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    Tuesday, September 19, 2006

    Old Friends

    Got a call over the weekend from an old friend from college.  He had resurfaced once three years ago, a week before his wedding, and so I went to his wedding.  Then we sort of went our separate ways again, lost touch for no good reason.  I just don't keep up very much or very well with people from college.
    So, MS calls me to see if I'd be interested in going to see Tim Russert at Playhouse Square -- the CSU Townhall series.  I'm game, so we meet up last night at the theater. 
    It was a good time.  I enjoy Meet the Press, though I don't watch it every week.  It really just depends on the guests.  Russert mentioned that he is scheduled to have Mike DeWine and Sherrod Brown on -- I think he said October 1.  And Russert shared a lot of good stories.  Lots of high school students there, so much of what he had to say was directed to them.
    Afterwards, MS and I went out to the Winking Lizard at Gateway.  Had some wings and beers, and we caught up.  He and his wife and son live in the Heights, just a few streets from me, so really, now that we're back in touch there is really no excuse to allow this to happen again.  They moved into the neighborhood maybe 3 months before I did.  Come to think of it, I think he lives closer to me now than when we were both at BG. 
    As we were both in student government, he was amused when I told him that my "Senator of the Year" plaque is hanging in my rec room. 
    Anyway, I'm glad he found me.  I'd looked for his address for the Halfway to Dead party last month and had no luck.  Apparently he just looked me up in the phone book.  How about that.

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    Blogger Betty said ... (11:47 AM, September 20, 2006) : 

    Good for you. I have lost touch with a few people that I wish I hadn't and some I am glad that I did(ask Gina about friend list). I have been lazy and I need to start doing a better job at staying in touch with people. Maybe an old friend might "find" me. Hope its a friend from the "A" list.


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