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    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback

    The Monday Moaners were out in force -- and now it is time to talk back. Certified 100% Anna Nicole free.

    "Co-workers that talk too much. Do you really think I want the boss to see you sitting on my desk for 20 minutes at a time all through the day? Just because you don't have any work doesn't mean that I don't, and, then both of us end up getting more projects from the boss, when I had enough to do in the first place." - Independence

    No one can take advantage of you without your consent. If you really were busy, you could have told Chatty Charley to go away. Or tell him to get instant messenger. Then it looks like you are working, all busy typing away. Better yet, urge him to get messenger, then block him whenever he logs in.

    "Tiger Woods usually gets the headline no matter how far down in the pack he finishes. Give the credit to the winner, for cryin' out loud!" - Avon

    Tiger is the best golfer today, and he may be the best that ever was. Therefore, it is news no matter where he finishes. Accept it.

    "When are auto manufacturers going to start installing turn signals? On the other hand, could it be that 98 percent of drivers these days are just too lazy and inconsiderate to use them." - Berlin Heights

    Oh, how clever you are! That, or Berlin Heights is 98% Buick drivers.

    "To the high intellect that feels it needed to jog Drake Road, roadside at 6 a.m. in the dark in zero-degree weather opposed to the sidewalk." - Strongsville

    Jogging on the sidewalk in the dark is stupid, especially when it is icy out. Here's to the high intellect that can't share the road with a simple jogger.

    "Moan to all the weather forecasters and news anchors. You are contributing to the decline of this area economically. After hearing you folks on TV, what business would want to come here or expand here? It's winter, quit whining, get over it." - Strongsville

    Oh sure, blame messengers. Perhaps it is the news anchors fault that we are still in Iraq too. Must be -- they keep talking about it.

    "Why do the news people always tell what is going to be on the 11 p.m. news, when most people have to go to bed before 11 p.m.? They all do it." - No city

    Most people? HAVE to go to bed before 11? Only if most people are still in elementary school.

    "Where is global warming when you need it? Brrrrr!" - Wickliffe

    Dumbass. Where is evolution when we need it?

    "I'm getting ticked off at all these people who think no one knows how to tip. Who says we have to tip you at all? That's your job to serve people in restaurants. If you don't like it, you can go out and get a real job where you have to work to make your money." - Parma

    Seems like all these people who think that no one knows how to tip just got their moans validated by one jerk out in Parma.

    "When I was a kid, the only time I saw a woman with a tattoo was at a side show." - Willoughby

    Me too. I miss the Circus and Sideshow. Talk about some tattoos. And piercings. And strength, to hang from a pole like that.

    "Who wants to buy food where someone is trying on shoes or clothes? If the discount stores, like Kmart, Kohl's, Target or Wal-Mart would sell department store wares, maybe the grocery chains would survive." - Broadview Heights

    What is inherently wrong with buying food where people in close proximity are trying on a pair of shoes? Were you trying to sniff the cheese, and you got a whiff of some sweatsock? No, I bet you work at a grocery store. And it seems like grocery stores are always pushing kitchen gadgets and the like which are better-priced at Target too, so maybe you should knock that off first.

    "Dirty minds see dirty things. Prince was one of the best halftime shows I've ever seen for a Super Bowl and I'm 65." - Strongsville

    If Prince wanted to show us his johnson, he would have. He wouldn't have been coy.

    "So North Olmsted finally passed a school levy! Is that because I, a single homeowner with no children, did not receive any notification of when and where to go vote for this special election? I've gotten them every other time." - North Olmsted

    I too am a single homeowner, but I know when the elections are, I know where my polling place is, and still a good goddamn about the kids even though I don't have any. Perhaps your taxes shouldn't go to defense or homeland security either -- you should just agree to shoot any terrorist who steps onto your lawn.


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    Blogger Carmen said ... (11:32 PM, February 13, 2007) : 

    I'm not reading if it has nothing to do with Anna Nicole. I'll be back when you can tell me the the baby's daddy is.


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