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    Tuesday, March 06, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback

    Every Monday, they PD readers phone in and moan. Every Tuesday, I blog and talk back.

    "The mayor closes a police station be cause Cleveland is now smaller, but keeps the size of City Council the same." - Cleveland

    It isn't up to the Mayor to decide the size of city council.

    "I'm calling about the drivers who honk at the elderly people walking in the street because of the snow and ice. If an elderly person falls on the sidewalk, he could get seriously hurt. Have respect for the elderly." - Cleveland

    And if an elderly person falls in the street...? Are they "daring you to hit them with your car"? (Wait for it.)

    "I feel so much better knowing that the big news of last Monday's paper was that Al Sharpton's great-grandfather was a slave to Strom Thurmond's great-great-grandfather. I know this is going to make me sleep much better." - Lakewood

    I found the use of the surprise twist ending to be a welcome addition to Black History Month.

    "Why can't or won't RTA drivers come to a stop without slamming on the breaks. People who are standing are nearly thrown to the floor. If you say anything to the bus driver, you are libel to get a very snide remark." - Westlake

    It is good to know that all the people at the PD who work on this feature understand what "libel" is. When they get promoted, this could prove to be especially entertaining.

    "When I go to a restaurant with another person, or with my husband and another couple, the waitress should ask if we want separate checks. If she does not ask, she does not get a tip. Not that we are cheap, just that it's much easier for all of us all the way around if she asks." - No city

    Let me ask you this. When it comes time to place your order, do you have your waitress guess what you want to eat? No? Well, if you can tell your waitress that you want a patty melt with hash browns instead of fries, then you can tell her that you want separate checks.

    "I was notified via telephone that Barack Obama would be in town. I'm a 57-year-old man, and I didn't know that you had to go online to get the free tickets. I guess I'm a little bit old-fashioned and things are done a little differently these days." - Shaker Heights

    If you think going online to get tickets is scary, just wait till the next time you try to vote.

    "I was one of the 17,000 people who spent an evening with Joel Osteen. It was really like a church service. It was out of place to see people come in with their popcorn, nachos and beverages. People need to have more common sense and consideration." - Cleveland

    Uhhhh, Joel Osteen and his traveling mega-church show appeared at the Quicken Loans Arena -- and you wonder why there were nachos and popcorn? Just like all other Q events? I should hope there was also beer!

    "Why should I clean off my side walks when the kids in my neighborhood don't use them. Spring, summer, fall they walk in the middle of the street, disrupting traffic and daring you to hit them with your car. No thank you." - Garfield Heights

    Ohhhh, there we go. Kids who walk in the street are daring you to hit them, while the elderly who walk in the street, we are supposed to respect them. I have trouble keeping all of the straight. How am I supposed to tell when I am running someone over just how old they are, especially this time of year when everyone is all bundled up?

    "I am so tired of traffic lights that are supposed to be vehicle-actuated but are malfunctioning and no one will fix them. I'm also tired of seeing Cleveland police officers going through these red lights because they don't feel like waiting for them to turn green. Right through the red light - no siren, no lights, no nothing. If John Q. Public has to stop for these lights, then police cars should, too. And don't tell me that they're on a 'call' because after they run the light, they aren't going any faster than they were before they went through the light. Disgusting!" - Parma

    I've never seen a Cleveland Police car run a red light without flashing its lights first, but it wouldn't surprise me. Nothing would surprise me about the Cleveland Police anymore except if someone were to finally crack down on them.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ <--- this means the below moans didn't make the paper, and are bonus moans available exclusively on -- and if a 57 year old from Shaker can't figure out how to go online to get Obama tickets....

    "In stores, why do people try to push their way through a group of people like Earnest Byner going for a touchdown instead of using their head and moving to another aisle? In some cases, I have been standing less than an inch from a wall and people have been trying to get though the gap between me and the wall. I'm in my 80s and see no reason to move for someone a quarter of my age, even if they do say, 'Excuse me.' " - Lorain

    If someone is crashing down the aisle like Earnest Byner, that means he'll probably drop a loaf of bread right before reaching the check out. But maybe they are in that aisle because that aisle has the groceries they need too. Ever think of that? Tell me -- when you are driving your Buick down the street, do you ever wonder why the honking line of traffic building up behind you just didn't take another road instead?

    "It's hard to understand why citizens and Congress subsidize bloated government and educational programs and agencies yet allow the manufacturing sector - the engine that drives the economy - to collapse. We should be building factories instead of stadiums. We waste the taxes taken in and farm out the manufacturing needed to generate taxes. What are they thinking?" - North Ridgeville

    If the manufacturing sector needs to be propped up by the government then NEWSFLASH it isn't the engine that drives the economy.

    "The Cuyahoga Falls Y has large windows so neighbors get to see their patrons exercising all day long. It would be nice if we could see someone clearing the snow from the public sidewalks around the Y. Every winter, they leave their sidewalks snow-covered and that's not very neighborly." - Cuyahoga Falls

    On next year's YMCA winter class schedule: spinning meets twice a week, yoga meets three times a week, shoveling meets as needed. Riiiiight.

    "I'm so sick of hearing about the Gravelles' bad parenting. What about the agency that allowed them to foster too many kids, especially with special needs? My sister had to jump through hoops to adopt a child. Isn't that agency to blame in the first place?" - North Olmsted

    In the first place? No! When an individual commits a crime, he is to blame in the first place. Not the government. Not that someone didn't screw the pooch here, allowing this to develop and happen. But you can see it, can't you? One couple, willing to take all these kids that no one else wants? Amazing there wasn't a whole barn out back.


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