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    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback

    They aren't zombies -- they're moaners. And I'm talking back.

    "What a shame parents have to drive their kids trick-or-treating. A street with 60 houses on it, and only two lights lit. Terrible." - Cleveland

    "It was really sad to barely see any lights on for Halloween. People are so cheap they can't spend $10 to hand candy out to kids." - Collinwood

    I passed out candy this Halloween. I spent about $20 on candy and have about $10 worth left -- note to self to buy only $10 worth next time! Better yet, maybe I'll just pass it out again next year! Haha! Free stale candy for little beggars, many of whom can't be bothered to even wear a costume. As it is, I handed out more and better candy to the kids who actually wore costumes. And every year, I get this kid who says he's got a second bag for a kid who couldn't make it out. Really? Three years in a row now? Right.

    "I shed no tears over the Cavaliers' first loss. Maybe LeBron should have worn his lucky Yankees cap." - South Euclid

    Yeah, this isn't going away. It was a bad PR move, yes. If only LeBron was involved in real gangsta stuff, like having an entourage full of criminals, maybe a little dog fighting ring, some shootings, some miscellaneous arrests. But no, our star athlete wore the wrong hat.

    "With all the concern about global warming and the environment, why don't I see more recycling at the curb on pickup day?" - Brook Park

    Because recycling is a complicated issue. Certainly if you use less products, you reduce your effect on the environment. And you don't have to convince me of the virtue of recycling aluminum versus mining for more aluminum. But the acts of transporting, sorting, and processing other recyclables requires energy as surely as incinerating it as garbage or burying it in a landfill. Is it as much energy? Is it more energy? Is it just different energy? There are a lot of conclusory statements out there on the issue with little or no data backing them up.

    "I think it's disappointing that the animated version of 'The Ten Commandments' only lasted a week on the screen. Evidently it was too clean for the screen." - Parma

    Or maybe it is gone because reviewers found this production to be too inspid and awful for the screen.

    "My moan is the post and repost editorial listing in the Plain Dealer. Why would I want to read the overly opinionated and under-informed ideas from people who don't know how to articulate them. This is why we employ professional journalists." - Cleveland Heights

    We don't want to read "over opinionated and under-informed ideas from people who don't know how to articulate them?" Then how come Monday Moaning remains a popular feature after all of these years?

    "I would like to know why the Bureau of Motor Vehicles sends you a half a sheet of typing paper for your car registration when you have to fold it up and crop it. Why can't they make it smaller?" - Cleveland

    What's so hard about folding in half a half sheet of paper and placing it in your glove box? If they made it half the size, the print on it would be half the size.

    "A moan for the individual who took the flowers from the spray left at my mother's grave on Wednesday." - No city

    Given that these moans seem to be from Halloween week ... Maybe ... it was your mom. Wooooooo!

    "Too much fat, too much sugar, too many carbs. Use common sense and eat a little of everything and you will be fine. I'm sorry people don't know how to enjoy a meal without ripping it apart. Just stop it." - Avon Lake

    Right. No need to learn anything about nutrition or read food labels. For that matter, there is no reason to learn anything about anything. You don't need any education or training. You just need common sense to get through life. Common idiot.

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