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    Thursday, January 10, 2008

    Want to Be Neighbors?

    I was shocked to see that the asking price on this house on our street is so cheap!

    I understand the bank owns it.  Presumably it was a foreclosure -- who knows what condition it is.  Sometimes the foreclosed upon owners strip or trash a house upon moving out.  Looks nice enough from the curb.

    Comments on "Want to Be Neighbors?"


    Blogger Simply Minded said ... (12:02 PM, January 10, 2008) : 

    Not a bad looking place, but the half taxes are more than I pay in a year for my house in Cleveland.


    Blogger Audient said ... (12:20 PM, January 10, 2008) : 

    True, the taxes in the Heights are high. And these taxes surely reflect a previous higher appraisal of the property.


    Blogger anne said ... (4:25 PM, January 10, 2008) : 

    Damn, if only I had a down payment.


    Blogger Mr. Bebout said ... (8:38 AM, January 11, 2008) : 

    You could look into First Time Home Buyers. That is how we bought our house.
    I could recommend a realtor that works with this type of sale and makes it very easy.
    This price is almost half of what it would have been two years ago as an owner sale.


    Blogger James said ... (7:00 PM, January 12, 2008) : 

    I actually contacted the realitor on this one and just heard from them today. They say it comes with the buyer assuming all violations. I wonder what violations there are.


    Blogger Audient said ... (12:48 PM, January 14, 2008) : 

    If the city has inspected the property, there should be a list. The realtor should have it.

    I took a peak into the front window of the house over the weekend. It needs some sprucing up no doubt, and I wonder who thought the pepto-pink walls in the living room would be a good idea?


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