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    Thursday, September 27, 2007

    Unduly Harsh, Isn't It?

    PD columnist Phillip Morris criticizes the bleakness of the African-American garden among the cultural gardens along Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive.

    I've noticed this garden before, and it is a bit spartan, but not more so than most of the others.

    Most of the cultural gardens are, for lack of a better term, underdeveloped. Sure, some of them have a little landscaping or a statue or two, but most of them look unremarkable as you drive by. The Chinese garden is exceptional, but that is one of the few that comes to mind.

    I think the who cultural garden concept has been, for the most part, neglected by the various ethnicities that are represented there. I'll admit, I don't know who exactly is responsible for each garden. But overall, I think they are underutilized. And for Mr. Morris to be critical of the African American garden, when it doesn't seem any more underappreciated than the rest of the gardens, seems a little harsh. Really, they all could use attention. It isn't as if there are all these lush gardens and then you get to the African American garden and it is barren. No, most of them are pretty underwhelming.

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    Anonymous chad said ... (8:09 PM, September 27, 2007) : 

    There are various non-prof groups and associattions that keep up each garde. I've worked on a couple. The itatlians have a pretty big association and donors, but the rest don't. there was talk about the cultural gardens being designated a national park (which i'm in favor of) whic would open quite a bit of funding and protect them from now until who knows. If you ever have a chance drive down east boulevard to see the gardens on the east side and you might be surprised with what you see. They are nothing like they used to be though.


    Anonymous chad said ... (8:10 PM, September 27, 2007) : 

    i shouldn;t type half in the bag.....

    at least i got th ew ord verification right


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