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    Tuesday, February 20, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback -- Big Snow Edition

    Big snow makes big moans -- makes for big talkback.

    "Shame on the business on Pearl Road in Strongsville that had an employee standing outside in one of those silly costumes on one of the coldest days last week! Do these companies really bring in business by having someone wave to cars? Sure never brought me in! Seems pretty dumb to me and cruel to the employees they put out there!" - Strongsville

    It seems to work for the streetwalkers on Lorain Avenue.

    "This is in response to someone's moan in the Monday, Feb. 12, PD. A big moan to the whiner who slammed food servers. I'm not a food server but I can tell just by watching them that it is a tough job, especially when they have to serve whining complainers like you. Maybe you should stay at home and serve your own food. Or maybe you should try serving food to a bunch of people like you and see just how 'real' the job is." - Cleveland

    I addressed this last week, but this isn't the last moan in response. Hey, anyone ever see Reservoir Dogs?

    "To Parma in regards to tipping: How dare you insult all the hard-working people in restaurants! Do you work? Probably not with your mentality! Hopefully, for all the servers in Parma restaurants, you get your food to go! Serve yourself!" - Fay, Ohio

    Since most of us eat every day, even the laziest among us, isn't it strange how people will dismiss the preparation and serving of food as unimportant?

    "Why do these otherwise enjoyable TV shows ('CSI,' etc.) insist on that awful rock 'n' roll music in the background - and not far enough in the background at that?" - Novelty

    Because that's what the kids listen to these days! By kids, I mean everyone under 60.

    "It sure must be nice to have a job with the schools in almost any capacity. It appears whenever they don't like the weather, they call a snow day so they can have a day off. What other occupation gets as many days off as they do? Maybe the days they had earlier were worthy of being off, but most all of the schools have cried 'wolf' too many times to believe that this was warranted. Maybe they should all try being a mail carrier or any of our service people: telephone repair, gas man, electric company employee. Most any other job you have to go to work no matter what the weather." - No city

    When schools call a snow day, it isn't about teachers and adminsitrators being lazy and taking a day off. It it about the safety of school children. In a big picture sense, it also gets a considerable percentage of people off the roads to allow others to travel. You think calling off school last Wednesday was "crying wolf"? Obviously you have one of those "optional jobs" yourself, because you obviously didn't go outside and see what was going on out there.

    "I'm upset with NBC news. Lots of air time for Anna Nicole and the crazy astronaut. But not one word, not one song for Frankie Laine, who died last week. Twenty years from now we'll still be enjoying his songs when watching westerns like 'Blazing Saddles,' and those women will be forgotten." - Pepper Pike

    First of all, Anna Nicole knocked the astronut right off the radar screen. And no, the death of Anna Nicole will not be forgotten, just like the deaths of Princess Di and Marilyn Monroe have not been forgotten. Frankie Laine will never be famous for his death, and what's wrong with that? Would you prefer a Michael Hutchence-like spectacle for Mr. Laine?

    "People who do not know how to tip, I would like to think that the public is aware of the fact that the standard is 20 percent, and tips are crucial to a server's income, our hourly wage being just a fraction ofthe minimum wage, but some people don't get that a bad tip can do some serious damage. If you can't spare that extra dollar or two, please stay home or go to McDonald's." - Cleveland

    I don't agree that the standard is 20%. The standard is 15 to 20% on the pre-tax total of the bill. If you used a coupon, you figure the tip based upon the full price of the meal. Paying a tip is part of the cost of going out. Generally when I go to a restaurant I go in assuming I will be tipping 20%, and depending on the service, I adjust it from there. I don't like to leave coins smaller than quarters. And if I go to a cafe or greasy spoon, and get attentive service, I tip way over 20%, because a mere 20% of a $2 or $3 bill seems cheap.

    "Come on, Cleveland, you have the No. 2 basketball team in Ohio, and you don't show it on TV. What we do get is a bunch of channels that have paid programming on. Let alone Sportstime Ohio that has nothing on. There are a lot of Ohio State fans here in Northeast Ohio. Let us watch at least one team in Ohio that has a winning record." - North Ridgeville

    Yawn. Strange how people get north of the Polaris Parkway and get all surprised that most people around here just don't care that much for that school or its teams. OSU has basketball? How interesting. Remind me when the March Madness brackets come out, so I can predict when they choke.

    "My one big gripe is people who don't seem to realize that in a snowstorm their car is next to invisible if they don't turn on their lights. Just because it is past the sunrise time doesn't mean no lights are needed. The same is true when we have a severe rainstorm. People, please use your common sense." - Bay Village

    If you can't see them, how do you know this is a problem?

    "Al Gore and his rich friend are offering $25 million for anyone who has the answer to global warming. We, the middle class, donate a lot of money to research for all kinds of things. If they want results, pay for the research, don't offer a reward if someone can come up with the answer." - Eastlake

    Donate? Hahaha. You mean we pay taxes. Answer: ban the internal combustion engine. Hey Al, make that check payable to Audient.

    "What has happened to Channel 5's morning news? They are using the weather woman to read the news when they have Jack Marschall, an experienced and likeable reporter." - Broadview Heights

    Jack Marschall's mom lives in Broadview Heights.

    "I long for the day when all canned goods can be opened with a can opener as opposed to the lift tabs provided today. Are lift tabs an improvement? No way!" - Parma

    Someone in Parma sells can openers for a living, it seems. Perhaps this clown will wax nostalgic for the pull tab Coke can next.

    "I was totally disgusted with the photo you published in the Monday, Feb. 14., front page. What next, playmate of the month? You have hit a new low! The photo was not necessary. Keep the smut out of the paper!" - No city

    Man! One snow day and I miss the hottest paper of the year! Anyone know what was on it???

    "I do not understand why I must press English on my bank's ATM or why I must press 1 on telephone menus. I thought the language for the United States was English. I would think people wanting some other language would press the screen or a number to have the choices specified in that language. Why isn't there a choice of, say, German or French or Japanese? All I ever hear or see is Spanish." - North Ridgeville

    At the end we get to the heart of it. You don't care for Spanish-speakers. Why don't you just cut to the chase and complain that Mexicans don't have any money anyway, since we pay them with scrip for the company store?

    "I hate those drivers who overtake you in a flourish, and either (a) brake on the freeway exit on an exit ramp or (b) on a regular road turn right into a secondary road. This often happens when there is no traffic behind me for half a mile. On the freeway it should be illegal to exit from any lane except the right hand lane." - Lorain

    Yeah, people who brake on those freeway exit ramps upset me too -- why don't they just travel full speed to the top and crash? And the people who pass you and then turn right aren't nearly as big a problem as the people who pass you then turn left. Mr. Lorain, do you drive a Buick?

    "Shame on the guy who drove right past me in a plow truck and didn't offer to help me get unstuck from a pile of snow in an apron at 4:30 in the morning. I thought for sure this guy would help because that's his profession. I was wrong." - Cleveland

    His job is to clear the roads, not rescue your sorry ass.

    "I hate Microsoft. For 20 years I used a simple DOS-based word processor, which did everything I needed. Now I have to use Word, which is unnecessarily complicated. Also I used Lotus 1-2-3 to manage and draw XY graphs, which I printed with Harvard Graphics - stuff that I can't do with Excel. Seems the computer industry has taken one step forward and two steps backward." - Lorain

    10 PRINT "SHUT UP"
    20 GOTO 10

    "Being held for 10 hours in a plane on a tarmac is false imprisonment. Since when do you waive the Bill of Rights when you get on a plane?" - Streetsboro

    Since 9/11/01.

    "Why does the Palace Theatre blow cold air on the audience in the middle of February? The Chita Rivera show was terrific but the chilling effect was not enjoyed." - Lakewood

    Sorry, but a theatre that is too warm sucks any time of year. Even in February. Even with Chita.
    "This is regarding the letter from the person from North Olmsted who apparently didn't know there was a school levy on the ballot and/or where to vote. I also am a single homeowner with no children in the schools, but I read the local papers and watch the news, so I knew there was a school levy. Since I have voted at the same place in the past umpteen elections, I figured that's where I should vote, and, by golly, I was right!" - North Olmsted

    You read? Wow. A reader. I bet someone taught you to read. Might have been your parents, might have been a teacher. And you vote! And you used reasoning! And they say there is Brain Drain around Cleveland.

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    Comments on "Tuesday Talkback -- Big Snow Edition"


    Blogger MrsTito said ... (10:25 AM, February 20, 2007) : 

    Reason #77 I moved away from Ohio. Nothing to complain about in February except for snow and basketball.

    What makes the moaner think that a snow plow driver is even equipped to help out a stranded motorist?

    And, obviously the moaner about school closing doesn't have children! It's not about teachers having a "paid day off", it's about the safety of our future. Duh.


    Blogger Kristen said ... (11:28 AM, February 20, 2007) : 

    I admit it. I just laughed out loud over the moan regarding passing abraking on exit ramps.


    Blogger anne said ... (2:48 PM, February 20, 2007) : 

    My dad is one of the guys who decides on snow days for his school district. They have 4 people who live in different parts of town report on road conditions, they talk to the local weather service, they talk to the building, grounds, and transportation managers, and they make a rational judgement about the safety of letting the kids go to school that day. The teacher and administrators have nothing to do with it. And the people who make the decision to close school are the ones who have to work that day anyway, regardless of weather conditions.

    As for the moaner who complains about the OSU games not being broadcast? GET CABLE. You can see all the OSU games you want on ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN U, Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2, etc. Hell, you can even watch the OSU WOMEN's basketball team play!


    Blogger Vacations said ... (5:50 PM, February 20, 2007) : 

    Best wishes you all from Istanbul...


    Blogger Matt said ... (6:20 PM, February 20, 2007) : 

    You put someone down in BASIC--hilariously awesome.


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