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    Monday, April 02, 2007

    The Browns Respond, Losers

    Well, I got my response from the Browns to my email...

    Unfortunately, we do not buy PSLs back, nor can we assist in getting a buyer for you. I can give you some hints on how you might go about finding someone...

  • contact any guests who may have used your tickets to see if they have any interest
  • if you know any ticket holders in your area, contact them to see if they have any families or friends trying to get seats nearby
  • place an ad in the classifieds of the paper
  • some people have placed them in online auctions
  • see if any of the places you frequent will allow you to post a notice, places that are trafficked such as work, restaurants, bars, banks, health clubs, barber shops, stores, etc...
  • Also keep in mind you may be able to find someone to just buy the tickets for this year, while you maintain the PSLs.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


    Mike Patton

    Senior Manager, Season Ticketing

    Cleveland Browns

    I have not responded to this email. I do take exception to the phrase "nor can we assist in getting a buyer for you." The correct word here is "will," not "can." Every Browns PSL ever sold was sold at least once by the Browns. People who fail to renew their season tickets forfeit their PSLs to the Browns, and then the Browns resell them. So, the Browns do sell PSLs -- they just choose to stick it to the season ticket holder.

    The Browns really ought to take some responsibility. I would have no trouble selling these PSLs if the Browns fielded a competitive team. Since 1999, the Browns have made just one playoff appearance and had just one season over .500:

    1999: 2-14
    2000: 3-13
    2001: 7-9
    2002: 9-7 (plus 0-1 in the playoffs)
    2003: 5-11
    2004: 4-12
    2005: 6-10
    2006: 4-12

    Total: 40-88 in the regular season, or .455, since 1999.

    The Browns are 19-45, or .422, since their last playoff appearance.

    By the way, that last playoff appearance ... the Browns went 3-5 at home that year, and backed into the playoffs when the Jets knocked out the Pats.

    It bears repeating: the Browns have not fielded a competitive team. And if they did, I wouldn't have any trouble selling these PSLs.

    And while I may sound like a Monday Moaner when I say the Browns should take some responsibility, allow me to offer my own Tuesday Talkback: why should they take responsibility? They've managed to sell a stadium full of PSLs (most, but not all seats have PSLs), and by their rules, if we fail to renew our tickets, we lose our PSLs and get nothing in return. So why should they do anything? What incentive do they have to improve the team when they've rigged it so we have to buy the tickets or lose our investment? It is all well and good to say that we can sell the PSLs privately -- as long as someone wants them.

    But the fact is, this team is not the Browns of Paul Brown, or even the Browns we grew up with in the 80s. This is a bunch of losers wearing the colors of a team that hasn't won the championship since five years before man landed on the moon, since the year Barry Goldwater ran for president, since the year the Beatles first appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show. And if you disagree and dare tell me this team doesn't suck, then write me a check for $1000 and buy my PSLs.


    Comments on "The Browns Respond, Losers"


    Anonymous Peter said ... (9:25 PM, April 03, 2007) : 

    You are 100% dead-on accurate. The Browns are a sad excuse for a team.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:27 AM, April 04, 2007) : 

    Just a quick correction on your winning percentages.

    At 40-88, the Browns actually have a winning pct. of .313.

    At 19-45, the pct. is actually .297.

    Other than that, you're dead on. The Browns have failed us and fleeced us in so many ways since 1999.

    Fans are beginning to realize that this franchise is the Arizona Cardinals of the Midwest. So depressing.


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