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    Sunday, October 28, 2007

    Low Def and Dum

    The Browns versus the Rams is on TV. And while I've been coveting an HD TV to replace the once fancy Sony Wega in my living room, the game is NOT in HD. Again. This is at least the third Browns game that CBS has not broadcast in High Def this season. The third that I've noticed, even though I don't have HDTV, so it probably isn't the third, but a number higher than that.

    It is pathetic that CBS is showing any NFL games in anything other than HD. It is pathetic that the NFL is allowing it. And I think it is a bit insulting that the Browns don't merit HD coverage.

    At the same time, I'm glad I didn't bother buying an HDTV just yet. One of the biggest reasons I want HDTV is for watching sports and the Browns in particular. If they aren't going to show all the Browns games in High Def, then I might as well wait to buy my HDTV until they do.

    Besides, a better picture does NOT improve the play. Letting the Rams score two touchdowns in the first two drives -- while the Browns go three-and-out in between -- looks awful in any resolution.

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