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    Thursday, December 14, 2006

    Music Dream

    I just woke up.

    I dreamed that I was sitting on a small stage, upstage right and just outside the wings, at a Marillion show. The band was performing. They were performing a new song, one I had never heard before. I was enjoying it. Then I woke up. I tried to remember some of the lyrics I had just heard, so I could write them down, but they slipped away. All I can say is that is was a slow song, and that Mark Kelly and Steve Hogarth were both sitting downstage left, each behind a keyboard -- Hogarth's keyboard was set for a piano sound and Kelly's for effects. And during the song, Hogarth went to play his keyboard to begin the next verse or the bridge and the keyboard malfunctioned. He pressed the keys, and there was no sound. It was at a point in the song where what he played would cue in everyone else, so the whole band was standing there, waiting for him to play. Shortly, the problem was solved, and the song continued.

    The lyrics were ... I can't remember exactly. In the dream I knew the song's title...I think in my dream I knew the song, but that in real conscious life I have never heard it. And while the title was a lyric within the song, it was not the line that got repeated over and over in the chorus. The music itself was reminiscent of Ocean Cloud from their last album, but a little more punchy, and much shorter.

    Comments on "Music Dream"


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (8:15 AM, December 14, 2006) : 

    Are you on something? Something besides Marillion music?
    It is weird how detailed your dream was except for the part that really mattered, like the lyrics. What is you could remember them and it became the best song ever? Now all you have is some stage direction. Try to go back to sleep and get this song in order.


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (8:43 AM, December 14, 2006) : 

    Sometimes I tell myself to remember where I left off and I can go back to sleep and continue the dream.


    Blogger Gina Ventre said ... (8:51 AM, December 14, 2006) : 

    And I love this post.


    Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:17 AM, December 14, 2006) : 

    If I try to keep dreaming it turns into a dream about taking a pee and then I have to get up in a rush and then I am mad about it.


    Blogger Tam said ... (1:24 PM, December 14, 2006) : 

    Dreams are so like that. They seem normal or even wonderful while you're dreaming them and then you wake up and realize "Oh I guess a bandana to complete my office attire WOULDN'T work so well."

    The lyrics were probably Mr Rogers-ish "wont you be mine...won't you be" and they sounded like the most melodical things in the world.

    I had a dream that the two eldest I nanny were smoking. It didn't look right in the dream either.


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