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    Monday, August 28, 2006

    Uhhhhh, Nevermind

    CNN Breaking News:

    Boulder, Colorado, D.A. drops charges against John Mark Karr in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case, according to Karr's attorney.

    What a riot.

    Comments on "Uhhhhh, Nevermind"


    Blogger anne said ... (6:11 PM, August 28, 2006) : 

    Wow. Sucks for that dude. His life is ruined, and he's not even guilty. Must have not been a DNA match. You'd think they would have figured that out before they splashed his freaky face all over the news.

    Still, he did marry a 13yr old girl. Ick.


    Blogger asdfsdf said ... (10:25 PM, August 28, 2006) : 

    Wait? Why does it suck for that dude? He's the one who said he was with her the night she died.


    Blogger anne said ... (7:14 AM, August 29, 2006) : 

    True. But he didn't invite international press too Thailand to watch himself being arrested. That was courtesy of the FBI. Who, it turns out, were wrong. Again.

    I'm not saying he's not a scumbag, he's just not a murderer. But now everyone will remember him as that guy who was arrested for murder, instead of that guy who's a perv and a pedophile. Hmm, maybe the FBI did him a favor...


    Blogger Christine said ... (8:04 AM, August 29, 2006) : 

    i think everyone will remember him as the weirdo who *wished* he'd murdered Jon Benet, and that's probably worse than being the actual murderer. i certainly hope they're not going to let him just go on back to thailand and carry on with his "teaching" job. or...what *are* they going to do with him? just let him loose so he can fake-molest or real-molest some more kids?


    Blogger Kristen said ... (8:50 AM, August 29, 2006) : 

    Anne, sorry but the Thai police instigated the press conference and it was just what this guy wanted because he wanted attention. I still think the little brother did it.


    Blogger asdfsdf said ... (9:30 AM, August 29, 2006) : 

    This would have become public either way b/c this guy WANTED it public...otherwise he never would have lied about committing a crime he didn't commit in the first place. I'm tired of people blaming the FBI and the government for EVERYTHING. The FBI and other local agencies weren't "wrong." They never said he did it. They said they were investigating a possible suspect even after HE was the one who said he was guilty. Were they not supposed to follow up with someone who publically admitted to killing a little girl? How about blaming this guy who wasted our tax dollars and resources by giving the whole world the runaround just so he could look cool in front of his fellow kid lovin' buddies.

    Who gives a fuck how people remember him? He did this to himself. He could have sat in front of the cameras and had no comment to every question that was asked of him, and he didn't. He could have never of admitted to anything b/c he had nothing to admit to. He told the world that he loved JonBenet and was with her when she died and now he's a proven liar. The world he confessed to now knows that. How that turns out to be the government's fault is beyond me.

    And, unless they can tie him to an ACTUAL crime he's committed, of course, they'll let him go. I agree he is a bonified crazy perv, but last I checked, that's no reason to detain someone.


    Blogger Kristen said ... (9:34 AM, August 29, 2006) : 

    Alli, it is a reason to detain them if they're a feriner.


    Blogger asdfsdf said ... (10:41 AM, August 29, 2006) : 

    Actually, he may be charged about the lying, which I think is in order.

    My point was that, to my knowledge, it's not been proven yet that he has actually sexually molested anyone in our jurisdiction (or has he? I don't know...) so just because we think he's a creepy child molestor, that's not a good enough reason to detain him for that. He just might be, but maybe that's why he was living in Thailand. According to Dateline's undercover investigation, those girls know how to show a guy a good time.

    And, like a dummy...I looked up "feriner."


    Blogger Kristen said ... (12:04 PM, August 29, 2006) : 

    Ha! I think, and I'm not sure, but I think he has been charged with possession of child porn which may have been what sent him to Asia in the first place. I bet Michael loves that we've hijacked his blog to discuss this ass.

    word verification? heebb


    Blogger Audient said ... (12:09 PM, August 29, 2006) : 

    Its cool. I don't have time to write today -- so please, feel free to discuss this nut.


    Blogger Kate Anne said ... (12:11 PM, August 29, 2006) : 

    I understand he is wanted for child porn and related things in California, but more than that his arrest provided the Bush regime their big story to keep the story on the judge's ruling on FISA, and the Bush administration's violation of the constitution out of any major discussion in the media. Coincidence? Don't think so.... I hope someone checks out the phone calls between DC and Thailand prior to the JonBenet arrest announcement.


    Anonymous bionurse said ... (7:21 PM, August 29, 2006) : 

    Since he "confessed" and apparently didn't do it and cost all this taxpayer money, I say Colorado should sue him to recover their expenses. There's probably a good reason they can't, but he did perpetrate a fraud of sorts.


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