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    Monday, March 10, 2008

    Vice President of Nothing

    First of all, Clinton has no business offering the vice presidential spot to anybody.  Not only is she not the nominee, but she isn't even the frontrunner.  But to offer the second spot to the frontrunner is somewhere between laughable and insulting.  
    Secondly, there are no mulligans, no do-overs in presidential politics.  Michigan and Florida failed to play by the rules.  Their delegates don't count.  If they are mad about that, they should take that up with their state legislatures and their governors for next time.  The state governments were warned repeatedly by the DNC and the RNC that moving their primaries would have these consequences (DNC excluded them all, RNC excluded 50%).  Their delegates should not be seated at the convention.
    Thirdly, Governor Rendel said on Meet the Press yesterday that if Hillary wins a majority of the popular vote in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Florida (I might have missed one or two more states that he mentioned, but in essence, the large swing states), then she should be the nominee, regardless of the outcome in all of the other primaries. Will Governor Rendel move the DNC to not even run primaries in all of those other states in the 2012 election -- I mean, if they don't matter, why waste the money and the effort?  The answer, of course, is that all of the states and their delegates matter.  And that Rendel's argument is bullshit.
    Fourth, just because Hillary won more primary votes than Obama in some of the larger states does not mean that Obama can't win those states in the general election -- or that Hillary will win those states in the general election.  If Hillary is the nominee, anyone want to bet that Hillary will win Texas?  Really?  And speaking of Texas...
    Fifth, I wish the media would quit reporting that Clinton won Texas.  All Clinton won was the popular vote.  Texas has a hybrid system -- a primary during the day followed by caucuses that night.  Not only did Obama win the caucuses, but as a result, Obama won more delegates total from Texas than Hillary did.  Yet when MSNBC puts up their map of the states, they color in Texas for Hillary, even though Obama won more delegates.  It is the delegates that count at the convention.  Not the popular vote.
    Sixth, and I didn't come up with this myself, someone commented on it on Kos: to say that Hillary Clinton has executive experience is to say that Yoko Ono was a Beatle.  Being in the building when something happened doesn't mean you did it.
    Seventh, Bill Bradley took off the gloves on PBS over the weekend about the Clintons' failure to release their tax and financial records.  About time.
    Eighth, is Hillary a "monster"?  Is Obama "Ken Starr"?  Hillary said it was ok for her staffer to call Obama "Ken Starr" because one was an ad hominum attack, and the other was a reference to an historical figure.  Really.  So I guess it would have been ok for someone to say, Obama's middle name may be Hussein, but Hillary acts like Saddam Hussein.  Or Atilla the Hun?  Or Eva Peron?   

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