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    Tuesday, February 27, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback

    Moan all you want, I will still talk back.

    "It was very obvious that we were experiencing a snowstorm Tuesday and Wednesday, as many of us have lived through several. Was it really necessary for Channel 5 to treat it like a national disaster with their nonstop newscast? Please stop sensationalizing news or you're sure to lose loyal viewers such as myself!" - Munson Township

    Hack TV meteorologists love a big storm, because they finally get to be center stage, justifying all their equipment. Even though they scream like Chicken Little most of the time, let them have their day in the sun. Er, snow.

    "Mail carriers should not be expected to deliver to houses or businesses where the steps, sidewalks and driveways have not been cleared. I am not a postal employee. I'm 75 years old, and my walkways are clear!" - Parma

    They aren't and they don't. But the post office heightened everyone's expectations when it carved this into the Central Post Office in New York City: “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” Mere puffery.

    "My Monday moan is to all these great Americans driving foreign cars with these 'Support our troops' and 'God bless America' ribbons and 'Proud to be Americans.' " - North Olmsted

    Putting one of those silly ribbons on your car, foreign or domestic, does not make you a great American.

    "My moan is about the neighbor on my street who puts his garbage out on the curb every week between 8 and 9 a.m. the day before garbage pickup, even though the ordinance states you aren't supposed to put it on the curb until after 5 p.m. the night before. And this guy doesn't work and comes and goes all day long! On windy days, his garbage blows all over the street. What is it with these lamebrains who think rules apply to everyone but them?" - Brook Park

    And what is it with lamebrains who call into Monday Moaning instead of calling the city and having someone sent out to cite the guy if he is violating a local ordinance?

    "I am not a restaurant server and never was. Tipping servers is a fact of life. They make a lousy hourly wage and they run their butts off. They may not save lives like hospital workers, but I am going to tip well the server who asks me if they can refill my coffee after I put in a hard day at work especially if they are friendly. This is a respectable job. If you can't tip properly, then give the Northeast Ohio servers the best tip of all: Stay home and cook and clean up after yourself." - Parma

    Yada, yad, yada. Three weeks of this now... can we move on to something else?

    "Recent events, President Ford's funeral with no mail delivery for three days and the snowstorm with no mail delivery show there is no need for everyday mail delivery. The post office should go to every-other-day delivery. This will allow a cut in their work force, thus eliminating the need for an increase in postal rates." - Brunswick

    That is a terrible idea. Maybe this moron doesn't get anything worthwhile in the mail. But besides generally disrupting delivery, how would it save money? Assume there would be just as much mail -- just that carriers would have to deliver twice as much of it. Maybe that doesn't seem like much when you are talking one or two houses, but think about how much more mail that is for an entire route. And do you think they would get paid less of working harder and longer every other day instead of six days a week? There are a number of thing that the government does pretty well, and delivering the mail is one of them. Why screw that up to try to save 2 cents?

    "I wish that the state of Ohio would pass a law that would require all property owners to remove snow from their sidewalks and not just from their driveways and parking lots. It doesn't make sense that people (including children, the mail carrier and people who walk their dogs) have to either struggle through high snow on the sidewalks or put themselves in danger by walking in the street with cars." - Euclid

    As a property owner, I already pay too much in taxes to be told yet again how to manage my affairs for the benefit of other people. If the state or the city wants my sidewalk clear, let them come by and clear it. They put the sidewalk there, they can clear the snow off it. And if they stop plowing the road in front of my house, you bet I won't be out there shoveling that either. And, I might add, where I live the city does clear my sidewalk. Good to know where the money goes.

    "When you come to the deli counter in the grocery store, please read the sign and take a number and know what you want when your number is called. Also, no cell phones by the deli counter. It is rude." - North Royalton

    Deli people do this to themselves when they sometimes use the numbers and sometimes don't. I hate it when they aren't using the numbers, then suddenly they switch back to it while you're standing there. So I always take a number even if they aren't using them. Let them call out dozens of numbers that were torn off earlier in the day.

    "To the people with snowplow companies who sweet-talk everyone and are so nice when the leaves are still green and contracts are being signed and deposits given, then when it snows heavy (what a surprise) they complainabout how impatient we are because our driveways are unplowed at 6:30 p.m.,and we can't drive up them, and they offer excuses about traffic and unusual weather. Right. Maybe if they weren't so greedy and didn't take on so many customers, or started out earlier, they wouldn't be dealing with so many complaints. When they say they'll be out when there is two inches of snow, it doesn't mean on their front porch! And a double moan to those who ignore the older folks because they think they shouldn't be going out in the weather in the first place." - Mayfield Heights

    I agree with most of that -- but I don't know of any plow driver who saves for last the homes that older folks live in due to not wanting their menacing Buicks out on the street during snowy weather -- but that sounds like a good idea to me.

    "Cars idling forever at a traffic light at Ames and Day drives in Parma while no cars exit the car wash are adding to the pollution problem. Either remove that light (there is another one just a few feet away) or install a motion sensor." - Parma Heights

    Pollution problem? You are adding to the pollution problem whenever you drive your car, regardless of whether you are sitting at a light a few extra moments. Just say it is wasting your time and you don't like it. Next week, this guy will say the traffic light is causing global warming.

    "We were both appalled and repulsed by the front page spot (Sunday, Feb. 18) for the article 'Pursuing perfection.' Such trash should not have warranted any space in The Plain Dealer. Shame on you for running this kind of garbage in a family paper. This type of journalism is tabloid junk. Many co-workers felt the same way. We do have to say your image has certainly been tarnished by this type of reporting." - Bay Village and Cleveland

    I don't remember what this article was about. I am sure I was too distracted by all the bra ads.

    "Regarding the four-hour backup on I-90 caused by a cement truck: In cases like this, why not close entrance ramps to the freeway until the situation is eased, instead of letting more and more cars become stuck?" – Cleveland

    Because that would make sense. And we have learned this month that Mayor Frank Jackson doesn't give a shit about commuters. Because if he did, he would not have changed the snow removal plan for the city. In the storm of February 13-14, instead of getting the main roads of Cleveland cleared first, Jackson made them merely "passable" -- a single lane -- and then pulled the plows to work on side streets.

    This is the same guy who told us all to stay home and not come downtown. Good enough. But come the next day, when the main city streets were still merely passable -- this was a huge headache for commuters -- you know -- those of us who work in the city and, by virtue of that work, pay taxes to this city -- even if we live elsewhere.

    I drove down Carnegie at 10pm on February 15, and the underpass just east of East 55th street was still just one lane in each direction, with the rest of the lanes covered in piled up snow. Nevermind that just a few years ago, Carnegie was SIX lanes, reduced to four under Queen Jane, and now effectively only two lanes under the quiet-as-a-mouse Frank Jackson.

    If the mayor doesn't want businesses to stay downtown, just keep it up. Just keep up not plowing the streets, keep hitting us with those red light cameras, keep an undermanned and abusive police force harassing us over nonsense and absent when we really need them -- directing traffic to evacuate downtown during a storm.

    Rockside and 77, the 271 Corridor -- all you suburbs with your business parks -- watch and gloat. Can the region survive without a center? Can the metropolitan area be a donut of thriving business and commerse that surrounds an unwelcoming and inhospitable void? I think we'll be finding out.


    Comments on "Tuesday Talkback"


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (9:36 AM, February 27, 2007) : 

    1. "This will allow a cut in their work force, thus eliminating the need for an increase in postal rates."


    2. "And, I might add, where I live the city does clear my sidewalk. Good to know where the money goes."

    They actually cleared the grass instead.

    I wonder if the pursuing perfection article was the one about vag rejuvenation.


    Anonymous audient said ... (9:57 AM, February 27, 2007) : 

    1. They'd probably have to increase postal rates more just to spend the money to make the changeover to every other day service, which frankly, would suck.

    2. I almost mentioned that. The city of University Heights plowed a path in the treelawn next to the sidewalk, rather than the sidewalk itself. The snow got so deep, they couldn't tell where the sidewalk actually was -- and I couldn't tell either till the snow started to melt and the grass appeared in the plowed out area.

    3. Now that you mention it, yes, that article was about the vaginal surgery. I found it to be informative and appropriately handled. People who are mad at the paper for reporting on it perhaps are already pretty tight in another oriface.


    Blogger Kristen said ... (11:44 AM, February 27, 2007) : 

    I agree the government shouldn't be telling you what to do with your own property, but really no one should have to tell someone to clear their sidewalks, its common courtesy. When I was growing up we had to shovel the walks or you could get a fine. You're lucky the city clears the walks where you live, they don't in my neighborhood and I live next door to the snow plows and snow blowers for the city. A bit ironic really.


    Blogger Audient said ... (12:40 PM, February 27, 2007) : 

    You can call it luck, but I assure you I am paying for it. And that said, I don't mind paying for it, because here I am getting a clear and obvious benefit for the high taxes I pay in my community.

    I also love how on trash day, we don't take our bags to the curb. That is unsightly. We just leave them out back next to the garage, and the city rides up our driveways and carts them off in a Cushman with a bin on the back. It is pretty sweet.


    Blogger anne said ... (4:09 PM, February 27, 2007) : 

    Whoa. The garbage men come UP your driveway to your garage?? That's tax dollars at work, my friend. I've never heard of that.

    I am torn. I agree with your comment about freedom to do what you want with your property. However, I also agree that sidewalks should be cleared. I don't know how that should/could/would be enforced, but I do know that a 6 foot mountain of snow plowed from an apartment driveway blocked the CH city workers from clearing Mayfield's sidewalk, and I spent the past 2 weeks walking around it. And that sucked.


    Blogger jessica said ... (9:22 PM, February 28, 2007) : 

    as someone who works at 77/rockside, i can tell you there is no gloating... ever drive rockside between the hours of 7:30 am and 7:30 pm? it's not pretty, friend. i spend large portions of my day downtown and can still drive, park, and arrive wherever i need to be in the time it takes to go one or two lights on rockside.

    the benefit, though, is i get to laugh at the people southbound, stuck in traffic, every evening.

    anyhoo, i was actually stuck on 90 eastbound from the truck accident. i had a lovely tour of the ghetto (higher pitched-the ghet-to) then called chad to give me the alternative route. you don't need the mayor when you have a chad.


    Blogger James said ... (8:50 AM, March 01, 2007) : 

    You were on FIRE with this post, or maybe it was all those crack pipes on fire knowing that cleveland will soon belong to them again!


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