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    Tuesday, October 23, 2007

    Porcupine Tree: Cleveland 10/22/07 Set List

    Gina stuck around an extra day and we went to the Porcupine Tree show at Cleveland's House of Blues. MDC met us there, and he brought Andy along for his first show. The usual gang of Haves, George, Annette and Joe were there. I met Pete from Joyrides for Shut Ins, sporting a tshirt. And we were in for an extra special show -- especially for the encore.

    What Happens Now?
    Fear of a Blank Planet
    Sound of Muzak
    Nil Recurring
    Open Car
    Dark Matter
    Cheating the Polygraph
    A Smart Kid
    Way Out of Here
    Sleep Together

    The Sky Moves Sideways (!!!!!!)
    Even Less

    I was stunned by the encore. The Sky Moves Sideways -- if they played it any of the previous gigs, it escaped my attention. Indeed, Steven Wilson came out by himself and said "we have something really special for you" -- and he played much of it by himself -- the rest of the band (less Wes) walked out partway through, and then jammed along for the rest of the song. When they finished, Steven Wilson said "thank you -- we got through it." Wes came out then for the rest of the encore.

    The show was energetic and nearly flawless. Even Less was a bit rough. Wilson struck a wrong note in the guitar intro. And in the quiet part right before the verse starts, there were a couple of extra beats. Gina and MDC saw Gavin Harrison look up from the drums, nod to signal a new downbeat, and they were all back on -- just like that. MDC said later that the way they all jumped right back together and saved the song was even more impressive to him than the otherwise flawless play in the other pieces. I have to agree.

    3 opened for them again. I really didn't like 3 the first time I heard them, but they weren't so bad this time. They turned down the volume a little so it wasn't quite the aural bludgeoning it was last time. Their songs have all these interesting little bits to them, but it seemed like every song was a patchwork of interesting bits that might not actually constitute coherent pieces of music. I did admire their energy and the enthusiasm with which they played.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:44 PM, November 27, 2007) : 

    Hey, wow thats a really sweet set list. I really hope they play Piano Lessons or Blackest Eyes that would be awsome. Im seeing them on the 12 of December in Glasgow. Hope its as good as it sounds, I can't wait, there amazing.


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