Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Bethany Beach or Bust

Soon, I'll be leaving for a long weekend at Bethany Beach, where I'll be catching up with family and hopefully enjoying some beautiful weather.

Look for me HERE. I'll be sure to wave.

There is some rain in the weather forecast for this weekend. To which I say: so what -- this is all about being with my family anyway. A little rain will spoil nothing.

Till next week...

Wednesday Diversion

I don't know... I think this one got made up or touched up -- too freaky.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday Talkback

If yesterday was Moan-day, then today is Talkback-day.

"Jeers to Cox Communications for raising our cable rates, and to the representative who told us that if we didn't like it we could always go back to the rabbit ears with tin foil." - Seven Hills

Don't forget to save a little tin foil for your hat. And you do have another option. Get a dish. Or maybe you could read a book? Hahahahahaha right.

"To the BFI workers, after emptying my Dumpster, 'please put it back where it was.' " - Cleveland

People phone in their moans, and as I read this one I wonder: did the moaner ask that "please put it back where it was" be put in quotes like that? Or did someone at the PD make the decision that this phrase belonged in quotes? Because I don't think it does. Though now that I re-read it, I see how an argument could be made. It still bothers me.

"When did the pronunciation of 'to' become 'ta'? - Lyndhurst

See, now here is a proper use of quotes. Say the following sentence with me. "I can't go to the store." When you said that, did "to" and "the" rhyme" And did you say "caaan't" with a hard "a"? Congratulations, you must live around Cleveland.

"To drivers on the southeast side: If you have a parked car on your side of the street and someone is coming from the opposite direction, they have the right of way, not you. Look it up." - South Euclid

Where, pray tell, is the "southeast side"? Does this moaner mean Bedford? Or maybe Solon? Did people park even their cars on the street in Solon? That said, having the right of way is one thing, and being courteous is something else too. If you have the right of way, but have plenty of room in your lane, there is nothing wrong with keeping right to allow the approaching car room to get around the parked car. Sounds to me like someone in South Euclid gets a charge out of driving close to the center line and cutting it close. Yeah, you might have the right of way, and you can talk about that everytime you have to get your sideview mirror replaced.

"What good does it do to gossip about other folks and meddle into their business? You should live and let live and stay out of my business if it doesn't concern you." - Euclid

Sounds like someone isn't happy about the Department of Justice looking into issues of racial discrimination in Euclid elections.

"Enough with the background checks already. Whatever happened to people committing a crime, serving their time and then becoming valuable members of society again? Unless these people are child molesters, rapists or murderers, maybe it's OK to let them clean your carpet." - Lakewood

What about thieves? Look, we love beating up on child molesters (because that is easy), but seriously, I don't want a convicted thief in my home cleaning my carpet. I don't want him casing out my place. "Becoming valuable members of society again"? Seriously? How many "valuable members of society" commit crimes in the first place? Why did Ken Lay and Bruce Drennan just pop in my head? And why are they cleaning my carpet???

"It's payback time for our parents who are shelling out over $8,000 tuition at Catholic high schools. Why can't Catholic cemeteries give the boys a summer job trimming around the headstones?" - Lakewood

What portion of high school tuition goes to cemeteries to give BOYS summer jobs, huh? Payback time? What, your BOY getting an education is not enough? And cemeteries already have employees. Are we going to lay them off so your overprivileged little snot-nosed BOY can have a summer job that he looks down upon -- except for the part where he gets the keys to the mausoleums and now has someplace dark and quiet to take little Catholic GIRLS so they too can "trim around the headstone"? You're ignorant.

"Why can't Cleveland repair one part of the city before tearing up the next. They have everything torn up with holes and barrels everywhere." - Cleveland

Multitasking. If they did it your way, you'd be complaining "why do they have to completely finish filling in one pothole on one street before they'll even start another?" Some people will always find something to complain about.

"Would somebody please tell the anchors and weathermen that a 91-degree day is not breaking news. It's July. It's summer. We expect a few days of 91 during the summer." - Avon Lake

The broadcast goes on, whether there is news or not. I'd rather see an investigative report on Catholic girls who spend the summer "trimming around the headstone." Now THAT would be hot, doesn't matter what the weather.

"Why is there a law, 'click it or ticket?' But you see policemen not wearing seatbelts. I think it is my right to decide whether I should wear one or not. They're breaking the law, aren't they?" - Seven Hills

Forget policemen and seatbelts -- I see policemen speed too. They turn on their lights and sirens, and lookathemgo!! And they get to carry guns! Ooooo...

"Why do we have to have these dirty political TV ads so early in July when the election is not until November. I always vote against the person who publishes the dirtiest ads. I hope they read this." - Euclid

Maybe you vote against candidates who run negative ads, but campaigns do it because it works. It ain't beanbag. And you live in Euclid, so your voting habits are suspect already.

"I don't understand why, when we have a bike path through the Metroparks, so many of the bicycles are off it and in the street, possibly causing accidents, making motorists angry and a whole parade of cars that can't get by them." - Lakewood

The roads are just as much for the bikes as they are for cars. As for the "bikepath" in the metropark -- if you are thinking of the one in the Rocky River Reservation -- that is not a bikepath but a "multipurpose trail." It is full of rollerbladers, parents with strollers, people walking their dogs, and oldsters looking for their Buicks. Now, I have biked on that trail, but when it is busy, you can't open it up and ride hard. If you want to do that, you have to ride on the road. And on any well designed (ha) and well maintained (haha) road, there is room for cyclists to keep right and for traffic to get by. Unless you drive a Buick. In which case, the cyclist better have life insurance.


Monday, July 24, 2006

Short Week

I had a lot of fun this weekend, and have the pictures to prove it.  Today is a sad day though, and my sister and I will soon be leaving for Erie to be with my mom at Aunt Mary's funeral.  
Later in the week, we are heading to Bethany Beach -- our previous plans to go to Uncle Greg and Aunt Becky's, happily, have not been derailed by the recent turn of events.
I wonder if they'll put up Monday Moaning this week on  I haven't checked yet.  I read it in the PD this morning.  A couple of those moaners need some tough talkback, that is for certain. 

Friday, July 21, 2006


Mary Pfister.

Monday, 1pm in Erie.

A troubled soul, tormented. Her suffering is over.

We had our differences. Her estrangement from most of the rest of the family was mutual.

On Monday, we say goodbye for the last time.

* * *

Last Fall, my mother and I travelled to Erie to check on her. She agreed to meet us for coffee. We took her to Panera, at her suggestion. We tried to get her to agree that she needed help. We tried to get her out of that house and into assisted care. She insisted she didn't need the help. The gas and water were both shut off at the house, but this did not faze her. She had a space heater. She used the toilet across the street. She washed clothes at the car wash where she worked part time. She insisted that if she needed anything, her friends at church would help her.

Mom and I took her to Giant Eagle and bought her groceries. I carried them from the car to the front door. Mary did not want me to look inside. I intended to respect her wishes, but, when I handed her the case of bottled water, she fell over through the doorway into the living room. I walked through the door so I could help her up.

But I didn't dwell or stare -- I could tell she was self conscious and didn't want me in there. I helped her up, glanced at the room incidentally, then stepped back out onto the porch to process what I had seen.

What I saw, I cannot really describe. Fortunately it was dark enough that I couldn't see that well. But it was strange. This was once the house of my grandparents, and certain things, especially things on the walls, were as they ever were. The rest looked ransacked.

* * *

That was the last time I saw her. I gave her my phone number. She never called me. She rarely called anyone. And you couldn't call her because she had long ago lost the phone. And there is only so much you can do for someone who refuses the help. And there is only so much you are willing to do for someone who has hurt you. Even if she didn't mean it, even if you assume that she didn't know better. She could be terrible, and she was. I hate to say it, but it was so. Her passing does not change that. It only brings it to an end.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

How Fragile We Are

silly is going to make this post multiple times throughout the watch...

Aunt Mary was never right. I am certain, as much as any lay person can be, that she was mentally ill, and that it is/was undiagnosed. From when I was a small child, I knew that there was something both different and wrong about her.

I saw her last Fall for the first time in years. She was a shadow of her former self. Her mental problems were evident in the way she acted, and in the way that she was obviously not taking care of herself. Her hair, her teeth, her skin ... she was the youngest child and she looked many years older than my mom.

Her house was falling down. Her gas and water were shut off. The local authorities were looking to take the house for non-payment of property taxes. Indeed, my dad was in Erie yesterday, and he just happened to drive by there (the house is on a main road -- West 26th Street) and he said he saw what appeared to be an official condemnation sign posted on the front of the house.

She has a son. I haven't seen him in years. He is 22 now. And he has a terrible decision to make.

I learned last night that my aunt suffered a brain aneurism. She is on life support. He is praying for a miracle. The sort of miracle he is praying for does not happen.

Because she is my mom's sister, I will be there for my mom through this.

The Axis of Evil Always Was Really PRK and Iran, Wasn't It?

CNN reports...

Iranians were believed to be present at North Korea's July 4 missile tests, assistant Secretary of State Chris Hill, the chief U.S. negotiator with Pyongyang, testified today.

So while the Bush administration is busy muffing Iraq (in essence perpetuating a de facto civil war there), the rest of the so-called Axis of Evil is REALLY working on the REAL WMD.  And what are the Bushies doing about the real threat?  Damn.  Whether or not you agree going into Iraq was a good idea (it may be years before we can really say for sure), not doing more about Iran and North Korea has been a really bad idea.  Is there anybody who doesn't see that? 

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday Talkback

No Talkback today.  The PD didn't upload Monday Moaning to this week. 
And I am NOT going to retype all that. 
If they can't be bothered, then neither can I.


Monday, July 17, 2006

Boxing Day, of sorts

I spent the better part of my Sunday going through drawers, boxes, the basement, the attic, all over the house, looking for things that belong to ... not me. 
I also found two boxes of miscellaneous stuff that she plain left behind.  Stuff that may be important to her, who knows?  Stuff from Poland and Germany.  A National Parks Passport, GPS software.  A pair of Sketchers.  Some slacks, some workout clothes.
I don't want to have to make the determination as to whether things should be disposed of.  It is personal stuff that, if it is to be discarded, should be discarded by her.  I don't think she meant to leave some of these things behind. 
She told me she took everything she meant to take, but I feel like these things were overlooked.  Sure, I thought about treating it all as abandoned, and just disposing of it myself.  But I don't feel right doing that.  I just don't.
So, I have three boxes in the trunk of my car, plus a fourth I inadvertantly left in my garage. 
One box is "ready to go" -- it is all taped up, it has all sorts of mail in it the post office isn't forwarding, and other personal items.  I am sending it to her grandfather, for want of a better address.  The other stuff I may need to repackage and break down into smaller boxes to ship more efficiently.  I'll see what they say at the post office.  The National Parks Passport, I've put that in its own envelope.
I don't hate her.  And while the things she has said and written lately only go to further show that we were not meant to be together, I do care for her wellbeing, for her ultimate happiness, and I wish her only the best.  The other issues I have with her, frankly, aren't worth getting into. 

Pure Narcotic

You keep me waiting
You keep me alone in a room full of friends
You keep me hating
You keep me listening to The Bends
No amount of pointless days
Can make this go away
You have me on my knees
You have me listless and deranged
You have me in your pocket
You have me distant and estranged
No narcotics in my brain
Can make this go away
I'm sorry that, I'm sorry that I'm not like you
I worry that I don't act the way you'd like me to
You find me wanting
You find me bloodless but inspired
You find me out
You find me hallucinating fire
No narcotics in my brain
Can make this go away
Have we ever been here before?
Running headlong at the floor
Leave me dreaming on a railway track
Wrap me up and send me back
-- Steven Wilson

Friday, July 14, 2006

Etiquette Dilemma

I just returned from the mens room.  (Don't be surprised, just like everyone else, I have to go.)
Anyway, I am sitting there doing my business when I realize the guy in the next stall (someone I work with) is talking on the phone.
I finish up, and he's still talking.
I know if I flush, the woman (I can tell it is a woman, the phone is that loud), will most assuredly hear the flush.
I assume she'd be horrified to know that she is being spoken to from the mens room.
So... I don't flush.  I wash my hands and leave without flushing.  It seems counterintuitive not to flush, but I figured that was better than him having to explain what she just heard.

Sweet Miracle

I wasn't walking on water
I was standing on a reef
When the tide came in
Swept beneath the surface
Lost without a trace
No hope at all
No hope at all

Oh, sweet miracle
Oh, sweet miracle
Of life

I wasn't walking with angels
I was talking to myself
Rising up to the surface
Raging against the night
Starless night

Oh, sweet miracle
Love's sweet miracle
Oh, sweet miracle
Of life

I wasn't praying for magic
I was hiding in plain sight
Rising up from the surface
To fly into the light
-- Neil Peart

Thursday, July 13, 2006

One of Those Days

In stark contrast to what I last wrote here...
I am feeling good, and I have much to be happy about.
So much.
As it is often said, the past is prologue.  I look forward to living the rest of the story.  
I got the call from central casting, and I like who has been selected to play opposite me. 
And who doesn't like a happy ending?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Pain of Too Much Tenderness

It was eight years ago yesterday that I was married.  It seems like a completely different life, led by a not so completely different person. 
I am long over my marriage and its failure, as over as one can ever be of such a thing.  It chills me to think that I stood up in a church before my family and friends (and God -- it was his house), and made vows that were then broken and dissolved just a couple of years later.  Suffice it to say, to stand up before the world and pledge yourself to another, only to reverse it -- daunts me to this day. 
The diocese annulled that marriage.  As far as the church is concerned, it didn't count.  Funny that.  I got a mulligan on my first marriage. 
My ex has remarried (presumably happily) to a great guy (I once knew him) and they have a child (presumably beautiful).

Whenever July 11 shows up on the calendar, I try to treat it like any other day.  But it isn't, and it never will be.  I sometimes act a little strange, feel a little strange, and yes, I can be oversensitive.  My feelings and the way I act -- there is this taint, this undercurrent, this dark curtain that saturates the day.  And it is on this day that I am that much more susceptable to reinjury. 

You never fully recover.  You only get better at dealing with it, in order to survive, function, and love again.  You accept what has happened, and try to put it in a proper place.  You never properly heal.  And while the scars are hidden, they remain sensitive.  At certain times, they have a dreadful way of revealing themselves.  And while with each passing year it affects me less and less, it still puts words in my mouth and thoughts in my head that I wish I had just a little more control over.

Today is the 12th, and I have a year before I face this day again.  Thankfully.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday Talkback

They moan and I talkback.  Simple, huh?
"I hope the lizard eats the gecko because I'm getting tired of that commercial." - Parma

Are we sure that call didn't come in from Mayfield Heights???

"To the inconsiderate and rude people who leave their old lottery tickets, coupons and litter in shopping carts." - Cleveland

I LOVE finding old lottery tickets!  I always check and see if its a winner.  Usually, they aren't.  But sometimes someone casts off or drops a winner.  It is like playing the lottery without paying for it.

"If the government wants to keep track of our phone calls, that's OK as long as they pay our monthly phone bills." - North Royalton

Cute, but no.  Even if the government offered to pay my phone bill, it is still none of their damn business.

"Even though my street, West 46th, is just two blocks from the Second District police station, every July 4th we are the capital of illegal fireworks of Ohio. Why?" - Cleveland

I've got news for you: there were fireworks, bottle rockets, and firecrackers all overace.  Don't act like your backyard was the only place.  Did you lose a finger?  Then why are you complaining?  Blowing shit up is how we celebrate being American. 

"Attention TV news reporters. 'Hey, hey, look here. We are the audience. Talk to us, not with each other.' " - Brunswick

You... are one of those idiots who talk back to the screen, aren't you?  Guess what?  Ramona and Tim can't. hear. you.  Putz.

"Regarding the New York Times and other newspapers exposing the government efforts against terrorism: I think we need to see the video of 9/11 a few more times to remind us of the type of people trying to kill us." - Brooklyn

Oh, I see. So when you see a jet hit a building, that reminds you of... what exactly?  What is it about seeing a jet hit a building that reminds you of the "type of person trying to kill us"?  I saw a jet.  We didn't know till later who was at the controls. 

"I see two illegally parked cars and an illegal U-turn in front of cop cars going back and forth less than a block from the Justice Center. That is not a Justice Center; that is a joke." -Cleveland

And if they cracked down on simple traffic offenses, then that would constitute justice in our society?  You're stupid.  You think the cops coming to and from the Justice Center to testify in felony cases are going to take time out to ticket a U-turn offender?  Did I mention you're stupid?  I did?  You're still stupid, and it is worth repeating.

"Any child who is still breastfeeding at age 3 will ultimately require psychiatric help, and I strongly suggest the mother seek some as well." - North Olmsted

I always figured that was more for the mom than it was for the kid, by that point.  On the other hand, I was not breastfed, and see how I turned out? 

"If you build your business in the Cuyahoga Valley flood area, don't expect me to bail you out." - Middleburg Heights

Some business depend on being close to the water, and you think we are not better off having those businesses...?

"I see where the FEMA experts are coming to Northeast Ohio to help the flood victims. FEMA experts? Isn't that an oxymoron?" - Brooklyn

FEMA had experts.  Then it became the shell that is was by the time of Hurricane Katrina.  I suspect there are lots of FEMA experts outside of the government these days!

"Regarding the breastfeeding protesters; over half of those children can walk to get their milk from the refrigerator." - Shaker Heights

So can I, but do I really have to go here? OK. It is all about... presentation.  Not to mention that if you go natural, you don't have to keep it in the fridge, you just have it on you.  Er... in you.  Did I mention presentation?  I can't overemphasize that point. 

"The garbage collectors in Strongsville are rude, nasty, arrogant and leave a mess every time. You would think they were working for nothing." - Strongsville

There is a reason why Oscar the Grouch lived in a trash can, don't you think?

"To the young ladies I see driving and putting on make-up, 'Are you nuts?' " - Brook Park

Why don't you call their cell phones and ask?  I'm sure they'll answer with their free limb.

"To the gas stations that add the 9/10ths of a cent. With gas at $3 a gallon, this is absolutely unnecessary nowadays. No other liquid is sold this way. These gas station owners really show their true colors. What a bunch of lowlifes." - Strongsville

I see the garbage collectors are not alone in the Strongsville caste system.


Monday, July 10, 2006

HSP ... With a Little Red Light

A splendid time was had.

How do we look in red? Posted by Picasa

HSP ... Outside the Red Room

Gina and Kristen

Melanie and Gina

Melanie, Gina and Kristen

Melanie, Gina and Kristen -- Take Two Posted by Picasa

HSP ... Meet the Band

MDC on the drums.

Bob on the bass.

ESC on the guitar.

Dan on the Vocals. Posted by Picasa

HSP ... Mel Sits (Stands) In

Mel joined the band for two songs.

She covered Hole's "Celebrity Skin"

And Eve's Plum's "Jesus Loves You (But Not as Much as I Do)"

Go Mel! Posted by Picasa

HSP ... The Band

 Posted by Picasa

HSP premier gig

The party at Carrels to see HSP was a lot of fun!  Kristen stopped out too, which made it all the merrier.
I have pics to put up... probably not till tonight.
The band sounded tight, and played two strong sets.  Mel sat in and sang Hole's "Celebrity Skin" and Eve's Plum's "Jesus Loves You (But Not as Much as I Do)." 
The band surprised me was a cover of Porcupine Tree's "Open Car" -- which they dedicated to me.  That made for two PT covers -- the other being "Blackest Eyes."  In an impromptu third set, they reprised Blackest Eyes and invited me up to sing it -- which I did. 
Mel was a great hostess, even though she was a little rough for the wear by the end of the evening.  (But who wasn't?)  MDC, ESC and the boys got their long awaited first gig in.  Now we just have to get them out and get them heard. 

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Rock Out with Your [HSP] Out

As mentioned HERE and THERE there will be a little party out in Jefferson this Saturday night, with MDC and ESC's band, HSP, making its long awaited debut -- at MDC and Mel's house.
We'll be there. There is bound to be a little drinking, a little dancing. And a whole lot of rock. I sat in on a rehearsal of HSP awhile ago, and they were sounding pretty fine then.

Bring your own beverage and a snack to share. A splendid time will be had. Be there, or pretend later you were.
Email me or them for directions and details.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The Roots Tour, Part Three

Part Three ... also known as, a picture is worth a thousand words.

We saw this sign in my hometown, and found it amusing.

Perhaps it is a porno flick about erectile dysfunction?

Then there was this vanity plate, spotted near the Ashtabula hospital...

blown up for your viewing ease...

 Posted by Picasa

Starbucks on Lee Closed

The Starbucks on Lee Road by the Cedar-Lee Theater .... closed on June 30.  I discovered this today on my way to work.
This was my favorite Starbucks to go to in the morning because the line was usually short.  Apparently too short.  And there was the time that I walked out without coffee a couple of weeks ago because I got ignored at the counter, and then was passed over for the guy behind me in line.
Still, I don't think I've ever seen a Starbucks close.  Wow. 


Being that it is Wednesday and all, there was no Tuesday Talkback, and I am not going to go back and write it now.  I did actually read Monday Moaning on Monday, but with the holiday and everything, I decided to take a break from it this week, and that is that.
Besides, I was having far too good a weekend.  The best weekend.  Ever.  Or at least in a very very long time -- longer than I can remember.  
I started writing about "The Roots Tour."  There are more parts to write, if I get to them (just like the lost Fathers Day post).  We saw Geneva-on-the-Lake, and eventually made our way to Girard, Pennsylvania, where my dad grew up, and where I would go as a child to visit my grandparents and great-grandmother.  
Fourth of July was awesome.  Saw my folks, saw Melanie and Michael.  I can't get into everything now, but it was a special and memorable weekend, one that I will look back on fondly for years to come. 

Monday, July 03, 2006

The Roots Tour, Part Two

We left Shandy Hall and drove around Geneva a bit. We then headed to Ferrante Winery for a little wine and a little snack. While today's roadtrip was to be about site seeing and not so much about visiting friends and family, we ran into some very familiar faces in the winery parking lot.

Krista and Kat, who we just had dinner with on Friday night at The Brew Kettle, pulled into Ferrante's right behind us with the same goal in mind: a little wine, a little snack. A table for four was seated on the patio, sheltered from the scattered showers.

Being Gina's first trip to Ferrante's, Kat helpfully suggested a sampler tray. I am of the opinion that overall the best Ohio wines are the sweeter wines, so while Gina and I both prefer dry wine in general, we went with the sweet sampler over the dry sampler.

We were not disappointed. Most of Ferrante's sweet wines were pleasing to us both. After finishing the samplers, the four of us split a bottle of Vidal Blanc.

The baked Almondine Brie went very well with the wine.

Kat told me that our dad was in Roaming Shores for a party today, and that was fine. I would then save a trip to Jefferson for the Fourth of July.

Fresh with opinions discerned from the sampler tray, we all bought a few bottles of wine on the way out. We bid Kat and Krista adieu, and Gina and I headed to Geneva-on-the-Lake. Posted by Picasa

The Roots Tour, Part One

On Sunday, Gina and I embarked on what she called "The Roots Tour." We rode out to Ashtabula County so I could show her a little bit about the place where I grew up. Our first stop was Shandy Hall.

Shandy Hall is a museum and historic site owned and maintained by the Western Reserve Historical Society. It was built in 1815 by Robert Harper, one of the founders of Harpersfield Township near Geneva, Ohio.

My parents worked as the curators and caretakers of this museum from approximately 1975 through 1983. At that time, we lived on site in a dedicated portion of the house. The rest of the house was open to the public as a museum, full of mostly original furnishings and artifacts of the Harper family, dating well back to the early nineteenth century.

The historical society has made some changes to the property since we were there. No one lives in the house now, and the portion that we once lived in has been restored and is now part of the museum. I am also aware that much work was done to the foundation and the support structure underneath the house to reinforce it so that it may continue standing for years to come.

Another change is the addition of a parking lot, and a path through the woods to the house. We took the path...

There was something eerie about walking though the woods to this old house. It was a walk back in time. For the casual sight-seer, it might be a walk back to the nineteenth century. For me, it was a walk back to the late 1970s. For while the path itself was unfamiliar, the grounds and the house remain very familiar, as it was the place I lived as a child.

This side porch was the entrance that we used for our residence when my family lived there. I believe it is now the entrance used for tours of the museum. It was not open when we there. The historical society's website reports that it is open for tours on only Saturdays this summer. When my family was there, it was open six days a week. Still, we took a walk around the grounds.

This was once my bedroom window. After I snapped this shot, I joked with Gina that this would by the second shot for my ongoing retrospective of my former bedroom windows.

I realize how strange and unique it is that I can "go home" to a place where I grew up and wander around it. The historical significance of this place essentially ensures that, absent calamity, it will always be here to return to, and it will be here long after I am ashes and dust. To most of the rest of the world who know of this place, this is the old Harper home. And it is to me as well, but it was also my home. And if I return on a Saturday, for just the price of admission, I can go see my old room. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Don't Go Away Mad, Just Go Away

Why can't breakups be civil?  What is it about the closeness that two people once shared that makes them turn on each other? 
When two otherwise good people don't work out together, there should not be any reason to go demonize each other. 
So much for that.