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    Thursday, May 31, 2007

    On the Road

    Today on my way in to work I took the scenic route -- meaning I drove up MLK through the Cultural Gardens to 90 and took 90 into the city. 
    When I got onto 90, there was a huge motorcade of police cars from all different jurisdictions (including places I'd never heard of), light bars flashing, riding in procession.  Presumably to Avon.  I could not count how many there were.  I tried, but I couldn't keep count.
    I didn't know the officer that was murdered in the line of duty in the Heights.  But I know Anne, and she knew him.  And I thought of the family and friends he left behind.  And I thought about the restraint the other officers must have had in not killing the sick excuse for a man that shot him on the scene.  I heard he made a circus of his own arraignment, appearing without (and refusing) counsel, spouting off outlandish nonsense that surely will be used later to demonstrate his mental unfitness.  
    It is at a time like this that what I normally would call justice seems grossly inadequate.  There is nothing that can be done that brings back Jason West

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    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (2:10 PM, May 31, 2007) : 

    When Anne told me about Jason West, I kept thinking about his family and friends hearing the news. I thought about his family and friends learning how he died.

    The justice system had many chances to get West's murderer off the streets. In one instance, he wasn't picked up for a year after being a no show at a sentencing for some other crime. They waited a year to pick him up.

    When I read about the murderer's arraignment, I thought about how his behavior was leaing up to an insanity defense.


    Blogger anne said ... (10:08 AM, June 01, 2007) : 

    Thank you Audient.

    The outpouring of support for Jason's family was incredible. There was a line of officers 3 deep that stretched for half a mile yesterday in the 88 degree heat in full dress. There were residents of Altamont Avenue and Cleveland Heights at the wake. There were hundreds of classmates, friends, co-workers and concerned people in Avon on Wednesday and Thursday.

    The man who did this...well, I try to be a peaceful forgiving person, but I want very bad things to happen to him.


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