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    Tuesday, April 17, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback

    Moan, talk back, repeat.

    "Why in the world are there reserved close up parking spots for expectant mothers?" - No city

    Marketing. Pandering. Whatever you want to call it. I'd like to see parking for exporant mothers -- mothers so mad they spit.

    "Seems as though there is too much 'breaking news' on the programs. Why, if we are to get a few inches of snow, is it breaking news?" - Avon

    News people justifying their own existence. Tis all it is.

    "I just read in Saturday's PD that 'gas prices went up on Friday even though commodity markets were closed for Good Friday.' Imagine that. They always say that the prices go up because the cost of oil raised or refineries are not running, but that did not happen, did it? Maybe, just maybe, the prices went up because it is the weekend, when the price always goes up. Can someone say conspiracy?" - Granger Township

    Prices going up when demand goes up is not a conspiracy. It is called the law of supply and demand. I think I learned it in second grade.

    "Ever wonder why yours and my water and sewer rates go up and up and up? If so, answer this: How many Water Department workers are needed to repair a line? Apparently two to three times as many as that needed if a private contractor does the job! Of course, if one works, another two or three supervise on site and two or more sit in the truck. One can understand how three turn into six with three times the charges. Pathetic." - Parma

    I assume the workers are paid every day, regardless of whether a repair is needed. I would also not be surprised if regulations require that additional workers by on standby at the scene in case of an emergency. If the repair goes wrong and your neighborhood floods while additional workers are being trucked in (or better yet, while they go put it out for private bid), I can't imagine what you'd have to say, except that it wouldn't be just about the dollar amount the water.

    "To the woman that's been running the lost-cat ad since Thanksgiving: Maybe you haven't noticed, but a gray-striped cat looks like every other gray-striped cat on the planet." - Streetsboro

    You probably think all Chinese people look alike too.

    "Terry Jordan said that AP 'teachers rarely received extra planning breaks or other perks.' Oh, the two weeks at Christmas, the week at Easter and the approximately 12 weeks in the summer weren't enough? I could plan the hell out of a class with that much time." - No city

    Instead of talking about it, why don't you do it? You missed the point. All teachers get that.

    "Why doesn't the I-X Center or Brook Park put better signs on the freeway before the traffic light at Eastland and Cargo road so attendees know there are two lanes into the I-X Center?" - No city

    So that fools like you can sit in the slow lane, while the enlightened can zip up in the second lane and get right in.

    "Jeers to the person who was driving north on Green Road, a two-lane section with orange line between South Woodland and Fairmount Boulevard last Thursday around 3:15 p.m. You are rude and an idiot to think that you could go around two cars, a County MR/DD school bus with its lights flashing waiting for the individual who is wheelchair-bound to be lowered by the driver, and the roads were wet and slippery. You are mental!" - Cleveland Heights

    Sad that you would reference the short bus and who it is for, then namecall someone as mental.

    "My Monday moaning is directed to the many drivers who do not use their auto lights when driving in weather conditions, such as we are currently having, or in rain." - Westlake

    How about the drivers you hear coming instead?

    "No thanks to the idiot ordering corrosive salt be spread onto the Jacobs seats. Salt will trickle, and like on all steel items, shorten structure life to a third of expected. Duh!" - Parma

    And what do you suppose the life on the Jake is anyway? It opened in 1994. With the weather we've had, I'm surprised we haven't already heard quiet talk that we need to plan to build a new retractable roof facility. Wait till the Jake reaches about 20 years old or so, and the talk that it is a tired and obsolete facility will begin. And the guy pouring the salt is helping make that a reality sooner, you watch.

    "Has it ever occurred to any of the global-warming zealots that if it hadn't been for global warming, the Great Lakes and Canada would still be under two miles of ice? Global warming ended the Ice Age 10,000 years ago, and there wasn't a single car or factory around to blame it on." - Strongsville

    The Earth has undergone climate change throughout its history, but the evidence strongly suggests that the increase of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere from combustion and industrial sources is directly affecting the climate. Instead of conjecturing, look at the evidence. Just the other day, two people I know argued at length over the capital gains tax -- specifically, when can the tax be avoided. But instead of looking it up, they argued over it for an hour, as if argument would somehow yield the truth -- when looking at the IRS code and regulations would have actually led to the answers they were looking for. Pointing out the lack of any cars or factories at the time of the last ice age is not helpful or conclusive, and does nothing to prove or disprove whether cars or factories today are a factor in climate change. Yet this is what passes off as "critical thinking" these days.


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