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    Thursday, October 26, 2006

    Thanks for Calling

    My cell phone rings.  It is an earnest but slow sounding fellow, seeking a job "delivering papers."
    I inform him that he seems to have reached the wrong number. 
    He says, "well wait" -- and suddenly, there is an earnest but not quite as slow (but still slow) sounding woman, who informs me that she spoke with my receptionist at the front desk and based upon what she told her, I am seeking someone to make some deliveries... and she continues on yammering about some nonsense.
    And while I thought about messing with her, I interrupt her and tell her, "as I was just telling the gentleman, you seem to have reached a wrong number."
    She says, really?  I just spoke with your front desk.
    And I said, well, you've reached my cell phone, and I don't have anything that needs delivered at the moment (which actually isn't correct, but somehow, enlisting the assistance of this pair would make me confident that my package would ever reach its appropriate destination). 
    I finally ask, "what number are you trying to reach?"  And when it becomes apparent that she misdialed, by several digits I might add, I tell her so. 
    As I disconnect, I hear her explaining sheepishly to bright boy that she must have dialed the wrong number...
    On a meaner day, I might have suggested that she meet me at the front desk in an hour.  No, I guess I wouldn't have done that.  After all, she does have my number -- whether she realizes it or not.

    Comments on "Thanks for Calling"


    Blogger melcarrel said ... (9:16 PM, October 26, 2006) : 

    I was waiting for you to run with the whole "front desk" thing. Knowing how evil you can be, I'm a little disappointed in your calm finish to this episode.


    Blogger anne said ... (12:19 PM, October 27, 2006) : 

    It's his guilt at the idea of taking advantage of a poor misguided fellow looking for a job and his equally lost mother trying to help him.


    Blogger melcarrel said ... (5:53 PM, October 27, 2006) : 

    hahahahaha! good one anne!
    But let's get real here, I mean, look at what audient does for a living. Do you really think he's got guilt for anything?

    Just kidding dear Audient! :)


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