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    Thursday, February 21, 2008

    Big Brother Sam Is Watching You

    The Patriot Act, FISA courts, EZ Pass, traffic cameras.

    Your emails, your phone calls, your bank accounts, your every movement -- are all monitored.

    In Nineteen Eighty-Four, George Orwell introduced us to words and concepts such as doublespeak, thoughtcrime, memory hole, Thought Police, and of course, Big Brother. The Big Brother Is Watching You poster is ubiquitous to the novel -- a reminder, and a warning, that you are never alone, and that you should always assume that you are being monitored for unorthodoxy and thoughtcrime, and finally, that you will be sent to Room 101 and tortured.

    The book was supposed to serve as a warning. Instead, it has become a manual for 21st century American governance and polity.

    In the book, a mustachio'd man with Stalinesque features was Big Brother.

    But today, it is none other than Uncle Sam.

    So let me ask: what do you get when you combine an old army recruitment poster with the poster from Orwell's dystopic vision?

    You get this line of shirts, notecards and stuff that I put together and posted on Cafe Press.

    If there isn't an FBI file on me yet, this should do it.

    And remember:


    Buy my shirts! Wear them anywhere you expect to be photographed, monitored, detained and/or tortured.

    And if you've never read the book, please, read it online or buy it!

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    Comments on "Big Brother Sam Is Watching You"


    Blogger Brian Kornell said ... (5:06 PM, February 21, 2008) : 

    Fantastic t-shirts!


    Blogger Kate Anne said ... (5:37 PM, February 21, 2008) : 

    OMG -- I'm here. Big Brother is not watching right now. Or maybe he is.

    I wanted to remind you of the converse,


    I have always been afraid to read the whole thing, though I know Uncle David would talk abou it. Sometimes 1984 seems too too much to bear.


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (7:47 PM, February 21, 2008) : 

    thank you for my very own raglan version sweets.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:06 AM, February 22, 2008) : 


    I couldn't agree more about the ever encroaching powers of government. I know it might sound extreme to some, but it's one reason why I don't like GPS systems, TIVO/DVR systems, among other things.



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