Friday, November 30, 2007


Despite repeated trips to the doctors and dealing with the botched abortion that is our health care system, seeking proper medical treatment for the ailments of you and your loved ones still beats the old dirt nap.

We plan on being around for awhile yet. Anne pointed out elsewhere my intentions to live to 70. I still plan on at least that.

The bottom line is Gina has to lay off the salt, and our home cooking now reflects that. It makes me think of Pulp Fiction, when Jules was explaining that his girlfriend is a vegetarian, which pretty much made him a vegetarian. But boy, does he loves the tasty of juicy burger. Me too.

I have to tell you though, a reduced sodium diet is not easy. Not that there aren't decent foods to eat and still remain under the threshold. Just that it eliminates convenience foods, prepared foods, and a lot of dining out.

But we are taking it in stride. I need to go through the cupboards and dispense with the higher sodium foods, especially sauces and certain canned goods. Sure, I can still eat them, but it seems mean to eat them in front of Gina. Also, it does her no good to be hungry and eye the cupboard to find cans of chicken soup.

The last couple of nights we grilled meat with no-salt homemade marinades. A little honey drizzled on the chicken made up for the lack of salt. I could have salted the meat on my plate, but I did not. And I am developing a taste for unsalted butter.

The last of the Canadian bacon sits in the fridge -- I might just freeze it, or if someone wants it, stop over. I think it is dated Dec 3.

Hopefully, this will be a temporary measure. The actions are precautionary, as the diagnosis is uncertain. If we've seemed out of the loop and distant, sorry. But we kinda withdrew and focused on trying to figure out what was going on. And when there was so much we didn't know, it was hard to talk about it. There is still plenty we don't know, but I am confident now that everything is going to be just fine.

But yesterday I had a salt craving, and ended up eating some french fries at lunch. I don't even normally eat fries, but damn.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nissan Altima 2.5 -- a review

With the Saab in for repairs from the collision, I was provided a rental car from the other driver's insurance company.  The rental is a new (1700 miles) black Nissan Altima 2.5.  I am not sure if it is a 2007 or 2008.  I've been tooling around in it since Monday morning, and I must say that if I had to buy a car tomorrow, I'd give the new Altima serious consideration. 
This Altima has the automatic transmission that lets you shift at your option (my old Sebring had this too), and it is also offered in 6 speed manual.   The engine is just a 4cyl, and a V6 is offered, but the 4 is decently powered -- not quite as nimble as my Volvo S40, but no slouch.  Antilock brakes are standard, and there are side curtain airbags.  The car is comfortable, the seats are wide and firm.  The dash and controls are well laid out.  There are many cupholders and compartments, and two different outlets for plugging in the toys. 
The base stereo system has a nice full sound, though I read that a Bose system is also offered.  The base stereo includes a CD player and an auxillary port for an mp3 player.  The Altima comes with keyless ignition standard, and that is pretty sweet.

The backseat offers adequate room.  Even with the front seat all the way back, I could sit behind it alright (and I'm 6'2").  Though the slope of the roof over the backseat made the headroom a little tight for me. 
The car gets great mileage, especially for its size.  And the car just looks good.  Walking up to it in the parking garage parked next to a BMW and a Lexus, I didn't feel like it was out of place. 
The only things I really didn't like about the car: the front door opens so wide that it is hard to reach the handle to pull it closed.  The trunk hinges are rather large -- so be careful when you load up the trunk -- the hinge could swing down and crush whatever is directly underneath it.  And finally -- I've gotten so used to headlights that turn on automatically, I kept forgetting to manually turn on and turn off the headlights.
I'm not going to trade anything in tomorow and buy an Altima, but like I said, if something happened to one of the other cars tomorrow -- I'd give it a serious look.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Tuesday Talkback

Let them moan, I'm talking back.

“I’m a letter carrier for the post office. Most of us would like to skip lunch and go home a half-hour early, but management won’t let us do it. So, instead we sit in our trucks with the engines running for half an hour to run the heat and keep warm. So now you know where your rate increases come from.” — Brook Park

I doubt this person is a letter carrier at all. This person is someone who observes a letter carrier sit in his truck every day for half an hour with the engine running and gets mad about it, and wants to tie it to the price of stamps. The letter carriers have a union if they really want to fight for optional lunch.

“My face always lights up when I hear my grandchildren sing the popular nursery rhyme, ‘The itsy bitsy spider,’ especially since I have taught my children and grandchildren to respect all life forms, to be gentle and kind, and to remember that all living beings, including us, are sharing the same web of life and that when one being is hurt, other beings are affected. When there is so much destruction and cruelty in the world, Regina Brett discusses gory versions of how to kill spiders in graphic detail, not only in a past article, but again in one published on Nov. 15, 2007. Very sad!” — Cleveland

You think what she does to spiders is bad, you should see what she does to cell phones. The woman is ruthless. We can look forward to a whole series of columns about the things that Regina Brett smashes to pass her days.

“My moan is in regards to the ‘Patch Mobiles.’ Does anyone remember them? They were the street repair machines that made temporary repairs that were better, and stronger than the original material. We, of the city of Cleveland, paid for them, yet, our cars are being ruined by the horrible streets. I wish someone would use their brains and get things going in the direction we need.” — Cleveland

I hear "Patch Mobile" and I picture an ice cream truck that rides around the neighborhoods passing out transdermal patches.

“I am tired of health care. It puts a burden on family and employer. Everyone should boycott the industry. Health care is responsible for the problems with Social Security; keeping people alive longer than ever expected just for profit. Why is everyone so afraid of dying? If we are primarily Christians, then we should have no issue with dying. Would you rather go to heaven when God pulls your number or sit in a nursing home soiling yourself while doctors get richer? ‘What would Jesus do?’” — No city

Executive summary: let's boycott the system and die.

As for what Jesus would do, what relevance does that have here? But since you asked, he'd hang from his cross, die, then rise again. Kinda like Dennis Kucinich. But that isn't the basis for a health care plan.

“Since OPEC likes to gouge us for oil, the next time one of those sheiks comes over to the Cleveland Clinic for surgery, tell them the bill just got jacked up by 1,000 percent.” — Streetsboro

Maybe that already happened and the higher oil prices are the result? Whatev. The sheik can go elsewhere for his surgery -- are you going to stop using oil?

Let’s give advertisers a real running shot at Christmas and move Thanksgiving to the 5th of July and see how long it will really, really last.” — Strongsville

HEY, I ALREADY THOUGHT OF THAT. Well, something like that.

“For those who can’t afford cable, being a Cavs’ fan is tough, since three quarters of the games are on cable. Give us a break.” — North Royalton

The Cavs are in it for the money. If you can't even afford cable, they have no use for you.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Symon Says

Local celebrity Iron Chef Michael Symon offers some Thanksgiving Recipes, including one for chorizo stuffing.
I've made sausage stuffing before, but this goes a bit further.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tuesday Talkback -- Thanksgiving Edition

There will be no talking back to the moaners today, since the PD did not upload Monday Moaning to So, instead I will talk about Thanksgiving.

First of all, I love Thankgiving. It is all of the family and food of Christmas without all of the overwrought gift giving.

However, there is no escaping the gift aspect. It would seem as if Thanksgiving is the day we rest and eat in order to shop all day on Black Friday.

Thanksgiving has come to mark the beginning of the Christmas and holiday shopping season. Retailers will have great or lousy years depending on the next few weeks of shopping.

And while I try not to buy too much into all of that, it seems as if there just isn't enough time. Christmas has become such a commercial spectacle, it can hardly be contained within the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Something has to give. And in the spirit of expanding beltlines, perhaps it is time to move Thanksgiving.

There really is no need to stand on principle about this. At Halloween, kids trick-or-treat on whatever arbitrary day their communities assign. Daylight savings changed a couple of years ago to provide us a few extra weeks of daylight. So, why not change Thanksgiving as well?

Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November to be a federal holiday for Thanksgiving. FDR moved it back a week to the fourth Thursday. Canada, meanwhile, celebrates Thanksgiving on the second Thursday of October. The Pilgrims probably celebrated Thanksgiving in the late summer as a harvest celebration. So, really, we can celebrate it any time in the Fall.

Daylight Savings began on November 4 this last year. Maybe we can roll up Halloween, Thanksgiving and Daylight Savings all into one holiday weekend. The kids dress up and beg the neighbors for candy, the adults dress down and beg Walmart for $30 DVD players, and we get an extra hour over the weekend to get it all done.

A modest proposal for these immodest days, when our Christmas spirit is measured by the quantities we consume, and the gadgets we buy and give to each other. Sure, there will be traditionalists who will be appalled. There always are. But commerce, and the almighty dollar, and the bottom line -- these will carry the day. They always do. And someday those of us who try to rise above of the melee of consumption on parade, we will celebrate our Thanksgiving with a golf outing -- while the others are shopping -- because Thanksgiving will be early enough in the season to get a round in before the weather turns. Something for everybody.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Someone In a Tree

It's the fragment, not the day.
It's the pebble, not the stream.
It's the ripple, not the sea
That is happening.

-- Stephen Sondheim, Pacific Overtures

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Violating My Baby

Someone violated my baby yesterday morning.  My Saabcar.  The Vapor Trailer.
The back corner of my Saabcar was clipped on I-90 yesterday morning. 
Morning rush hour, traffic had slowed suddenly to a crawl. A woman in a Jeep tried to switch lanes instead of slowing down behind me.  She didn't quite make it.
I'm ok.  I was a little stiff late in the day, but I feel ok today.
As for the Vapor Trailer, it has a broken taillight, dinged up bumper and passenger side fender, and whole lotta black paint on it from the Jeep.
The woman that hit me was very sorry.  I was not a dick or anything as we exchanged information.  These things happen. 
She wrote her information on the back of her grocery list.  Her list read: spinach, sweet potatoes, steak, avocado.  I think maybe she should make me dinner for my trouble!
So, now both cars need attention.  I made an appointment to fix the brakes on Meatball tomorrow (just in time for winter). And now the Vapor Trailer needs body work before I put her away for the winter.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Wisdom from One Generation Ago

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction."

-- Ronald Reagan

...and here is bonus for you...

"The United States participated actively and effectively in the negotiations of the Convention [Against Torture]. It marks a significant step in the development during this century of international measures against torture and other inhuman treatment or punishment. Ratification of the Convention by the United States will clearly express United States opposition to torture, an abhorrent practice unfortunately still prevalent in the world today."

-- Ronald Reagan, 1988.

Italics mine. Measures against torture AND other inhuman treatment or punishment. It would not seem that Reagan would have minced words about whether waterboarding was banned.

President Reagan signed the Convention Against Torture. The United States Senate ratified the treaty in the early 1990s.

Today we have an Attorney General who could not commit to whether or not waterboarding is torture. And we have a Senate that confirmed him anyway.

And George W. Bush is not fit to so much as eat Reagan's jellybeans.

What times we live in.

Tuesday Talkback

They aren't zombies -- they're moaners. And I'm talking back.

"What a shame parents have to drive their kids trick-or-treating. A street with 60 houses on it, and only two lights lit. Terrible." - Cleveland

"It was really sad to barely see any lights on for Halloween. People are so cheap they can't spend $10 to hand candy out to kids." - Collinwood

I passed out candy this Halloween. I spent about $20 on candy and have about $10 worth left -- note to self to buy only $10 worth next time! Better yet, maybe I'll just pass it out again next year! Haha! Free stale candy for little beggars, many of whom can't be bothered to even wear a costume. As it is, I handed out more and better candy to the kids who actually wore costumes. And every year, I get this kid who says he's got a second bag for a kid who couldn't make it out. Really? Three years in a row now? Right.

"I shed no tears over the Cavaliers' first loss. Maybe LeBron should have worn his lucky Yankees cap." - South Euclid

Yeah, this isn't going away. It was a bad PR move, yes. If only LeBron was involved in real gangsta stuff, like having an entourage full of criminals, maybe a little dog fighting ring, some shootings, some miscellaneous arrests. But no, our star athlete wore the wrong hat.

"With all the concern about global warming and the environment, why don't I see more recycling at the curb on pickup day?" - Brook Park

Because recycling is a complicated issue. Certainly if you use less products, you reduce your effect on the environment. And you don't have to convince me of the virtue of recycling aluminum versus mining for more aluminum. But the acts of transporting, sorting, and processing other recyclables requires energy as surely as incinerating it as garbage or burying it in a landfill. Is it as much energy? Is it more energy? Is it just different energy? There are a lot of conclusory statements out there on the issue with little or no data backing them up.

"I think it's disappointing that the animated version of 'The Ten Commandments' only lasted a week on the screen. Evidently it was too clean for the screen." - Parma

Or maybe it is gone because reviewers found this production to be too inspid and awful for the screen.

"My moan is the post and repost editorial listing in the Plain Dealer. Why would I want to read the overly opinionated and under-informed ideas from people who don't know how to articulate them. This is why we employ professional journalists." - Cleveland Heights

We don't want to read "over opinionated and under-informed ideas from people who don't know how to articulate them?" Then how come Monday Moaning remains a popular feature after all of these years?

"I would like to know why the Bureau of Motor Vehicles sends you a half a sheet of typing paper for your car registration when you have to fold it up and crop it. Why can't they make it smaller?" - Cleveland

What's so hard about folding in half a half sheet of paper and placing it in your glove box? If they made it half the size, the print on it would be half the size.

"A moan for the individual who took the flowers from the spray left at my mother's grave on Wednesday." - No city

Given that these moans seem to be from Halloween week ... Maybe ... it was your mom. Wooooooo!

"Too much fat, too much sugar, too many carbs. Use common sense and eat a little of everything and you will be fine. I'm sorry people don't know how to enjoy a meal without ripping it apart. Just stop it." - Avon Lake

Right. No need to learn anything about nutrition or read food labels. For that matter, there is no reason to learn anything about anything. You don't need any education or training. You just need common sense to get through life. Common idiot.

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Toilet Paper, Part Three

How far has the dollar sunk? This far:

The Jay Z video above -- at the :51 second mark, where he raps about his drug-dealing riches ... the stack of money is EUROs. Not Dollars.

It looks that Jay Z may be making a statement about real money being something other than the devalued dollar.

Read more about it HERE.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

I'm Wireless!

I finally caved and bought a new laptop.  My desktop Dell PC is almost five years old.  Plus with all the commuting I've been doing lately, I needed some computing portability. 
I don't mind saying I went cheap on it.  While my laptop shopping consisted of me walking into the Best Buy at Steelyard Commons last Friday during my lunchbreak and demanding that they bring me to their least expensive laptop (a Compaq Presario for a mere $399) -- it is actually a nice little machine.  Honestly, if I dropped two grand on a laptop, I'd be terrified of something happening to it.  At $399 it is almost, well, disposable.  Which really all laptops are, whether we'd like to admit it or not.
Earlier this week I picked up a wireless router and last night I got it up and running.  I enjoyed surfing the net on my coffee table in front of the TV.  I have yet to see if I can sit in the backyard or the screen porch or the basement and get on the net, but I don't see why I wouldn't be able to. 
I switched over to Cavtel for my internet about a month ago.  While the connection was a little touchy at first, it was working flawlessly with the new router.  And the new "cheap" PC surfs so much faster than my old desktop.  I suspect I'll be using the big old computer a lot less, even with its multiple hard drives, etc. 

Yes, I did put security on my wireless network.  The neighbors will not be surfing on my connection.  Likewise my laptop picked up on three other networks in the area, all secured. 
Best of all, with Gina's work and mine, we don't have to jockey over the internet connection now.  (At least not in our Cleveland home...guess I need to pick up one more router for our Cbus home...)

consensus and leadership

"Consensus is the absence of leadership."
-- Margaret Thatcher

The Writers Write

Looks like the striking writers took a break from their picket lines to write this one thing.

I am not going to make any calls, but this seems a little more effective than cheering how the execs are drinking their coffee without cream because the Teamsters Union driver driving the milk truck wouldn't cross their picket line to deliver half and half -- which I caught the audio of on NPR the other morning.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Toilet Paper, Part Two

Here is another way of looking at how increasingly worthless our money is ...
Let's say you started a new job on January 1, 2003 and you were going to be paid $50,000 annually for your salary.
On January 1, 2003, one US dollar purchased not quite a whole Euro.  It purchased .95260 of a Euro.
So, when you agreed to be paid $50,000 on January 1, 2003, you were agreeing to be paid, in Euros (as of the exchange rate on that same day), €47,630 annually.
And let's suppose you got a modest 5% raise every year, as of the first of the year. 
So, by January 1, 2007, you were making $60,775 annually.
But over that same time, the value of the dollar in the world currency markets has also dropped considerably. 
Today, November 7, 2007, one US dollar purchases .6890 of a Euro.
So that $60,775 salary you get paid in American dollars, even after four annual raises, is now worth €41,874. 
That's a reduction by over 12%!  And I haven't even accounted for inflation or other variables.  Just the exchange rate.
Why did I pick January 2003?  Only because that's when I started my present job.  I chose $50,000 not because it was my salary then, but because it seemed like a nice round number.
But let's have some real fun.  George W. Bush took office in January 20, 2001.  On that date, one US dollar purchased 1.07030 Euro.  So, if you were making $50,000 a year the day Bush swore to defend the Constitution (ha), in Euros you were making €53,515. 
Then suppose you got 5% raises every year.  Today you make $67,004 ... or €46,166 -- a reduction of almost 14% since 2001.  
And I don't remember, and I don't want to look up right now, just how little gasoline cost back in 2001.  Or natural gas for heating our homes.  Or how much less health care cost back then.  Or college tuition.  Or a new Ford Explorer. 
source for historic exchange rates:

Why Buy Toilet Paper?

...When we have American dollars in our wallets?

Here is an article from October 29 about the record high the Canadian Dollar set against the American Dollar.

The article states:

The loonie was quoted at $1.0501 US in mid-afternoon trading, up more than a full cent from Friday's close.

It later slipped back to close at $1.0496, up 1.03 cents US.

That leaves the Canadian dollar a little more than one cent away from its postwar high of $1.0614 US, set in August 1957.

But look at the exchange rate TODAY. As of this moment, it is up to: 1.07648

This breaks the record postwar high referenced above. Or in other words, this is the most worthless our money has been compared to the Canadian Dollar since before World War II.

Also this week, the Euro is setting record highs against the American dollar. Is it any wonder that Gisele Bundchen rejects US dollars in favor of Euros for her fees?

Oil soared to a record $98.62 per barrel in the last week. Gold is at $841.75/oz -- which is more than double what it was five years ago, more than triple what it was ten years ago, and now exceeds the price of when gold soared back in the inflationary and recessionary late 1970s. Take a look at these charts and see for yourself.

And don't even get me started on the subprime mortgage market and the foreclosure crisis.

And what is President Bush doing about this? He's too busy "keeping us safe" by torturing people. His supporters write things like: "Waterboarding is something of which every American should be proud." I can't make these things up! Check it out HERE.

People who've said that Bush is worse than Nixon haven't gone nearly far enough. Bush has Nixon's honesty, Carter's acumen for the financial markets, and Pol Pot's waterboard.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Chuck Schumer: Waterboy for a Waterboarding Adminstration

Mukasey was approved by Senators Schumer and Feinstein, and the Senate Judiciary Committee in an 11-8 vote -- even though Mukasey refused to commit as to whether or not waterboarding is torture. Remember that DEMOCRATS make up the majority of that committee.

Schumer and Feinstein are spineless and pathetic. Mukasey is the best we can do? Instead they should have said: Mr. President, if this is your best, your best won't do. And we'd rather leave the AG position vacant (or make you make a recess appointment) than put our seal of approval on this nonsense.

The apologists cry that of course Mukasey could not go on the record and say that waterboarding is torture -- because that would mean Mukasey would be implicating members of this administration for their criminal conduct. Which is exactly why the Senate Judiciary Committee should not have relented. And that is why these Democrats/pussies have once again pissed away a golden opportunity to do the right thing and put this administration in a box (or a cell).

Chuck Schumer, with your vote, you are now the waterboy of a waterboarding administration. You too, Diane Feinstein -- you are the watergirl, or maybe you can just mop up the floor of the torture chamber.

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In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act.

-- George Orwell

Heroes -- an Explanation

I now understand why this season of Heroes sucks so much.
With all of the time travel, it is obvious now what happened.
The writers went on strike only yesterday ... but somehow with all the time shifting, obviously all the episodes of Heroes were written by scabs during the strike, then Hiro and/or Peter traveled through time and delivered these episodes to NBC a couple of months ago, and they've been playing them ever since.  I bet it was Peter -- he can't remember anything, and who could blame him for wanting to forget this season?
Yeah, I'm still watching it anyway.  If only out of hopes that they bring it all together in some fanastic way, just like last time.  No wait, that isn't what happened last time.  Damn, this writers strike has really sent some ripples through the timeline.
Maybe the 93% of the world's population being lost is actually self-referential to the show's declining ratings?


It is that time of the football season again.  The time when the good guys with the orange helmets travel down the turnpike to Pennsylvania's answer to West Virginia.  Any Stillrs who are looking for the Week One Browns to show up will not recognize the team that actually arrives.  The high octane Pats-style of offense is here. 

miscellaneous musings

I voted today.  Since I voted absentee last time, this was my first time using the touch screen machines.  I had no trouble with them, and the machine I used created a paper record that I could easily read before I hit the "cast ballot" button.  When I mentioned this was my first time using the new machines, some kid tried to explain how the machine worked, and his explanation was more confusing than me just figuring it out on my own.  They really need to give those guys a script or something. 
* * *
Cuyahoga County is now trying to sell the Ameritrust Tower (aka Breuer Tower) instead of tearing it down to build a new county adminstration building.  Fine, fine.  Except that the County paid $22 million for it couple of years ago, and now the minimum bid is $35 million.  What is the extra $13 million for?  They say to cover the county's expenses since buying the building so they'll break even.  Ha, right.  Apart from some asbestos removal, how has all the expensive nonsense of planning to demolish and build a new building added value to thsi real estate?  Supposedly if no one will bid $35 million or better, then they'll go ahead and build the administration building anyway.  Really?  Just because the county got snookered, paid $22 million for an empty skyscraper, and then wasted $13 million on plans that went nowhere, they really think someone will pay $35 million (or more) for it now?  Good luck.  This isn't like raising taxes without a vote, chumps.  You actually have to find a bigger sucker than you all were. 
* * *
Ron Paul raised over $4.2 million in 24 hours ... yesterday, on Guy Fawkes Day.  I love it. 

Tuesday Talkback

Moaning yesterday, talkback today.

"Why do adults have to use the F-word in every other sentence when they are on the public walking trail in the Cleveland Metroparks? So much for enjoying nature and the peace and tranquility of a gorgeous fall day in the park! And then we wonder where the kids get this language from." -- Garfield Heights

Nature is nasty and brutish. If these adults were getting back to nature, they wouldn't be merely saying the "F-word" in the park, they'd be doing it. And guess what, the kids are doing it too, and they aren't getting it from watching the adults in the park.

"Why do new moms send mass e- mails with pictures of their babies at every milestone? I get them from people I barely know. We don't want those; send them to grandma." -- Willoughby Hills

What's not to love about baby's first bowel movement? Lighten up! I'm waiting for photos of baby's first drug bust and baby's first teenage pregnancy, so precious!

"I think I've seen every Seinfeld' ep isode at least 20 times on Channel 8. It's time for new programming." -- Cleveland Heights

No, it's time for you to find something to do with your life besides sit in front of the TV all day and night.

"Want more space downtown? Tear down that stupid-looking Rock Hall of Fame. The inductees don't even show up." -- Strongsville

Not true! Walking down East Ninth just the other day, I saw Keith Richards! As I walked by, he asked me for fifty cents.

"Who would even think of showing up on the scene of a neighborhood dispute armed with bricks? What is wrong with people? That is just plain uncivilized! Bricks should be used for construction purposes, not for throwing at living beings or inanimate objects. Use your brain, act like the human beings we are." -- Garfield Heights

Perhaps these people were acting like the human beings they are. More civilized human being would bring more civilized weapons, agreed.

"How come the bicyclists do not obey the traffic laws like the cars have to? They go through red lights and stop signs." -- Garfield Heights

Bicyclists are supposed to obey traffic laws just like other vehicles. Between brick wielding neighbors and renegade bicyclists, Garfield Heights sure sounds like the old West.


Monday, November 05, 2007

Frito Bandito

The Frito Bandito is on the loose, and he was last seen driving a Buick. 

Remember, Remember the Fifth of November

Happy Guy Fawkes Day.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Opposition Research

We just signed a young Steeler DB, fresh off the waivers. 
Who cares if he can play -- tell us all about Tomlin's playbook, kid.
I love it!  GO BROWNS!

Another One Bites the Dust

Another conservative switches parties.  This time, a blogger

Lots of great snarky comments.  Also, amusing were the posts that followed -- he's still getting his sealegs, being a new Democrat and all -- defending Hillary and even Kucinich