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    Tuesday, April 10, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback

    When PD readers moan, I talk back.

    "To the young mother who left her car running with the win dows rolled down with a crying infant in the back seat while she was in the convenience store on Lorain Road. You are an idiot! I was parked right next to you! Again, you are an idiot!" - Fairview Park

    I would like to thank that young mother for not bringing the crying infant into the store where it would disturb everybody, and commend her for remembering not to leave the windows up so that the little brat would not bake inside the car.

    "What gives restaurants the right to add a tip to credit card purchases after you leave a cash tip for the server? Tired of getting my money back!" - Olmsted Township

    When I leave a cash tip, I write "cash" on the tip line. I've never had a problem.

    "Has anyone else noticed that week after week the Monday Moaning column is longer than the Thankful Thursday column? We've all got our problems, and some of them are serious. But most of the time life is pretty good, isn't it? Let's see if more of us can't remember to share our moments of gratitude. I'll do my part by submitting something to Thankful Thursday at least monthly. Care to join me?" - Shaker Heights

    Not really. If you want to try doing something to better the community, try shoveling a little snow.

    "So now the U.S. Supreme Court is the omnipotent scientific end-all. Maybe next they'll hold a meteor or comet in contempt of court." - Streetsboro

    No, the court's decision last week stated that a government agency cannot refuse to follow a clear statutory command from Congress -- specifically, the Environmental Protection Agency cannot ignore the Clean Air Act and sit on its hands on global warming. It either has to take steps to fight global warming, or make a determination that greenhouse gases do not contribute to global warming. It can't just do nothing, which is what they've been doing since 2001. Because really, what's the point of having an EPA otherwise?

    "What a nice surprise in our water bill. They now have a customer service charge. For what? To read our meter and the cost is $7. Hey, PUCO, what gives? Let us read it, and we will e-mail you the reading, then send you our bill." - Parma

    They're reading out in Parma now. And they have Internets.

    "If Mike Tyson is supposed to be so bad and thinks he is so tough, why does he have bodyguards?" - Parma

    To protect you from him.

    "Instead of increasing postal rates again, why not deliver only Monday, Wednesday and Friday? This would increase service at the local post office, cut gas consumption in half, reduce wear and tear on vehicles by one half and decrease pollution. This common-sense approach might result in a post office rate reduction." - North Ridgeville

    BAD IDEA, unless you are looking to wreck commerce. Lots of businesses rely on mail during the business week. FedEx, UPS and the other private services deliver five days a week because there is a market for it. Likewise, they don't deliver on Saturday, or only with an additional charge. And there is your answer. The post office should end Saturday delivery, which will require an act of Congress, as Congress mandated delivery six days a week long ago. Eliminating Saturday delivery would mean a less overtime hours for mail carriers. Postal employees generally rotate a day off midweek while another employee is brought in just to cover deliveries on that off day. That floating employee comes in and delivers a different route every day while the regular carrier for that route is off. Eliminate Saturday delivery, and carriers can just take Saturday off, and no one has to be hired to cover the route.

    "Bring back the smokers and ban cell phones. These people are the rudest, the most obnoxious people on the planet." - Parma

    You know, if you start jabbering at them while they are on the phone, they will run away. Try it. It's fun!

    "Wake up, America. Pet food companies buy cheap ingredients in China, then turn around and have us pay through the nose for pet supplies." - Brooklyn

    It's called making a profit. Can you imagine how cheap and nasty that wheat must be if it is cheaper to import it than to use our own?

    "Don't complain that Hoover is sending all those jobs to another place to have stuff done. You brought it upon yourself, you workers, by just demanding too much money, too many benefits, so the company couldn't make a profit. Don't ask for more than they can pay." - Parma

    And the acquisition and reacquisiton of Hoover among global players had nothing to do with it, nor the acquisition of Hoover by a company that already owned Dirt Devil.

    "To the Cleveland Hopkins Airport employee who mocked my daughter's flowing tears as she wished her husband farewell on his way to Iraq." - Pierpont

    Is that what she told you? I understand they were gawking as she gave him his last BJ while waiting in line at TSA. Not that I'm judging -- it's for the troops!


    Comments on "Tuesday Talkback"


    Blogger Kate Anne said ... (7:02 AM, April 13, 2007) : 

    What, there's a Thankful Thursday? Are you missing out on Friday blog material?

    The cash write-in on the tip line also tips the waitstaff off to LOOK for a tip that an unscrupulous bus person might try pocketing.

    The pet food comment is an apt one. I've stopped feeding my cats wet food until I can find something that won't poison them. They are not so happy but they are alive.

    The mail-less Saturday is a good idea. We should stay on that one.

    I still can't understand the last moan. Was the person toasting the rude airport employee? (We will ignore your response, tut tut!)


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