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    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    This Is Cleveland

    Last night the Cavs came home to play the Nets.  The Cavs lead the series 3-1, and a win last night would have advanced them to the conference championship series.  But this is Cleveland, so our star can barely hit a shot in the final quarter and ends up limping off the court with a minute left to play while the Cavs lose. 
    It is going to take 7 games, and I won't predict the winner.
    * * *
    For the last two nights I have dreamed of pythons.  Last night I dreamed that the python attacked me.  That it wrapped itself around me, trying to squeeze the life out of me.  I could feel myself suffocating and losing strength.  I then beat the python when I took the wallpaper scraper (one I was using over the weekend in real life) and sliced up its head.  Yeah, in my dream I killed the snake with a wallpaper scraper. 
    * * *
    Tomorrow is the PT show.  Scene wrote a short article that appeared in the print edition, but isn't online.  I thought the headline was unfortunate, but the article was decent.  Ran a picture of the band too.  I am happy to see them get the exposure.
    * * *
    I have a couple pairs of socks that look black next to blue pants, and look blue next to black pants.  I hate that.
    * * *
    Andy Rooney has always been an old man and he is also a dirty old man.  I caught him at the end of 60 Minutes last Sunday -- he was showing off footage of how his look has changed over the years.  Even in the 70s he looked like an old man.  Then he showed archival footage of Diane Sawyer and Leslie Stahl and compared their various looks to how they look today, and concluded they look better than ever.  Wow.  Way to sexually harass your female colleagues on live television.  Ya old coot.
    * * *
    So, in the last Heroes, how did Sylar know where to encounter the truck that was transporting Ted to prison?  Also, why is he a two-dimensional character again?  They finally gave him some depth with the episode with his mother, and where he comes to believe that his fate will be to blow up half of NYC.  But now he's back to being one-track evil killing machine.  "Boom" -- yeah, whatever.  And anyone think that Linderman used that kid to fix any other elections?  I bet Diebold didn't count on that.

    Comments on "This Is Cleveland"


    Blogger Kristen said ... (8:48 AM, May 17, 2007) : 

    I was surprised Linderman was killed, and frankly disappointed. He could have brought more to the show. I'm glad DL got it though. I'm guessing Sylar used his supersonic hearing to find out where Ted was going - he was there when they sent Ted off in chains saying he was going to Gitmo. Anyone else having a problem with the Claire/Peter sexual tension thing. It makes me squirmy.


    Blogger Audient said ... (9:10 AM, May 17, 2007) : 

    Did Peter ever meet Linderman to absorb his power? I don't recall a meeting... which is too bad.

    Even if Sylar heard Ted get told he was going to Gitmo, that wouldn't exactly let Sylar know what roads they were taking to go to whereever they would be processing him.

    The Claire/Peter dirty niece/uncle thing is squirmy, but it doesn't bother me too much. It isn't like she grew up with him as family. I think it honestly reflects that disconnect. That and that he did save her life.


    Blogger James said ... (9:24 AM, May 17, 2007) : 

    I thought originally that they were going to hook up and then I realized that she was only 15 or 16. Now that they are related, they keep with the same vibe and I also get a little freaked out by that. I am hoping that they end the series next year and dont go too far into this story - it will be canceled like all the others! (Jerico and Drive).


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (9:33 AM, May 17, 2007) : 

    I'm still confused about the van thing too. How did Sylar know they would be on that particular road?

    Sometimes the dialogue in Heroes is squirmy.

    Yeah, "made him an offer he couldn't refuse" is TOTALLY original.


    Blogger Kat said ... (9:56 AM, May 17, 2007) : 

    I have some insight on your python confrontation:

    To see a python in your dream, represents danger, sin, and overt sexuality (eek). Alternatively, it may symbolize your determination.

    To see a python suffocate and kill its prey, suggests that you are feeling emotionally stressed and anxious.

    So youre prolly just stressed. How do you feel about all that?!?


    Blogger Audient said ... (10:09 AM, May 17, 2007) : 

    But because I kill the python, does this symbolize my will to conquer the stress? At one point, the python put my hand in its mouth, seemingly intent on swallowing me. Which is how I was able to get it to head with the blade in my other hand.


    Blogger anne said ... (10:34 AM, May 17, 2007) : 

    The Peter/Claire thing seems more to me like a connection of two sort of orphans. Much more innocent than you pervs believe.

    I'm not entirely sure Linderman is dead. If he can heal and he's not dead immediately, couldn't he heal himself? Sort of like Claire, but only if he's still alive.

    Sylar could have followed the feds when they carted Ted off. He's got all kinds of powers, so I'm not surprised he found the van.


    Blogger MrsTito said ... (11:12 AM, May 17, 2007) : 

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks Heroes is basic (in a superhero sort of a way) and perhaps Kristen and Audient like to make stuff up to make it seem much more interesting than it actually is : )

    That's why I work with numbers and don't write fiction! I'm too logical...


    Blogger Audient said ... (11:38 AM, May 17, 2007) : 

    I felt the same way about Linderman's death. I don't quite believe that he is really dead. Or that there isn't some way to bring him back. That's why I wondered if Peter had ever met him. Also, if Linderman is dead, would Nathan still follow through with Linderman's plan?

    I also don't get how the Niki/Jessica schizophrenia is supposed to constitute some sort of super power. Ok, she is a totally ruthless kickass fighter as Niki, but still, someone who is schizo and kicks ass when she is her alternate personality doesn't make her that unique, does it?

    One of the things I do like about Heroes is the ambiguity about whose side you are supposed to be on.

    I think the snake was more like a boa or an anaconda, since it was so large.


    Blogger anne said ... (12:50 PM, May 17, 2007) : 

    I agree about Niki/Jessica, except that Jessica is superpower strong. She threw Linderman across the room into the wall. That's not normal.

    It may be too late for Nathan to stop Linderman's plan even if he wanted to.


    Blogger Kat said ... (3:32 PM, May 17, 2007) : 

    I think New York is over...(sorry jamie). I don't see how anyone can stop it! And maybe NY HAS to go to actually save the world.

    But wait, youre right bro, if Linderman is really dead, Nathan wouldn't necesarily have to follow through. Hhhmmm.....

    I found this on boa constrictors in dreams, "To see a boa constrictor in your dream, suggests that you are feeling suffocated or restricted in some personal relationship. Alternatively, it represents repressed sexual urges or hidden enjoyment of sex."


    Blogger Audient said ... (5:01 PM, May 17, 2007) : 

    thanks, Kat. That analysis is soooo much better!


    Blogger Kat said ... (5:22 PM, May 17, 2007) : 

    Lmao!!!! I can barely type!!


    Blogger gomezfive said ... (12:39 AM, May 18, 2007) : 

    linderman's dead as dead can be. dl snatched out the back of his brain. the same part where the drs suresh surmise where the genetic mutations in brain are located. pituitary i think? could be wrong on the physiology. but its roughly the same spot where clare and peter got impaled and couldnt come back until the object was removed...and the same spot where peter asks clare to cap him if he goes atomic by ted.


    Blogger anne said ... (9:15 AM, May 18, 2007) : 

    Ray! Awesome theory! I never put that together! And I didn't notice that DL actually removed part of Linderman's brain.


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