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    Tuesday, October 17, 2006

    Desperate Ken Blackwell Melts Down

    Yesterday's final gubernatorial debate featured Ken Blackwell making desperate attacks on Ted Strickland, including levying a charge (long ago disproved in a previous campaign) that Strickland covered up that a former staffer of his preyed on children.

    Keeping up with that theme, Blackwell here charges that Strickland got a "standing ovation" from none other than the North American Man/Boy Love Association.


    A desperate move by a desperate candidate. And he thinks this will win him votes somehow? He sounds like such a fool. And I know that there will be those who think that Blackwell has the election in the bag, despite the polls, because he'll find a way to steal it. Well let me tell you something -- if I were running for governor and felt like I could steal the election, I wouldn't make an ass of myself spouting off this kind of nonesense. Because even stealing the election is more dignfied than this.

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