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    Saturday, May 19, 2007

    Porcupine Tree Set List -- 5/18/07 House of Blues - Cleveland

    Fear of a Blank Planet
    My Ashes
    Way Out of Here
    Sleep Together

    (5 minute break)

    Lightbulb Sun
    Open Car
    Gravity Eyelids
    Drown with Me
    Blackest Eyes
    Half Light

    Mother and Child Divided

    YES -- they played the whole FoaBP from beginning to end as the opening set. And I loved how John Wesley covered the Alex Lifeson solo (his own take on it -- true to the spirit of Alex's solo, but Wes made it his own.) Also, Wes sang the lead on the choruses of My Ashes and Way Out of Here, as well as the "bipolar disorder" part on FoaBP. Steven Wilson played some keyboard as well as the guitar -- especially on Sentimental.

    More later, including photos before the show at Flannery's.

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    Comments on "Porcupine Tree Set List -- 5/18/07 House of Blues - Cleveland"


    Blogger melcarrel said ... (2:40 PM, May 20, 2007) : 

    we had a great time! Hope we can get together again soon!


    Blogger Annette said ... (11:06 PM, May 20, 2007) : 

    Thanks for writing the setlist, Mike! It's the one time in a long time I didn't write it down....

    Was lovely to see you again and to meet your lady as well. :D


    Blogger Scott said ... (9:25 PM, May 31, 2007) : 

    Saw them in Toronto on 5/28/07 and they played the exact same setlist.
    Awesome show!!


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:40 PM, June 04, 2007) : 

    Saw them in Grand Rapids, MI. on 5/31...same songs...different order. They played the entire new album, but mixed the other songs in. Added Even Less to the encore. It was a GREAT show!!!


    Blogger Ballistic said ... (4:42 PM, September 30, 2007) : 

    Seeing them on Oct 29 and simply can't wait. I hope they play something from NR, which i bet they will, and i think i very well might just wet myself if they play Trains as the closer to the main set.


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