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    Thursday, May 03, 2007


    Here is a map of the area touted as "Cleveland+."
    Here is the main site of this pro-regionalism campaign.
    I love that something is finally being done to market the region as a whole.
    But looking at that map... there is a part of me that would be just as happy to see these counties be their own state.  The old Connecticut Western Reserve extended a little further west, and not as far south.  But still.  The Cleveland+ campaign recognizes that the fortunes of these counties are tied together, and as such, have embraced the idea.  What is good for Cleveland, good for Akron, good for Canton, good for Lorain, good for Warren, good for Ashtabula, good for Youngstown, good for Medina, good for Ashland, good for Mentor -- is good for us all.
    So let's take it a step further.  Most of these lands were once part of Connecticut.  We could call it West Connecticut.  Yeah, I know the Connecticut river is nowhere near here.  What sounds better: Cleveland, Ohio?  Or Cleveland, West Connecticut?  OK, it is a mouthful.  And it sounds a little like West Virginia.  And it would abbreviate to WC -- like water closet.
    Yeah, I just like causing trouble.  And giving the ax to the deadweight.  And by deadweight, I mean the other 75 counties in Ohio.  More than a third of Ohio's population resides in this part of the state, a little over four million people.  That's roughly the same number of people in North Carolina.  And eight times the people who live in Wyoming.  We'd get to keep our two senators, since they both live here.  And numbnuts in the statehouse can fight over what's left of Ohio, which I gotta tell you ain't all that.

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