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    Wednesday, February 20, 2008

    Obama's Legislative Accomplishments

    Despite the buzz that Obama hasn't accomplished anything, here is a whole list of things he's done, especially on non-proliferation and loose nukes, ethics reform, and he cracked down on those awful federal no-bid contracts. 
    Also, before he was in Congress, he led and won the fight to videotape all police interrogations in the state of Illinois -- making it the first state to pass such a law.
    There is knee jerk reaction -- that because somebody speaks well, that it is nothing more than talk.  And that when someone has ideals, that they are unable to get things done.  It is a crutch, a stereotype, and all anyone had to do was actually look at what he got done -- instead of playing gotcha.
    The funny thing is ... McCain's most well known legislative accompishment may be the much despised campaign finance reform.  
    And speaking of McCain, who'd've guessed that the first bimbo eruption of the campaign would have occurred anywhere other than in the Clinton camp? 

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