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    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    Violating My Baby

    Someone violated my baby yesterday morning.  My Saabcar.  The Vapor Trailer.
    The back corner of my Saabcar was clipped on I-90 yesterday morning. 
    Morning rush hour, traffic had slowed suddenly to a crawl. A woman in a Jeep tried to switch lanes instead of slowing down behind me.  She didn't quite make it.
    I'm ok.  I was a little stiff late in the day, but I feel ok today.
    As for the Vapor Trailer, it has a broken taillight, dinged up bumper and passenger side fender, and whole lotta black paint on it from the Jeep.
    The woman that hit me was very sorry.  I was not a dick or anything as we exchanged information.  These things happen. 
    She wrote her information on the back of her grocery list.  Her list read: spinach, sweet potatoes, steak, avocado.  I think maybe she should make me dinner for my trouble!
    So, now both cars need attention.  I made an appointment to fix the brakes on Meatball tomorrow (just in time for winter). And now the Vapor Trailer needs body work before I put her away for the winter.

    Comments on "Violating My Baby"


    Blogger monsieur le coq said ... (2:00 PM, November 15, 2007) : 

    you didnt scare her into shitting her pants by writing your insurance information on the back of your HC&S business card did you? and if so, did you get camphone pics?


    Blogger monsieur le coq said ... (2:05 PM, November 15, 2007) : 

    lemme know if you need a ride home from the shop after dropping cars off for repairs...


    Blogger Audient said ... (3:10 PM, November 15, 2007) : 

    no -- I didn't want to spook her.

    and yes -- I could use a ride later tonight if that works for you.


    Blogger anne said ... (10:49 AM, November 16, 2007) : 

    Bummer. I am all about the idea that it's just a car - as evidenced by the dings I have no interest in repairing. But even a fender-bender has a way of deflating the day. Last year I was hit by a guy on Coventry, I wasn't going 15mph, and he was pulling out of the bank parking lot. It was no big deal, but I still wanted to cry in frustration when it happened.

    I hope it doesn't take long to fix.


    Blogger Kathleen said ... (1:57 PM, November 16, 2007) : 

    I'm glad it wasn't more serious and that you're okay!


    Blogger Kat said ... (10:52 PM, November 16, 2007) : 

    She must have been a hot girl, otherwise big bother, it wudda been alot more confrontational!!!! Hhhmmmm.... Ha!


    Anonymous haves said ... (9:21 PM, November 18, 2007) : 

    Too bad you don't live on the west side, Droba's autobody on Brookpark Road could do you well, and my buddy Dino from American Bumper on Pearl Road could help get the parts.


    Blogger Audient said ... (7:40 PM, November 19, 2007) : 

    that'll be good to know the next time I crumple up my car due to my own fault -- but this repair is on the woman who hit me!

    Harden Auto Body in South Euclid has always done a bang up job, haha.

    no, seriously, they do.


    Blogger Kate Anne said ... (8:08 AM, November 29, 2007) : 

    Argh, I missed this -- until you were talking about the accident. You are not allowed to have accidents!! Take care.


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