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    Wednesday, June 20, 2007

    Why HELLO Mayor Bloomberg!

    Today's most interesting political development is the decision of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to shed his GOP party affiliation. No big whoop, he shed his Democratic party affiliation and adopted the GOP label only to run for mayor anyway.

    Aides to Bloomberg have been encouraging speculation that he may jump into the 2008 presidential race as an independent. The billionaire can bankroll it himself, if he so chooses.

    The speculation is already all over the web. The safe response is to say he can't win, that no third party candidate has ever won the presidency. Even Ross Perot, for all of his bluster in 1992 and 1996, never won a single state in the electoral college.

    But what happens if the Democrats nominate Clinton and the Republicans nominate Guiliani, and Bloomberg jumps in? Who wins New York then?

    And really, I don't have to know much about Bloomberg to know that he ain't the other two. Granted, "I'm not him" did not work for John Kerry. Can "I'm not them" work for Michael Bloomberg?



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    Blogger Christine said ... (8:08 AM, June 23, 2007) : 

    i like bloomberg - which is odd because i don't like anybody - and i might consider voting for him if he ran. (i might consider voting for rudy, too, actually....)

    the only thing about bloomberg is that i'm not sure whether he "gets" the rest of the country - there was a flap a while back about the dept. of homeland security diverting funds from NYC to elsewhere in "the heartland", and bloomberg made what i thought was a fairly ignorant comment to the effect of "don't they know that manhattan is more important/vulnerable than cows and cornfields?" sorry, mike, but cows and cornfields are where *food* comes from, you know....


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