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    Wednesday, January 09, 2008

    NH primary results

    OK, I am a little surprised by how well Hillary did yesterday. Especially after Iowa, and given the exit polling.

    But taking it together with McCain winning -- perhaps for all the talk about change, the NH voters wanted to go with the candidates with whom they had the most familiarity.
    None of the candidates put it so starkly as this, but when Hillary says she's been about change for 35 years, then his tends to show that she is no longer part of the change, but part of what we want to change from. 
    Reverting to Clintonism is not change.  We've been there before.  Bush II, the sequel, was not as good as the original, even if Bush II had a longer run.  I don't expect Clinton II to be any better.
    I can hardly imagine voting for Hillary Clinton for president.  If McCain is the Republican nominee, maybe I won't have to.  I had been thinking that McCain's time had come and gone, that his time was 2000.  I think we would be better off if he had been elected President in 2000.  Since then, he has become more establishment, which means he embraced all the crap that we need to put behind us.  Bah, when I put it like that, why would I vote for him either.

    Comments on "NH primary results"


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (7:31 AM, January 09, 2008) : 

    I'm not voting for either of those candidates. I'm hoping they don't get the nomination.


    Blogger Mr. Bebout said ... (10:21 AM, January 09, 2008) : 

    I wouldn't vote for a Republican no matter who it was. I do not think I am in favor of Mrs. Clinton. I am moving closer to Mr. Obama.


    Blogger anne said ... (11:43 AM, January 09, 2008) : 

    Hasn't Obama been compared to JFK? How is that being progressive, while Clinton is seen as old Washington? I would love to see some Clintonism back in the White House.


    Blogger Kristen said ... (12:19 PM, January 09, 2008) : 

    Not super invested in this election and Ray and I agreed we would vote for whoever got the Dem nod because we so don't give a shit but I think I'd rather vote for Clinton than Obama or McCain.


    Blogger anne said ... (3:22 PM, January 09, 2008) : 

    Also I recently read that Obama and Clinton as senators have voted the same about 90% of the time. I think they are more alike than different.


    Blogger Sean Santa said ... (11:03 PM, January 09, 2008) : 

    i like mccain, since paul doesnt have a chance


    Blogger Kate Anne said ... (11:57 AM, January 10, 2008) : 

    For the record, is talking about how Chris Matthews revealed that the raw exit poll data (actually only available now to the media) had Obama quite substantially ahead -- see

    I wish they would do some random counting of the paper trail of the suspect Diebold optical scanning machines. And South Carolina is going to be using some suspect machines too. ARGH!!!


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