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    Tuesday, January 23, 2007

    Tuesday Talkback

    Another Monday Moaning, another Tuesday Talkback.

    "Every time I go to the I-X Center for a show, there is never any hot water in the rest rooms to wash your hands. Where is the health department?" - Cleveland

    The health department is in Parma. But that said, I recall filling out a survey card at the I-X Center a few years ago. The card set forth the question, "what would you like to see at the I-X Center in the future?" I wrote, "a runway."

    "To Channel 5, who broke into live programming every 15 minutes blocking out the entire coverage of the Golden Globes, only to show and tell us about a very light snow and wet roads. This is not breaking news and you are not the Weather Channel." - Chardon

    Chardon moaner is hardcore. She doesn't need Channel 5 to tell her it is snowing. She has a window, and she lives in Chardon -- where it is news if it isn't snowing.

    "If they're going to raise the sewer prices that much for the work that needs to be done, I don't expect any of these city employees standing around leaning on a shovel or sitting on their butts or in their trucks all the time. I'll report every one of them." - Parma

    As if they'll care. But have fun with that.

    "Cuyahoga Falls wants a downtown lifestyle center. I will sell you all of downtown Cleveland for a buck. I know it's way overpriced at a buck, but I'm willing to part with it." - Cleveland

    It may seem like a bargain for a buck, but don't forget the three important factors in real estate: location, location, location.

    "Why do we need to buy two and three of an item to take advantage of manufacturers coupons anymore? Or to try a product for the first time?" - Seven Hills

    You don't need to buy anything. I pick on Parma too much and Seven Hills not enough, I think.

    "I'm glad gas prices are going down. Now we will have money to pay for orange juice. I'm sorry there is a freeze in California, but why is the juice on the shelves now jumping so much in price?" - Maple Heights

    If you are experienced with the replacement cost method of pricing used by the gas stations, then an immediate spike in the price of orange juice should not surprise you. The rules of supply and demand -- these were taught to me in elementary school. Did you think they'd let all the available OJ sell at the old prices if the supply has really (or even seemingly) been reduced? Hahahahahaha.

    "The city of Mayfield Heights is allowing new office buildings on Lander Road, but they don't do anything about the ugly-looking Mayland shopping center." - Mayfield Heights

    Office buildings and shopping centers. Apples and oranges. Or maybe that's dead California oranges and living Brazilian oranges.

    "Senators reach a deal on lobbying. Lobbying is the embryo of greed in our government. Shame on you, Mr. Senator. Here we go again." - Hudson

    "Lobbying the embryo of greed..." I am not sure about that. (Probably an abortion joke in here.) Isn't it more like the spermatazoan? Or the fertilizer? Or the tapeworm? Yeah, I like that. Lobbying is the tapeworm of government, sucking out precious nutrients. Or maybe that's the Iraq war. (Bah, should have gone with an abortion joke.)

    "Am I the only person who is totally irritated at the $1.50 charge to call 411 to get a number? It's one thing if you're too lazy to pick up your local phone book, but if it's a number you can't get any other way." - Maple Heights

    No, but are you are only person left who would rather call 411 than look up the number on the internet? Oh, you don't have the internet? Fine then. But the occasional buck-fifty a number isn't much compared to even low cost dial-up access (and the cost of a computer). Besides, if the number isn't in the phone book, you just shouldn't bother. Who do you need to call so badly that they are not in the phone book? New business? Really? The only new businesses out your way are at that methane leaking shopping center, and it doesn't sound like anyone should want to set foot anywhere near that thing.

    "What is the purpose of a Golden Buckeye card? I have yet to find a store that honors it." - South Euclid

    You've got it all wrong – the Golden Buckeye card is for older adults, not adult orientated businesses. No one at the Executive's Den wants your card. Note that it is also for (and by) people who can't spell.

    "Channel 3, 5, 8 and 19 all claim to be the official school closing network. Who bestowed this upon them and who is the real one?" - Brook Park

    Who wants to be responsible for being the official cause of closing down a school? Maybe these networks should move out to the Heights and explain to the parents at Coventry school why it is being closed....

    "With the recent kidnappings going on, whatever happened to the Lindbergh law? I thought that was enacted years ago when they got the person definitely responsible, they were automatically executed. I think they need to bring that back." - Cleveland

    Automatic execution? Maybe you should go to Iraq if you want to see such a swift brand of "justice." Your recollection of the Lindbergh Law seems a bit off.

    "Why do people feel the need to crowd around an ATM when someone else is using it? Can't they just back off and wait until the person is finished, instead of looking over their shoulder." - Olmsted Township

    You've got a deal – just so long as you stop trying to complete Wall Street mergers from the ATM terminal. Get your money, and get out of the way. There are these people who appear to be balancing their checkbook while standing there ... now where is that Lindbergh law?


    Comments on "Tuesday Talkback"


    Blogger Christine said ... (8:10 AM, January 23, 2007) : 

    Oh, cut the moaner some slack, she was only 35 when they enacted the Lindbergh Law - how can she be expected to remember *all* the details?

    Is it just me, or are the moans getting lamer? Why doesn't anyone ever complain about anything that matters?


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (8:24 AM, January 23, 2007) : 

    I'm "totally irritated" that $1.50 411 has a secret trove of numbers that aren't in the phonebook.


    Blogger Betty said ... (8:49 AM, January 23, 2007) : 

    Why would someone in Seven Hills need to use coupons?


    Blogger MrsTito said ... (9:25 AM, January 23, 2007) : 

    Try 1-800-FREE-411. Listen to a 30 second ad spot and get a FREE directory assistance. Duh. But then you'll probably complain about your cell minutes.

    Spotted on Sunday: "Wallmart Tire Center". I attempted to point it out to the associate but they either didn't get it or didn't care.


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