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    Friday, November 30, 2007


    Despite repeated trips to the doctors and dealing with the botched abortion that is our health care system, seeking proper medical treatment for the ailments of you and your loved ones still beats the old dirt nap.

    We plan on being around for awhile yet. Anne pointed out elsewhere my intentions to live to 70. I still plan on at least that.

    The bottom line is Gina has to lay off the salt, and our home cooking now reflects that. It makes me think of Pulp Fiction, when Jules was explaining that his girlfriend is a vegetarian, which pretty much made him a vegetarian. But boy, does he loves the tasty of juicy burger. Me too.

    I have to tell you though, a reduced sodium diet is not easy. Not that there aren't decent foods to eat and still remain under the threshold. Just that it eliminates convenience foods, prepared foods, and a lot of dining out.

    But we are taking it in stride. I need to go through the cupboards and dispense with the higher sodium foods, especially sauces and certain canned goods. Sure, I can still eat them, but it seems mean to eat them in front of Gina. Also, it does her no good to be hungry and eye the cupboard to find cans of chicken soup.

    The last couple of nights we grilled meat with no-salt homemade marinades. A little honey drizzled on the chicken made up for the lack of salt. I could have salted the meat on my plate, but I did not. And I am developing a taste for unsalted butter.

    The last of the Canadian bacon sits in the fridge -- I might just freeze it, or if someone wants it, stop over. I think it is dated Dec 3.

    Hopefully, this will be a temporary measure. The actions are precautionary, as the diagnosis is uncertain. If we've seemed out of the loop and distant, sorry. But we kinda withdrew and focused on trying to figure out what was going on. And when there was so much we didn't know, it was hard to talk about it. There is still plenty we don't know, but I am confident now that everything is going to be just fine.

    But yesterday I had a salt craving, and ended up eating some french fries at lunch. I don't even normally eat fries, but damn.

    Comments on "Salty"


    Blogger Mr. Bebout said ... (10:36 AM, November 30, 2007) : 

    Sorry to hear about Gina's health concern.
    I know I always feel guilty when I eat peanut butter knowing it could kill my kid and we don't buy food with peanut content just in case. I think it becomes part of how you eat after a while and you forget about what you are giving up, kind of like HFCS.


    Blogger Kristen said ... (10:43 AM, November 30, 2007) : 

    Changing your eating habits to help those loved ones who have to change isn't always fun, but for the most part it helps you in the long run too. We had to do low salt for a while too and thats when my curry addiction kicked into high gear.


    Blogger Annette said ... (2:13 PM, November 30, 2007) : 

    I'm sorry to hear that you guys need to give up salt but I hope that Gina is feeling tip-top soon!

    I gave up salt voluntarily several years ago but no altogether -- for me it was not salting anything and using very little salt in cooking. I didn't go as far as to count my sodium intake or anything but I will say that when I eat things that are the least bit salty now I think... blech! It's amazing how different food tastes without salt, sometimes that's a good thing.

    There's hidden sodium in a lot of foods, best of luck to you guys! Look at it this way: It might stop you (or at least make you think twice about) eating overly processed foods, and that's a good thing.


    Blogger Brian Kornell said ... (5:49 PM, November 30, 2007) : 

    Sorry to hear about this. Hope everything will be ok.


    Blogger Joe said ... (11:39 AM, December 01, 2007) : 

    You do what you have to do for your loved ones. And we all could use more effort in planning our food consumption. I hope everything works out for both of you.


    Blogger Kate Anne said ... (12:18 PM, December 01, 2007) : 

    Love salt -- love Gina more. Lemon also helps with saltless stuff, fyi.



    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:59 AM, December 03, 2007) : 

    That must be difficult for you (I remember sitting across from you at lunch as you covered a piece of pizza with a layer of salt)......

    If you must use salt, go with kosher or sea salt. Less sodium per serving than "regular."

    We gave up salt a long time ago due to Bill's health conditions also. You'll get used to it.



    Blogger Sean Santa said ... (3:36 PM, December 03, 2007) : 

    i love calling things abortions too


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