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    Tuesday, December 11, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback -- Lights Out Edition

    In the time you spend reading this, you could go claim your $25 or more...

    In the meantime, I'll talk back to some moaners.

    “People that ride around when it’s dark without headlights. Why don’t the cops watch for them and give them tickets? It’s very hazardous.” — Mayfield Heights

    The police do ticket people for this. But what amused me was this next moan:

    “The inconsiderate Plain Dealer carriers who pull in the driveway in early morning with their headlights on and the radio blasting. Not everybody’s bedroom is in the back of the house or upstairs.” — no city

    I suppose the carriers should turn out their headlights up the street before they pull into your driveway to deliver your paper? That's looney. If you find it to be such a nuisance, then cancel your subscription.

    “What has happened to all the simple services? I couldn’t find a pay phone at Parmatown mall so I could call my son to pick me up. I’m 85 years old and I no longer drive. I don’t own a cell phone, cable or computer because I’m only on Social Security and can’t afford it. At least in the malls and stores there could be a phone or two. Please give the elderly a break and help us to get along on our own.” — no city

    Help us get along on our own ... by providing us with stuff. I suspect if there had been a pay phone, the moan would have been over the cost of a call. And what was a broke and helpless old lady doing at a place like Parmatown anyway?

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    Comments on "Tuesday Talkback -- Lights Out Edition"


    Blogger Annette said ... (7:36 AM, December 11, 2007) : 

    Interesting moanings today!

    First off.... why is the Plain Dealer guy pulling into someone's driveway? What, they go up and down the street pulling into every single driveway they deliver too? The person should contact the deliverer and complain and say they'll drop the PD because if they lose a customer, they have to pay for the subscription themselves. I think their deliverer must be my next door neighbor, you should hear the music coming out of their cars.

    Secondly... I do believe that the reason they don't have pay phones in Parmatown Mall is because drug dealers use them to make their deals. At least that's what the phone company told us when they wanted to take the pay phone out of the entrance to our library. Honestly, an 85 year old woman shouldn't be going to that mall at all, least of all by herself. Even I hate going there on my own, there are so many unsavory characters about. Plus... she's 85! Can't someone take her to the freaking mall?!? I hope she went up to the customer service counter and asked them to call her ride.

    People whine about the dumbest things....


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