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    Tuesday, February 06, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback

    The schools may be closed, but it is never too cold to moan or talk back.

    "Jeers to CBS for canceling 'Armed & Famous.' It showed the difficulty any person would have adjusting to and performing police work, one of the most demanding, difficult, thankless and dangerous jobs around. It portrayed police in a positive light. I guess 'good cop' doesn't sell, but 'bad cop' does." - West Salem

    Not the difficulty of just any person becoming a cop, but celebrities becoming cops. Face it, if we really wanted to see Erik Estrada running around with a gun, CHiPs would still be on.

    "Real men don't wear earrings in both ears, period." - Streetsboro

    What is this, 1985? You want to cry about how you knew George Michael was gay because he had earrings in both ears? Hines Ward, last year's Super Bowl MVP, has earrings in both ears. And so does LeBron James. And many others. Man, I can't believe we are even talking about this.

    "Why are the weather temps on TV different depending on the station you watch?I am referring to the temps in my area, Cleveland - one said it was 9 degrees, another 11, another 15. How am I to know?" - Cleveland

    Because all of these stations record the temperature from different places. Generally, meteorologists record the temperature, dew point, and other information from instruments installed at the airport. And remember, here in Cleveland we have more than one airport! Once we are talking 9 versus 11 or 15, does it really make a difference? This is no longer an issue of whether you bringing a light jacket with you. If you want to know how cold it is outside where you are (as opposed to the airport), buy a thermometer, and mount it outside your window.

    "Dick Goddard is predicting the weather for the rest of the year. How can he do that when he just gives a five-day forecast each night? The rest of the year is a long, long time." - Cleveland

    Because there are trends in weather that are subject to forecast. If you don't understand science, or in this case, meteorology, you can learn it, or remain ignorant and moan. I see what your choice is. Please don't pick the science textbooks for our children.

    "I am moaning about all the front-page hype and hysteria over the death of a racehorse (Barbaro) and a dog (Cleveland Clinic sales demonstration) while dozens of our finest, bravest American citizens are killed in Iraq every single day, fighting a senseless, winless war, and they receive barely a mention in The Plain Dealer, in a small box buried deep in the A-section of the newspaper. How did our priorities get so screwed up?" - Twinsburg

    Dozens of our soldiers are not killed every single day in Iraq. The death count is nowhere near that high. We tend to forget that our soldiers are not anonymous, that they are the children of parents who love and miss and worry gravely about them. But this does not mean that we cannot be insensed about that poor dog, or sad for that horse.

    "I think it is really a shame that the snowplow people at the shopping centers are so inconsiderate that they push the snow into the handicapped parking spaces or they don't plow them at all because there are poles there that mark the handicapped spaces. Shame on you guys!" - Solon

    Snowplow guys can't vaporize the snow -- it gets piled up at the ends of the rows. So, what you are saying, is that you resent having to manuever around the snow pile? No one likes having to do that.

    "Don't people know how to tip for service at a restaurant? Two dollars plus four quarters on a $35 tab is an insult. And no, you cannot put a tip on a gift card!" - Fairview Park

    I don't condone shabby tipping -- and yes, $3 dollars on a $35 bill is cheap. I didn't know you couldn't put a tip on a gift card, though that sounds more like the individual policy of the restaurant. I don't think most people should be expected to know that. Which makes a gift card to your restaurant sound like a really lousy gift.

    "Can speeding people please watch the news and see how many deaths occur each day because of senseless accidents due to speeding." - Mayfield Heights

    The accidents I notice are the oldsters who have no business being on the road anymore but are too proud to give up their licenses. And what are we doing about that? And who would buy all of those unused Buicks? If a speeder caused an accident, it was probably because a Buick was in the way.

    "I am so sick of the media and weather people scaring people half to death about the weather. This is winter in Cleveland ever since I was born. Cold, snow, windy and cloudy. The equipment now is just great, and they do a great job of cleaning up the streets. Please just do general weather reports. Thanks." - Brook Park

    I have to agree. I'm watching Heroes last night, and they are running the newsflash ticker that it is cold outside. As if we didn't know. And how about the full bottom fifth of the screen dedicated to listing every school that is already closed for tomorrow? Why does so much space have to be taken up? A small, running ticker, like a stock ticker, would convey the same information a lot less obtrusively.

    "Send Bush to a VA hospital for one week and let him see what our poor boys are going through." - Maple Heights

    Send him to a VA hospital? How about sending him to the front line? Send him to Iraq and leave him there on site and tell him he can stay as long as he wants, but that he can't come home till he brings the troops with them.

    "The constant clapping on 'Family Feud' and 'Wheel of Fortune' for one half hour, even when they say a wrong answer, is ridiculous and irritating. Can't this be stopped?" - Brooklyn

    Why yes, it can be stopped. Change the channel or turn off the TV.

    "Enough already with these infomercials - the same shows are on every weekend. These companies should pay us viewers to have to watch this . . . Since we don't have cable and have more choices to pick from, it is really hard watching TV on Saturdays and Sundays with all this junk on. Show old movies or old TV programs." - Parma

    I repeat: Change the channel or turn off the TV.

    "Channel 3 says their news at 11 p.m. is No. 1, but 19 Action News says their 11 p.m. news is No. 1. Help me with this." - No city

    Channel 19 is number one at making up sensational stories about Randy Lerner selling the Browns because they have an ax to grind over Lerner cancelling the Browns contract with their station after they pissed him off by playing that 911 tape of his sister freaking out after her daughter died in that accident. I presume that Channel 3 is number one at things that are news related.

    "Will someone tell the news anchors to leave the weather info to the meteorologist?" - No city

    Oh, but the top story is that it snowed in the middle of winter! And they tire of talking about dead dogs and horses. Who wouldn't rather report that Ol' Man Winter is to blame for our problems?


    Comments on "Tuesday Talkback"


    Blogger jessica said ... (2:35 PM, February 06, 2007) : 

    i was actually kind of sad they canned armed and famous so quickly. it was filmed in muncie and there was just something about seeing a place i briefly called home on television represented by trish stratus and wee-man.

    crazy dave supposedly made an appearance for public intox, though. he was an old guy that liked to wear sunglasses at night, dance with the ladies, and sometimes peed his pants. ahhh, the mems.


    Blogger anne said ... (2:57 PM, February 06, 2007) : 

    I am starting to worry about the idiots on Monday moaning. I think they are running out of things to moan about. The cancellation of a crappy reality show? (no offense, Jessica) The 5 degree difference in temp on the news programs? Who would want to flip to ALL the news programs to see if they agree with each other anyway?

    C'mon people, let's get a little more creative here.


    Blogger esc said ... (11:57 AM, February 07, 2007) : 

    Channel 3 #1 Monday through Sunday combined.
    Channel 19 #1 Monday through Friday only.

    Just more of 19 distorting the facts to make themselves seem like more than they are.


    Blogger Audient said ... (5:36 PM, February 07, 2007) : 

    Excellent! Thanks for the info, ESC.


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