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    Thursday, February 01, 2007

    Still a Few Decent People Out There, It Would Seem...

    Gina met me downtown last night for dinner at Cafe Sausalito.  Sausalito is right by my office, yet I have not grown tired of it (unlike the Galleria foodcourt).
    I then went back to work to take care of a few things.  I left late, went to my car and drove home.
    I pulled into my garage at home, that was when I noticed the note under my windshield wiper. Name and phone number, and a rather incoherent "Please ____ ____" which I could not understand.
    I thought, hmmmm, maybe she thought I was someone else.  I tossed the note on the front seat of my car, and went in for the night.
    This morning I went to my car and saw the note again. 
    I picked it up, read it again.  Nothing.  I don't know who this person is, and I can't read the scrawled out three word note, other than the word "please."
    I drove to Starbucks on Cedar Hill and parked the car.  I walked up, saw the line of about eight people to coffee.  Sorry, but Starbucks is not worth that long a wait.  I've been going to Phoenix about half the time.  I really only go to Starbucks for two reasons: first, to get a maple scone; second, out of chance that I'll run into Pat.  Though I haven't run into him lately.
    I walk back to my car, and that's when I see it.
    The back corner of my bumper cover is cracked, and some of it is missing.
    I brought the note into the office with me, and I just left her a voice mail.  I am not the least bit upset.  I am thrilled that this person was decent and responsible enough to leave me her name and number.
    It isn't going to be a cheap repair either.  They don't fix the bumper cover -- they replace it outright.  I know this because I've had this repair done before.

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