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    Monday, July 02, 2007


    I helped Gina and Krista throw a surprise birthday party for Kat, which was great, I think.  Unfortunately, once I grilled and ate I was ready to fall asleep, and I spent most of the rest of the party half asleep or asleep.  Half drunk or drunk would be bad enough, but half asleep or asleep is somehow more rude, I think.  And if anyone thought I was being rude, I really didn't mean it -- it was nothing anyone else did or said.  The body was shutting down, despite my efforts.  I know Andy thought it was his conversation, but no, it really was just me.  Thanks to everyone for coming, and for bringing fine things to share to eat and drink, and for surprising Kat -- I think she really was surprised! 
    Next time we have people over, I'll try not to do that.  I think I'll have a pot of coffee ready just to help me fight it, if I find myself slipping away.

    Comments on "Zzzzzz"


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (3:28 PM, July 02, 2007) : 

    Great feast and great company. Thanks for helping us out, babe.

    We should have an iced coffee drink themed party.


    Blogger Brian Kornell said ... (3:40 PM, July 02, 2007) : 

    We had a great time. Good food. Good friends. Although an iced coffee drink themed party might be fun too.


    Blogger anne said ... (8:31 AM, July 03, 2007) : 

    That's just what we need. Kristen on MORE caffeine.

    'Twas a great party as usual.


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