and soap uses energy too.
    Phoenix has been using Styrofoam cups instead of paper cups (like Starbucks and Caribou).  I prefer the Styrofoam cup.  The coffee stays hotter longer.  And those paper cups sometimes drip at the seam.  I HATE that. 
    Next week, Phoenix wants their customers to commit to a full week of not using disposable cups.  They have pledge cards to sign.  It is mentioned in the article, and I've seen these pledge cards.  And I won't be signing, because I'm just not interested in carrying around my own cup. 
    I used to drive out of my way to stop at Phoenix on my way to work.  Instead, this morning, I just stopped at Starbucks.  Yes, I prefer Phoenix's coffees -- if there is a better cup of coffee in town, I don't know of it.  The Victory Blend might be my favorite, but they have so many good coffees, and I've never had a bad cup of coffee there.  Today, Starbucks sold me a perfectly fine cup of coffee without the guilt -- and Phoenix used one less disposable cup today. 
    Bless you, Phoenix, you can run your business any way you want.  But what I want is coffee in a disposable cup.  If you don't want to sell that to me, then I'll buy it someplace else.  I plan on skipping Phoenix all of next week, because I don't want any grief or guilt with my coffee. 
    As I get to the bottom of my venti traditional, it is luke warm at the bottom.  Damn paper cup.  Grande tomorrow. Fits better in my cupholder anyway.

    Comments on "Phoenix Coffee Cups"


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (9:15 AM, April 17, 2008) : 

    the cup o joe here has a similar, muddy environmental initiative. it has to do with saving the sleeves of the cup but not the actual cup.


    Blogger Mr. Bebout said ... (10:22 AM, April 17, 2008) : 

    I thought the sleeve was the enviro-answer to coffe cups. Who knew how behind the enviro-times I had gotten.

    I can understnad your enviro-frustration on this issue. I think you should buy a thousand 16 oz foam cups from Cosco for next to nothing and to confound the enviro-cup people, buy the foam cups and bring a fresh one with you to your coffee shop and have the coffee poured in and walk out with a smile and hot coffee.


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (11:34 AM, April 17, 2008) : 

    HAHAHAHA! well played mr. bebout.


    Blogger Kat said ... (12:46 PM, April 17, 2008) : 

    Omigod! Dave, that is exactly what I thought!!!


    Anonymous Evil John said ... (9:01 PM, April 17, 2008) : 

    Perhaps buy a sapling and present it to them as your "offset"?

    For $25 you can buy an Australian carbon offset certificate. That'd be worth 1000 foam cups, I think.

    You could point out that the environmental savings of paper vs. ceramic are dubious and, furthermore, you'd like to discuss a few things you've learned about their supply chain... WTF about "buy local, anway." You should all be drinking hickory nut tisane.

    Finally, blackmail them by pointing out that your drive to Starbucks for a disposable cup would be longer, thus using more gas, thus being a net environmental loss?

    But all you big city folk with your posh coffee stores are missing out.

    Buy a good Japanese thermos cup, a French toddy maker, some African beans and make fantastic coffee at home. Like the pioneers did, like real Americans still do, like God wants us to!


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:26 AM, April 18, 2008) : 

    Very good post, audient.

    Not a coffee drinker myself, but I definitely appreciate your analysis on the issue.



    Blogger Kate Anne said ... (10:46 PM, April 22, 2008) : 

    Styrofoam does not biodegrade and furthermore causes chemicals to leech into your drinks (or food): bad for the environment and bad for you and your health. Poor choice. Paper for me, and better yet my own mug. I rinse mine out at work and sadly Marsh has yucky styrofoam at 1166. Lots of us are raising an uproar, but we are the stepchildren there. Though Brian Duperault introduced himself to me (new president and CEO of Marsh) today and it is fun being by Fifth Avenue.


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