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    Tuesday, November 06, 2007

    miscellaneous musings

    I voted today.  Since I voted absentee last time, this was my first time using the touch screen machines.  I had no trouble with them, and the machine I used created a paper record that I could easily read before I hit the "cast ballot" button.  When I mentioned this was my first time using the new machines, some kid tried to explain how the machine worked, and his explanation was more confusing than me just figuring it out on my own.  They really need to give those guys a script or something. 
    * * *
    Cuyahoga County is now trying to sell the Ameritrust Tower (aka Breuer Tower) instead of tearing it down to build a new county adminstration building.  Fine, fine.  Except that the County paid $22 million for it couple of years ago, and now the minimum bid is $35 million.  What is the extra $13 million for?  They say to cover the county's expenses since buying the building so they'll break even.  Ha, right.  Apart from some asbestos removal, how has all the expensive nonsense of planning to demolish and build a new building added value to thsi real estate?  Supposedly if no one will bid $35 million or better, then they'll go ahead and build the administration building anyway.  Really?  Just because the county got snookered, paid $22 million for an empty skyscraper, and then wasted $13 million on plans that went nowhere, they really think someone will pay $35 million (or more) for it now?  Good luck.  This isn't like raising taxes without a vote, chumps.  You actually have to find a bigger sucker than you all were. 
    * * *
    Ron Paul raised over $4.2 million in 24 hours ... yesterday, on Guy Fawkes Day.  I love it. 

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