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    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    Dan Chaon, Sportswriter

    Gina just shared with me this article from the Post by local author, Dan Chaon.
    Beautifully written as always.  It ran on the 10th -- back when it still looked as if the Cavs had a chance.
    But then I see my son and his friends, avidly reading stats and comparing notes on players, all of them wearing that T-shirt with the Cav's Psalm-like motto: "Rise Up!" All of them waiting ardently, eagerly -- as if their hearts can never be broken.
    But Dan, we are in Cleveland.  And while, I, like you, live here because I choose to live here, not because I have to -- I will tell you -- that heartbreak over sports is just part of growing up in Cleveland.  Having our hopes dashed, our hearts swollen with passion, only to have them torn out and stomped on.  Whether it be by a toothy quarterback from a mountain state, or the player that inspired LeBron to wear the number 23, or be it by one of our own -- throwing it all away at the goal line or in the ninth inning of game seven. 
    Indeed, I was your son's age when John Elway orchestrated The Drive.  Till the day I die I will never forget that.  And know that whatever happens in this series, for the rest of his life, your son will remember this moment.  Amazing, isn't it?

    Comments on "Dan Chaon, Sportswriter"


    Blogger anne said ... (9:53 AM, June 14, 2007) : 

    I don't think I can watch the game tonight. I just can't. Even if they win, it will just be a longer heartbreak.

    Maybe next year. Maybe.


    Blogger Kristen said ... (10:04 AM, June 14, 2007) : 

    If you aren't watching the game, may I direct you to the SYTYCD results show on FOX?


    Blogger Audient said ... (10:10 AM, June 14, 2007) : 

    SYTYCD? Show Your Tits, You Country Diva? This is FAUX, after all.


    Blogger anne said ... (12:56 PM, June 14, 2007) : 

    So You Think You Can Dance. It's only the best reality show ever, Michael. Geez.

    Kristen: Um, duh. Of course I'm gonna watch that. On DVR, since I'll be in class.

    I know it's not going to happen b/c the judges are in love with her, but I cannot STAND Jesse. She's arrogant and condescending.


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (1:47 PM, June 14, 2007) : 

    I enjoyed the melancholy tone of Dan's article. I like the image of him hearing the commotion from his study and coming downstairs to see what the fuss is about.


    Blogger Brian Kornell said ... (4:49 PM, June 14, 2007) : 

    I enjoyed this article alot. I also like the bit melancholy in the article and how it's about so much more than sports.

    "All of them waiting ardently, eagerly -- as if their hearts can never be broken."

    Love that!


    Blogger anne said ... (4:59 PM, June 14, 2007) : 

    Oh stop beating off you two. Yes, he's a great writer, we get it. ;>


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