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    Wednesday, March 05, 2008

    Hillary Takes Ohio By 10 Points

    I figured she'd win here.  But 54-44 -- I am disappointed. 
    And she won Texas, but it was much closer, 51-47.
    And she picked up Rhode Island while Obama took Vermont.
    Meanwhile, McCain goes to the White House today to stand with W to "start" his campaign for the general.  But standing with W ain't all that.  And he's still got money issues, and issues with the FEC, so it may not be as big an advantage as suggested last night. 
    Coverage on the Democratic race will continue to dominate because it is unsettled.  But will the eventual winner be worn out by this primary race?  Or more to the point, will the voters be fatigued with the Democratic nominee? 
    On another level, it is fascinating to see a primary process last this long. 
    So... onward we go.  Wyoming on 3/8, Mississippi on 3/11 --- then nothing till Pennsylvania on 4/22. 

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    Blogger Simply Minded said ... (8:43 AM, March 05, 2008) : 

    I'm a little disappointed in Obama's showing as well.

    One thing worth mentioning, I think, is that Obama won district 11 109,544 votes to Clinton's 47,183.

    With Obama winning more than 2 to 1, I wonder Stephanie Tubbs Jones constituency thinks about her support for Hillary Clinton?


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