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    Tuesday, March 11, 2008

    Tuesday Talkback

    This moan caught my attention:
    "How about some truth-in-advertising? 'The Ohio Lottery: Odds are, you'll win none.' " — Streetsboro
    I have observed before the logical nonsense of the Ohio Lottery slogan, "Odds are, you'll have fun."  Odds are, you will lose when you play the lottery, so the slogan can only be true if you have fun losing.  Oh, I suppose someone from the lottery would say that the anticipation of waiting for the drawing, or as you scratch your ticket, somehow constitutes "fun." 
    But I've moved on.  The advertising slogan that bothers me now is Chevrolet's "From gas friendly to gas free."  Walk into any Chevy dealer and ask them where the gas free car is.  They don't have one.  The gas free Chevy Volt is still just a concept car -- one that is gas free for commutes of 40 miles or less.  And the slogan is misleading because it suggests that Chevrolets have a range of efficiency, from gas friendly to gas free.  But get to the dealership and you'll see that many of the same old gas guzzlers are still for sale.  But the slogan "gas hogs to maybe gas free someday for trips 40 miles or less" just isn't elegant, even if closer to the truth.
    This site says the Volt is targeted for release in the 2010 model year.  We'll see what really happens.  But until it is released, there is no gas-free Chevy.  And for trips over 40 miles, there is no gas-free Chevy -- the Volt has to use something for trips over 40 miles. Which is smart, because no one is going to buy a car that has only a 40 mile driving range.  So that makes the Volt a hybrid -- different from the Prius, yes, because it supposedly will operate as an electric car for trips under 40 miles, but it will be a hybrid all the same -- because how many drivers never go on trips over 40 miles?  

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    Blogger Matt said ... (10:20 PM, March 11, 2008) : 

    Electric cars would be perfect for senior citizens who only drive to the local stores or to see their doctor. Hell, the Shriners have had these cars for years. That's why they were pissed about the cover photo of Dead Kennedys' Frankenchrist--they didn't want others to covet their thunder.


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