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    Tuesday, March 27, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback

    The more they moan, the more I talk back.

    "With warm weather soon to arrive, the peace and quiet of winter will be shredded by loud motorcycles on our streets. It seems there are no legal limits on how loud these vehicles can be, or else the police are not enforcing the law. After all, it's not as if these loud bikes are hard to find." - Willoughby

    Oh, summertime brings out all the worst things. Children playing in the streets, insects, and motorcycles. And people wearing too little clothing needing to cover up. And finally, all these things combined into one glorious display of bad taste. With a plastic American flag on top, made in China, of course.

    "I gave Christmas presents to my mailman and snowplow man and haven't seen either one of them since." - Lyndhurst

    Fruitcake will do that. I understand that neither of them have been more than 20 feet from the bathroom since Christmas. Thanks to you.

    "With the melting of the snow, it's so nice to see all the litter The Plain Dealer delivery guy has left behind this winter." - North Olmsted

    Next time give him a fruitcake for Christmas.

    "I was sickened by the sight of all of those dead butterflies in The PD on Thursday. How can Connie Hurt kill so much beauty? And she says she likes butterflies so much? That's like selling fur coats and professing to love animals." - Cleveland

    No, it really isn't. Ms. Hurt catches butterflies for museums and for educational purposes. And for collectors, yes. How can Connie Hurt kill so much beauty? With a kill jar.

    "I can't seem to shake that sad feeling when I didn't receive a 'Happy St. Patrick's Day' greeting from the front page of my Plain Dealer on March 17. Where's the love?" - North Royalton

    Maybe they are saving it for April Fools Day, fool.

    "The names of concealed-carry permit holders are printed every month, but we cannot see who are the habitual drunk drivers amongst us. Who puts the public at greater risk and causes more deaths?" - LaGrange Township

    I guess you've never noticed those yellow and red license plates. Guns, when used as intended, kill. Alcohol and automobiles, when used as intended, do not.

    "To the reader from Medina, who blasted the American 'idiots' who drive foreign cars: First, if you are not a Native American Indian, then you are made with 'foreign' parts yourself, aren't you? Second, there is no such thing anymore as a 100 percent American car. The Big Three American auto companies buy and install parts made in other countries, and they even have assembly plants outside the U.S. Chrysler Corp. is owned by Daimler Benz. How American is that? Most of the merchandise we buy in America is not made in America. Do you know where those cute little car magnets that say 'Support our Troops' and 'Buy American' are made? Check the labels. They are all made in China or other Asian nations. The global economy is here to stay. Get used to it. American products have an enormous market in foreign countries too." - Twinsburg

    Silly American, you were made with foreign parts. Yer mother works on an assembly line.

    "I recently attended the Smucker's Stars on Ice on March 16 at the Quicken. Patrons who have loges need to learn manners. If you wanted to watch a basketball game on TV, why didn't you just stay home? Your TV, loud voices and screaming children affected people seated up to 10 rows below your loge trying to see and hear the skaters, the music and enjoy the moment. Your rude behavior spoiled the show for many people seated in section 106. I paid a great deal of money to take my sister to this show to help celebrate her 85th birthday. Shame on you for almost spoiling this night for her and myself. Just because you can afford a loge, doesn't mean you can be rude and boorish to the rest of the people that have come to the event. Again I say: 'Shame on you!' Thanks for letting me get this off my chest." - South Euclid

    Instead of letting some loud idiot ruin your night, you should have alerted an usher. Sitting there suffering, and doing nothing about it, that is your fault. Doesn't excuse the boorish behavior behavior behind you, but don't act like you couldn't have done anything about it.

    "My moan is with the bearded public speakers. The deaf and hard of hearing cannot read their messages." - North Olmsted

    ????? I think this means... the deaf have a hard time reading their lips? I have a beard. Does this mean I am insensitive to the deaf? I never thought of it like that. Depending on where they are speaking, wouldn't there be sign language interpreters? I know a couple of you who read the Talkback know sign language ... what do you say?

    "My moan is every parent's moan who has a child that rides a bus to and from school. When the lights flash yellow, slow down, they're going to turn red soon. If you see a parent and children at a corner, you can pretty much guarantee it must be a bus stop. You don't just ignore all of the above and keep driving at the same amount of speed and wave at the bus driver as you pass by. If it was the other way around, you'd be the one yelling the loudest. It may be early but you have to follow the law!" - Olmsted Falls

    If I see a parent and child standing at a corner, I figure someone is getting pimped out. This is the difference between Olmsted Falls and Cleveland.

    "I am paying over $50 monthly for cable, yet there is not one uninterrupted or commercial-free movie channel. When I first allowed myself to be talked into signing up, there were two such channels (AMC and Independent Films) in addition to WOR (Mets, Knicks) and a Canadian Station (Expos, etc.), all for under $12 per month." - Cleveland Heights

    It doesn't matter how much you pay -- you aren't going to see the Expos any more.

    "Shame on Sam Fulwood. In his column he referred to his wife as 'the wife.' What happened to 'my wife' or just calling her by name. I thought 'the wife' went out with the term 'the little woman.' Clearly Mr. Fulwood needs to wake up and smell the Millennium." - South Euclid

    Is there really a Sam Fulwood? Or is there just a random phrase generator that spits out columns for the PD? Just tweak the variables for different bylines. Add coffee talk for Regina Brett, add Geritol for Feagler, add banality for Fulwood.

    "I could share our president and vice president's conviction of this war in Iraq, if their daughters would volunteer for many tours of duty to serve or die or get crippled for their country in Baghdad. It is easy for them to send other Americans into harm's way." - Aurora

    Oh, this is so tired. I can't believe there are people who aren't supporting the war that would suddenly support if only the president's children went.

    "Why is it that I can spend five days in New York City and not be bothered once by panhandlers, but when I'm on Lorain Avenue between West 131st and Berea Road, I get hit up for money and cigarettes four times in 20 minutes?" - Parma

    Well, it all depends on where you are. Not just the city, but where in the city you are. I've been to New York City plenty of times, and I've been hit up by panhandlers there -- but only in certain parts of the city. You probably never went to the part of New York City that is the equivilent of Lorain Ave near West 131st and Berea Road. And when tourists come to Cleveland, they don't go there either.


    Comments on "Tuesday Talkback"


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (8:37 AM, March 27, 2007) : 

    That motorcycle moan reminds me of a scene in a movie we saw this weekend.

    I like Fulwood watch on the Cleveland Scene blog.


    Blogger Kristen said ... (10:18 AM, March 27, 2007) : 

    Did you guys go see Wild Hogs this weekend?


    Blogger jessica said ... (11:39 AM, March 27, 2007) : 

    you have a beard?


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (12:26 PM, March 27, 2007) : 

    nope. it was bronx tale on amc.


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