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    Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    The Brady Quinn Debate

    The chorus sung in Cleveland is that we don't want to turn Brady Quinn into Tim Couch by starting him too soon and beating the crap out of him.  A fair point, yes.
    But look at Frye, Anderson and Dorsey, and then look again at Quinn.  Who gives the Browns the best chance of winning?  It is fine to say we are building toward this or that, but at the end of the day, we want to win football games.  And we should start the QB who gives us the best shot at winning, whether he was the starter last year, once the starter in San Fran, or the rookie.  
    Do the Browns have the luxury of letting Quinn sit?  What is he going to learn watching these chumps play that he wouldn't learn better by taking the field?
    Playing Couch over Ty Detmer was controversial.  But can you honestly say that Frye/Anderson/Dorsey are better -- or even as good -- as Ty Detmer?
    Cinci sat Carson Palmer for a year, but they had Jon Kitna.  San Diego sat Philip Rivers, but they had Drew Brees.  If Frye or Anderson or Dorsey had shown any sign of running this offense competently, I wouldn't suggest it otherwise -- but with two preseason games down and two to go, the Browns had better be giving serious consideration to starting the kid.  And that means giving the kid reps in practice with the first team in order to better evaluate that.

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    Blogger James said ... (9:57 AM, August 24, 2007) : 

    I picked up Madden 08 this week and have been playing it. I took the Browns a a franchise. Here is what I did:
    Started Frye and sat Quinn for the first 9 weeks. By that point I was 2-6. Then I put Frye on the block and traded him to the Raiders in return for a 1st round pick the next year (yeah I am surprised by that too).
    Then I started Quinn, who lost one game because the defense gave up a 50 yard pass to the Rams with 0 seconds on the clock. The second game he won by one point to the Seahawks because they fumbled in field goal range and could have won. The best that game Quinn was sacked 4 times. The last time he was hit he threw for a TD, but he was knocked out of the game with a severe concussion FOR THE SEASON! So now he was out and Anderson was the starting QB.
    The rest of the year was horrid.

    This second season I had a #3 and a #5 pick in the first round. Went with a Tackle and a WR (steal of the draft). Resigned Lewis to one more year. And now I am 2-0 with Quinn at Starter. Here comes the best part.

    THis week I played the Raiders who have Frye as the starter. The browns intercepted him 6 times and caused him to fumble 3 times. Glad we got rid of him.

    I know this does not reflect on real life, but Cleveland Browns...I am available to coach!


    Blogger Audient said ... (3:13 PM, August 24, 2007) : 

    That's pretty fuckin sweet! Are you playing Madden on the Wii? Dammit I want Madden 08.


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