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    Wednesday, October 25, 2006

    Hey, I KNOW Her!

    Here is a link to SmokeFreeOhio's ads in favor of Issue 5 and against Issue 4.

    Tracy Sabetta is in the bottom of the two ads.

    I knew Tracy Sabetta (Bish) all the way back in high school... She is Harbor, Class of '89.

    I first met Tracy when we both assigned to the same security council simulation at the Northcoast Model UN Conference at Kent-Ashtabula. We both went on to do staff at the MUN, and we also both did a couple of plays together at the Straw Hat Theater at the Ashtabula Arts Center.

    Tracy's husband, Dean, went to Edgewood and was once the SG at the MUN conference. Granted, that was almost 10 years ago now -- the 1996-97 conference year. She and Dean got married not too long after that, and I kinda lost touch.

    I knew Tracy had been working the anti-smoking cause. I've heard soundbites of her on the radio over the years whenever there was an anti-smoking story. But seeing her in the ad, that takes me back.

    Comments on "Hey, I KNOW Her!"


    Blogger Kristen said ... (4:41 PM, October 25, 2006) : 

    I'm really hoping this thing passes. As a smoker, as much as I love lighting up after dinner, there is nothing grosser than smelling someone's smoke while you're trying to eat. I think this should also encourage people to quit if they can't smoke out at bars and restaurants.


    Blogger Audient said ... (10:59 AM, October 26, 2006) : 

    Interesting... so while you are a smoker, you would not take the position that if you cannot smoke at a particular bar/restaurant that you will simply not go there.


    Blogger MrsTito said ... (11:10 AM, October 26, 2006) : 

    I'm a smoker and I LOVE the bars/restaurants that are non smoking! Maybe because it's Florida and I don't mind stepping outside to smoke?

    I don't smoke at restaurants and never have, only at bars. We play poker in several non-smoking bars and its so nice at the end of the night to go home and only smell as bad as you made yourself, not the other 50 people with you.

    Even though this question was posed at Kristen, I also felt qualified to answer - hope you don't mind!


    Blogger Kristen said ... (11:23 AM, October 26, 2006) : 

    No way. In fact I think it should be all bars and restaurants. The idea that someone has the right to smoke at a restaurant is on par in my mind with someone thinking they can pee at their table as well.


    Blogger Christie said ... (11:23 AM, October 26, 2006) : 

    Everytime I see her commercial, I wonder if it is Dean's wife. I'm so glad you posted this!! I told Tom that's who I thought it was. :)


    Blogger Audient said ... (11:44 AM, October 26, 2006) : 

    I think it is safe to assume that there isn't any smoking section in "Dean's World."


    Blogger anne said ... (12:33 PM, October 26, 2006) : 

    In general I'm okay with smokers and I am not disgusted by hanging out with someone who is smoking. However, I do hate when I come home and I STINK of smoke. And I really hate restaurants that allow smoking because I am eating there. I don't care as much about bars, especially since a lot of them have big-ass ventilation systems to clear the air.


    Blogger melcarrel said ... (3:23 PM, October 26, 2006) : 

    Anne, I'd like to know which bars have the big ass vent systems you're speaking of. Dear husband has played bars for years in bands, and EVERY ONE he's played in, we smell like a smoke factory when we come home. These are fairly decent places too, like in the Warehouse district and in Mentor. Maybe I could get husband's band to play in a bar you speak of! :)

    I am not a smoker, but I don't give my smoker friends a hard time. Most of them are very respectful of non-smokers, and I have always appreciated that.


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